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Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials

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Table of contents

1. Shear Strength Criteria for Rock, Rock Joints, Rockfill, Interfaces and Rock Masses
Nick Barton

2. Revisiting the Paradigm of Critical State Soil Mechanics: Fabric Effects
Yannis F. Dafalias, Xiang-song Li

3. Disturbed State Concept (DSC) for Constitutive Modeling of Geologic Materials and Beyond

Chandrakant S. Desai

4. Three-Dimensional Failure in Geomaterials: Experimentation and Modeling
Poul V. Lade

5. FEM Implementation of Micropolar Hypoplastic Model
J. Lin, W. Wu

6. Failure Mechanism and Control of Geotechnical Structures
Q. Yang, K. D. Leng, Q. Chang, Y. R. Liu

7. Back Analysis of Treporti Test Embankment with a Time Dependent Small Strain Stiffness Constitutive Model
Thomas Benz, Valentina Berengo, Paolo Simonini, Martino Leoni

8. Rate Dependent Elastoviscoplastic Model
Chandrakant S. Desai, Shantanu M. Sane

9. Some Strengths and Weaknesses of Overstress Based Elastic Viscoplastic Models
T. M. Bodas Freitas, D. M. Potts, L. Zdravkovic

10. Comparison of Anisotropic Rate-Dependent Models at Element Level
Minna Karstunen, Mohammad Rezania, Nallathamby Sivasithamparam

11. A Comparison of Four Elastic Visco-Plastic Models for Soft Clay
David Nash, Matthew Brown

12. A Rate-Dependent Viscous Model for Sand
Fang-Le Peng, P. Chattonjai, Zhen Hua, Ke Tan

13. A Review on Creep of Frozen Soils
Jilin Qi, Songhe Wang, Fan Yu

14. Influence of Recycled Asphalt Pavement on Creep Compliance of Hot Mix Asphalt
Pranshoo Solanki, David Adje, Musharraf Zaman, Zahid Hossain

15. Simplified Modelling of Isotache Concept for Consolidation
Yoichi Watabe, Serge Leroueil

16. Nonlinear Creep Behavior of Normally Consolidated Soft Clay
Ze-Xiang Wu, Yin-Fu Jin, Zhen-Yu Yin

17. Review of Elastic Visco-Plastic Modeling of the Time-Dependent Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils and Its Extensions and Applications
Jian-Hua Yin

18. Examination on Time-Dependent Soil Models in One-Dimensional Consolidation
Yixing Yuan, Andrew J. Whittle

19. Criterion for Flow Liquefaction Instability
José E. Andrade, Alfonso M. Ramos, Arcesio Lizcano

20. Influence of Grain Breakage on Critical State
Wei Hu, Zhen-Yu Yin, Christophe Dano, Pierre-Yves Hicher

21. Compressible Fluid – An Alternative Concept within CSSM
Tomislav Ivšić, Astrid Gojmerac Ivšić

22. Investigation of Critical States and Failure in True Triaxial Tests of Clays
Victor N. Kaliakin, Andres Nieto Leal

23. Micromechanics of the Critical State of Granular Materials
N. P. Kruyt

24. A Critical State Sand Model with Elastic-Plastic Coupling
Ali Lashkari, Ali Golchin

25. Influence of Grain Size Distribution on Critical State of Granular Materials
Gang Li, Carlos Ovalle, Christophe Dano, Pierre-Yves Hicher

26. On Simulation of Strain Localization Using Microplasicity Constitutive Models
Majid T. Manzari, Karma Yonten

27. Simulation of Isotropic Cyclic Compression by an Elasto-viscoplasitc Constitutive Model Based on the Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Rules
Fusao Oka, Sayuri Kimoto

28. Rotational Hardening and Uniqueness of Critical State Line in Clay Plasticity
Mahdi Taiebat, Yannis F. Dafalias

29. A Modified Bounding Surface Hypoplasticity Model for Sands
Gang Wang, Yongning Xie

30. Soils in Space
David Muir Wood

31. Unique Quantification of Critical State in Granular Media Considering Fabric Anisotropy
Jidong Zhao, Ning Guo, Xiang-song Li

32. Peculiarities of Limiting States in Simulated Drained and Undrained Assemblies of Elliptical Particles
Leo Rothenburg, Roberto Olivera-Bonilla

33. Microstructural Modeling of Granular Materials with Inner Forces
Pierre-Yves Hicher

34. Time Effects Relate to Particle Crushing in Granular Materials
Poul V. Lade

35. A Power Law for Elastic Moduli of Unsaturated Soil
Ning Lu

36. Application and Meaning of the t

Teruo Nakai

37. A Simplified Model for Clayey Rocks Having a Plastic Porous Matrix
Wanqing Shen, Jianfu Shao, Djimédo Kondo

38. Anisotropic Porochemoelectroelastic Solution for Inclined Wellbores with Applications to Operations in Unconventional Shale Plays
Minh H. Tran, Younane N. Abousleiman

39. Modeling Ground-Shell Contact Forces in NATM Tunneling, Based on 3D Displacement Measurements
Shafi Ullah, Bernhard Pichler, Christian Hellmich

40. Discrete Modeling of Fluid-Particle Interaction in Soils
Jidong Zhao, Tong Shan

41. Realistic Simulation of Progressive Brittle Rock Failure Near Excavation Boundary
M. Cai

42. Excavation Damaged Zone Modelling in Claystone with Coupled Second Gradient Model
Frédéric Collin, Benoît Pardoen

43. On the Modeling of Transition from a Diffuse to a Localized Damage
Dashnor Hoxha, Amine Sbitti, Senjen Wu, Naima Belayachi, Duc-Phi Do

44. A Micromechanical Model for Time Dependent Behavior Related to Subcritical Damage in Quasi Brittle Rocks
Yaoying Huang, J. F. Shao

45. Study on Equivalent Rheological Damage Model for Jointed Mass
Yaoying Huang, Hong Zheng

46. On the Solubilities of Anhydrite and Gypsum
Serafeimidis Konstantinos, Anagnostou Georg

47. Binary Medium Model for Rock Sample
Enlong Liu, Jianhai Zhang

48. Study of Rock Bending Failure Mechanism Based on a Proposed Damage Model
Hamed Molladavoodi, Ali Mortazavi

49. To Which Extend the Failure Mode Originates from Microstructure?
François Nicot, Nejib Hadda, Franck Bourrier, Luc Sibille, Félix Darve

50. Excavation Damage Zone at High Depths: Field Cases and Coupled Analysis
Jean Vaunat, Antonio Gens, Benoit Garitte

51. A Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion for Rocks Subjected to Dynamic Loading
Kaiwen Xia

52. An Elasto-plastic Model and Its Return Mapping Scheme for Anisotropic Rocks
Wei-ya Xu, Jiu-chang Zhang, Ru-bin Wang, Jin-jian Gu

53. Micro-gas Hypothesis for Behaviors of Rocks under Loading
Zhong Qi Yue (Quentin)

54. Micromechanical Poroplasiticty Damage Formulations for Saturated Microcracked Rocks
Qi-zhi Zhu, Ni Xie, Jian-fu Shao

55. Achieving High Range Elastic Properties of Soil Mass for More Stable and Durable Geostructure
Gokul K. Bayan

56. Effect of Air Entrapment on Unsaturated Flow in Porous Media
Pan Chen, Changfu Wei, Jili Wang, Houzhen Wei, Tiantian Ma

57. On the Mechanical Behaviour of the Gibraltar Strait Breccias
Weixin Dong, E. Pimentel, G. Anagnostou

58. Estimation of Tri-axial Behaviour of Pilani Soil Using the Results of Direct Shear Test as a Function of Pore Water Content
K. Kumar

59. Discrete Element Investigation of the Asymptotic Behaviour of Granular Materials
D. Mašín

60. Mechanical Behavior of Granular Particles with Different Angularities
M. M. Mollanouri.Sh, Ali Aaghar Mirghasemi

61. Numerical Simulation of Direct Shear Test Using Elliptical Particles
Morteza Naeij, Ali Aaghar Mirghasemi

62. Study of Anisotropies Evolution in Direct Shear Test Using Discrete Element Method
Morteza Naeij, Ali Aaghar Mirghasemi

63. A Micromechanics-Based Modeling the Simple Shear Behaviors of Granular Materials
J. G. Qian, Z. P. You, Maosong Huang

64. Evolution of Fabric in the Shearing Process Based on Micromechanics
Homayoun Shaverdi, Mohd. Raihan Taha, Farzin Kalantary

65. Determination of Crystallinity of Alkali Activated Flyash by XRD and FTIR Studies
D. N. Singh, Bhagwanjee Jha, Kadali Srinivas

66. Stress-Dependency of Intergranular Strain
A. B. Tsegaye, B. W. Ygzaw, Thomas Benz

67. On Shear-Volume Coupling in Deformation of Soils
A. B. Tsegaye, S. Nordal, Thomas Benz

68. Influence of Various Experimental Conditions on Shear Behavior of Compacted Sandy Soil under Unsaturated Condition
Yuan Zhang, Tatsuya Ishikawa, Tetsuya Tokoro, Satoru Shibuya

69. Investigation on Strain Localization of Coal Using Micro-finite Difference Modelling
Yixin Zhao, Jingli Han, Yaodong Jiang, Zhongsheng Tian, You Yu

70. An Elasto-plastic Model for Liquefiable Sands Subjected to Torsional Shear Loadings
Gabriele Chiaro, Junichi Koseki, L. I. Nalin Silva

71. A Micromechanics Based Model for Cemented Granular Materials
Arghya Das, Alessandro Tengattini, Giang Nguyen, Itai Einav

72. Modelling the Thermo-plasticity of Unsaturated Soils
Bertrand François, Lyesse Laloui

73. Modeling the Dilatancy of Overconsolidated Clay
Zhiwei Gao, Jidong Zhao

74. Current Situation of Constitutive Model for Soils Based on Thermodynamics Approach
Xiao-xia Guo, Xiang Sun, Long-tan Shao, Bo-ya Zhao

75. Constitutive Modeling of Cemented Sands Using Critical State Soil Mechanics and Generalized Plasticity Concepts
Amir Hamidi, Ehsan Ravanbakhsh

76. Comparison between Feature of Modified Cam-Clay Model and UH Model
Wei Hou, Yangping Yao

77. Experimental Investigation and Three Dimensional Constitutive Modeling of Principal Stress Rotation in Shanghai Soft Clay
Maosong Huang, Yanhua Liu

78. From Internal Structure to Constitutive Modeling of Granular Assemblies
Xia Li

79. Extension of Mohr-Coulomb Model into State Dependent Softening of Sand and Its Application in Large Deformation Analysis
Xu Li, Yuxia Hu, David White

80. A Constitutive Model of Sand Considering the State-Dependent and the Effect of Direction of Principal Stress
Peng Liu, Maotian Luan, Zhongtao Wang

81. An Elastoplastic Constitutive Model of Unsaturated Soils with Coupling of Capillary Hysteresis and Skeletal Deformation
Tian-tian Ma, Chang-fu Wei, Pan Chen, Hou-zhen Wei

82. Explicit Incorporation of Asymptotic States into Hypoplasticity
D. Mašín

83. Simple and Unified Modelong of Time-Dependent Behavior for Various Geomaterials
Teruo Nakai, Hossain Md. Shahin

84. Uniqueness of Numerical Experimental Results and Contribution to Constitutive Model by DEM
Kiichi Suzuki

85. Study on Accelerated Creep Properties and Creep Damage Constitutive Relation for Volcanic Breccias
Rubin Wang, Weiya Xu, Jiuchang Zhang, Wei Wang

86. A Research on the Full State Function Constitutive Relation Model
Zhenhai Wei, Mengshu Wang, Dingli Zhang

87. A Generalized Critical State Model for Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
Rong-tao Yan, Chang-fu Wei, Hou-zhen Wei, Hui-hui Tian, Er-ling Wu

88. A Review of Constitutive Modeling of Bonded Soil
W. M. Yan

89. A Unified Description of Toyoura Sand
Feng Zhang, Bin Ye, Guanlin Ye

90. A Structured UH Model
Enyang Zhu, Yangping Yao

91. Incorporation of Soil Suction in Stress-Based Slope Stability Analysis
Yong Chen, D. Chan, Yunzhi Tan

92. Static and Dynamic Analyses of High Core Rockfill Dams
Weixin Dong, Yuzhen Yu

93. Implementation of Numerical Optimization Techniques in Constitutive Model Calibration
Louis Ge, Honghua Zhao, Bata Bate

94. Modeling Damage by Crack Nucleation and Growth in Porous Media
Dashnor Hoxha, Javad Eslami, Dragan Grgic, Duc-Phi Do

95. Large Deformation Analysis of Spudcan Penetration into Sand Overlying Normally Consolidated Clay
Pan Hui, Dong Wang, Mark Cassidy, Qing Yang

96. Application of Data Mining Techniques for the Development of New Rock Mechanics Constitutive Models
T. Miranda, L. R. Sousa, W. Ruggenthen, R. L. Sousa

97. Ground Response Curve (GRC) and Excavation Damage Zone Based on an Isotropic Damage Model
Hamed Molladavoodi

98. Effect of Seismic Wave Form on the Behavior of River Embankment on the Soft Soil Deposit
Fusao Oka, P. S. Tsai, Sayuri Kimoto

99. Integration Algorithms Based on Drucker-Prager Criterion and Application in Slope Stability Analysis
Yuanwei Pan, Yaoru Liu, Jingjuan Qian, Qiang Yang

100. Investigation of Behavioral Aspects of Flexible Pavement under Various Conditions by Finite Element Method
M. S. Ranadive, A. B. Tapase

101. Three Dimensional Implementation of HISS Model in ABAQUS
Mingqiang Wang, Jun Yang

102. Stability Analysis of Shuiwenzhan Landslide under Water Level Fluctuation and Rainfall in Three Gorges Reservoir
Gang Zeng, Shimei Wang, Yong Chen

103. Case Study: A Stress Update Algorithm for D-P Constitutive Model
Xiaohan Zhang

104. Plastic Damage of the Surrounding Rock under the Influence of Confined Water Pressure and Mining Disturbance
Chunhu Zhao

105. 3D Large Deformation FE Analysis of Spudcan Foundations on Layered Clays Using CEL Approach
Jingbin Zheng, Muhammad S. Hossain, Dong Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
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