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Fluorescent Methods to Study Biological Membranes

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Table of contents

1. LAURDAN Fluorescence Properties in Membranes: A Journey from the Fluorometer to the Microscope
L. A. Bagatolli

2. Application of NBD-Labeled Lipids in Membrane and Cell Biology
Sourav Haldar, Amitabha Chattopadhyay

3. 3-Hydroxychromone Probes Precisely Located and Oriented in Lipid Bilayers: A Toolkit for Biomembrane Research
Andrey S. Klymchenko, Guy Duportail, Yves Mély

4. Lateral Membrane Heterogeneity Probed by FRET Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Luís M. S. Loura, Manuel Prieto

5. FRET Analysis of Protein-Lipid Interactions
Galyna Gorbenko, Paavo K. J. Kinnunen

6. Hydration and Mobility in Lipid Bilayers Probed by Time-Dependent Fluorescence Shift
Sarka Pokorna, Agnieszka Olżyńska, Piotr Jurkiewicz, Martin Hof

7. Visual Discrimination of Membrane Domains in Live Cells by Widefield Microscopy
Claire E. Butler, Guy Wheeler, Jeremy Graham, Kevin M. Tyler

8. Quantitative Fluorescence Studies of Intracellular Sterol Transport and Distribution
Daniel Wüstner, Frederik W. Lund, Lukasz M. Solanko

9. Studying Membrane Properties Using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
Martin T. Stöckl, Ranieri Bizzarri, Vinod Subramaniam

10. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy to Study Membrane Organization and Interactions
Monika Zelman-Femiak, Yamunadevi Subburaj, Ana J. García-Sáez

11. Deciphering Cell Membrane Organization Based on Lateral Diffusion Measurements by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy at Different Length Scales
Vincent Rouger, Cyrille Billaudeau, Tomasz Trombik, Sébastien Mailfert, Yannick Hamon, Hai-Tao He, Didier Marguet

12. STED-FCS Nanoscopy of Membrane Dynamics
Christian Eggeling

13. Imaging Molecular Order in Cell Membranes by Polarization-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
Sophie Brasselet, Patrick Ferrand, Alla Kress, Xiao Wang, Hubert Ranchon, Alicja Gasecka

14. Near-Field Optical Nanoscopy of Biological Membranes
Thomas S. Zanten, Carlo Manzo, Maria F. Garcia-Parajo

15. Unveiling Biophysical and Biological Properties of a Hypothetical Membrane Receptor by Exploiting Recent Imaging Advances
Pauline Gonnord, Rajat Varma

16. New Fluorescent Strategies Shine Light on the Evolving Concept of GPCR Oligomerization
Martin Cottet, Orestis Faklaris, Eric Trinquet, Jean-Philippe Pin, Thierry Durroux

17. Application of Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopic Approaches to Monitor Organization and Dynamics of the Serotonin1A Receptor
Md. Jafurulla, Amitabha Chattopadhyay

18. TNF Receptor Membrane Dynamics Studied with Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Felix Neugart, Darius Widera, Barbara Kaltschmidt, Christian Kaltschmidt, Mike Heilemann

19. HIV-1 Gag Directed Assembly of Retroviral Particles Investigated by Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging
Hugues Rocquigny, Hocine Gacem, Pascal Didier, Jean-Luc Darlix, Yves Mély

Keywords: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Membrane Biology

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Springer Series on Fluorescence
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13 pages
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