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Challenge Social Innovation

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Table of contents

1. Challenge Social Innovation: An Introduction
Hans-Werner Franz, Josef Hochgerner, Jürgen Howaldt

2. Social Innovation Theories: Can Theory Catch Up with Practice?
Geoff Mulgan

3. Shaping Social Innovation by Social Research
Jürgen Howaldt, Ralf Kopp

4. Do Non-humans Make a Difference? The Actor-Network-Theory and the Social Innovation Paradigm
Alexander Degelsegger, Alexander Kesselring

5. Social Innovation: What Is Coming Apart and What Is Being Rebuilt?
Denis Harrisson

6. New Combinations of Social Practices in the Knowledge Society
Josef Hochgerner

7. What Is Social About Service Innovation? Contributions of Research on Social Innovation to Understanding Service Innovation
Heike Jacobsen, Milena Jostmeier

8. Social Innovation and Service Innovation
Faridah Djellal, Faïz Gallouj

9. Innovators at Risk in the Public Service
Stuart Conger

10. Social Innovations in Ageing Societies
Rolf G. Heinze, Gerhard Naegele

11. Social Innovation or Social Exclusion? Innovating Social Services in the Context of a Retrenching Welfare State
Flavia Martinelli

12. Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Development
György Széll

13. Social Innovations and Institutional Challenges in Microfinance
Anup Dash

14. Social Innovation and Social Enterprise: Evidence from Australia
Jo Barraket, Craig Furneaux

15. Social Innovation at Work: Workplace Innovation as a Social Process
Peter Totterdill, Peter Cressey, Rosemary Exton

16. Social Innovation of Work and Employment
Frank Pot, Steven Dhondt, Peter Oeij

17. Challenges at the Intersection of Social Media and Social Innovation: A Manifesto
Christoph Kaletka, Karolin Eva Kappler, Bastian Pelka, Richard Ruiz Querol

18. Coordination and Motivation of Customer Contribution as Social Innovation: The Case of Crytek
Daniel Kahnert, Raphael Menez, Birgit Blättel-Mink

19. Measuring Social Innovation and Monitoring Progress of EU Policies
Werner Wobbe

20. How to Measure the Intangibles? Towards a System of Indicators (S.A.V.E.) for the Measurement of the Performance of Social Enterprises
Andrea Bassi

21. Social Innovation and Action Research
Bjørn Gustavsen

22. Towards Advancing Understanding of Social Innovation
Anne Bruin

23. Final Observations
Hans-Werner Franz, Josef Hochgerner, Jürgen Howaldt

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Non-Profit Enterprises/Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Social Policy, Innovation/Technology Management, Sociology, general

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