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Efficiency and Logistics

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Table of contents

1. Logistics Research and the Logistics World of 2050
Matthias Klumpp, Uwe Clausen, Michael Hompel

2. Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Logistics Networks (CoReLo)
Christian Geßner, Ludger Heidbrink, Verena Kammel, Axel Kölle, Marcel Kreuels, Nora Meyer, Johannes Reidel, Imke Schmidt, Gertrud Schmitz

3. Good Governance in Global Supply Chains from Eight Perspectives
Horst Lautenschläger, Mike Lautenschläger

4. The Competitiveness Monitor as an Innovative Foresight Support System for Mobility, Logistics and Beyond
Christoph Markmann, Jonas Keller, Heiko Gracht, Rixa Kroehl, Stefanie Mauksch, Alexander Spickermann, Gianluca Lorenzis, Vasiliki Kaffe, Michael Münnich, Christopher Stillings, Eckard Foltin, Magdalena Baciu-Gotter

5. Valuation of Hybrid Identification Processes as an Enabler for the Internet of Things
Björn Anderseck, Carolin Hengst, Mark Wilken

6. Efficiency in Logistics Facilities
Uwe Clausen, Jens Baudach, Daniel Diekmann, Ina Goedicke, Zoran Miodrag, Christian Tesch, Robert Voll, Katharina Winter, Sascha Wohlgemuth

7. Integrated Air Cargo Hub (IACH) – The Air Cargo Transport Chain of the Future
Uwe Clausen, Heinrich Frye, Harald Sieke

8. Multimodal Promotion – Finding and Benchmarking Resource-Efficient Transport Alternatives with Combined Transport
Achim Klukas, Alexander Wiedenbruch

9. Development of a Concept for Safe and Durable Transport Chains for the Steel Industry
Alex Vastag, Martin Rathjens, Alexander Wiedenbruch

10. Urban Business Navigation – Efficient, Resource-Conserving, Industry-Specific Navigation
Jens Schoneboom, Thomas Sbikowski

11. EffizienzCluster Logistik Ruhr, DiNav – Dynamics in Navigation
Dominik Wegerle, Michael Schreckenberg, Jörg Schönharting, Stefan Wolter, Artur Wessely, Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Nikolaus Witte, Stefan Lorkowski

12. Research Project ePOD@Home: Electronic Proof of Delivery at Point of Delivery
Sebastian Wibbeling, Fabian Schneiders

13. Urban Retail Logistics – Research into the Bundled Urban Store Deliveries of the Future
Volker Lange, Christiane Auffermann, Klas Mahlstedt, Stefanie Möde

14. Development of a Concept for Inner-City Delivery & Supply Utilising Electromobility
Henning Schaumann

15. Minimal Invasive Construction Sites – An Approach to Reduce Resource Consumption in a Building and Maintaining Infrastructure
Gerald Ebel, Joseph W. Dörmann

16. Green Logistics: Comparability of the Environmental Effects of Logistics Services
Kerstin Dobers, Ralf Röhrig, David Rüdiger, Marc Schneider

17. Green Logistics: Optimisation Approaches for Resource-Efficient Logistics Services
Kerstin Dobers, Achim Klukas, Wolfgang Lammers, Marc Laux, Gordon Mauer, Marc Schneider

18. Upstream Carbon Dioxide Assessment at the Product Level
Bernhard Goldhammer, Polina Abrashkina, Christian Busse

19. Environmental and Sustainable Performance from a Supply Chain Management Perspective
Jan Meinlschmidt, Birte Schaltenbrand, Christian Busse, Kai Förstl

20. A Foundation of Sustainability Related Supply Chain Risks in Stakeholder Theory
Hannes Hofmann, Christian Busse, Christoph Bode, Michael Henke

21. Towards a Standardized Supplier Code of Conduct – Requirements from a Literature-Based Analysis
Martin C. Schleper, Christian Busse, Michael Henke

22. An Introduction to Logistics as a Service
Katja Klingebiel, Axel Wagenitz

23. Supply Chain Execution Supported by Logistics IT Services
Gökhan Yüzgülec, Sven Groß, Arnd Ciprina, Markus Zajac, Dietmar Langanke

24. Service Design Studio for SaaS
Sebastian Steinbuss, Stephan Flake, Martin Ley, Christian Schmuelling, Juergen Tacken

25. Business Object Model for Realization of Individual Business Processes in the Logistics Domain
Martin Böhmer, Damian Daniluk, Michael Schmidt, Heiko Gsell

26. Challenges in the Planning, Organization, Execution and Control of International Supply Chains
Melissa Robles, Fuyin Wei, Bernd Noche

27. Smart Tracking of Objects in Logistics Processes with the Help of Image Processing
Yakup Kalkan, Emre Koç, Cyril Alias, Bernd Noche

28. TraCy
Verena Fennemann

29. Resource Efficiency of Facility Logistics Systems
Thomas Heller, André Wötzel, Britta Kohlmann

30. Supply Chain School – A Logistics and Supply Chain Management Education Platform
Michael Hertlein, Maria Beck, Johannes Dregger, Stefan Smolnik

31. Integration of Case-Based and Ontology-Based Reasoning for the Intelligent Reuse of Project-Related Knowledge
Martin Kowalski, Hubert Klüpfel, Stephan Zelewski, Daniel Bergenrodt, Alexandra Saur

32. Scientific Further Training in Logistics. New Paths in Vocational-Operational Qualification as an Aim of a Joint Research Project as Part of the LogistikRuhr Efficiency Cluster
Eva Ahlene, Rolf Dobischat

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Environmental Science and Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Logistics
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7 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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