Krisp, Jukka M.

Earth Observation of Global Changes (EOGC)

Krisp, Jukka M. - Earth Observation of Global Changes (EOGC), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Global Gravity Field Models and Their Use in Earth System Research
Roland Pail

2. Enhanced TEC Maps Based on Different Space-Geodetic Observations
Jiantong Zhang, Michael Schmidt, Denise Dettmering, Liqiu Meng, Yueqin Zhu, Yanbin Wang

3. Robust Phase-Correlation Based Registration of Airborne Videos Using Motion Estimation
Frank Morsier, Maurice Borgeaud, Christoph Küchler, Adrian Vogel, Volker Gass, Jean-Philippe Thiran

4. EnMAP Ground Segment Design: An Overview and its Hyperspectral Image Processing Chain
Tobias Storch, Martin Bachmann, Sabrina Eberle, Martin Habermeyer, Christine Makasy, Amaia Miguel, Helmut Mühle, Rupert Müller

5. Detecting and Characterizing Settlement Changes in Developing Countries Using VHSR Data: Case of the Coastal Area of Benin
Ulrike Sturm-Hentschel, Andreas Christian Braun, Stefan Hinz, Joachim Vogt

6. Parameter Determination by RapidEye and TerraSAR-X Data: A Step Toward a Remote Sensing Based Inventory, Monitoring and Fast Reaction System on Forest Enterprise Level
Thomas Schneider, Alata Elatawneh, Johannes Rahlf, Mengistie Kindu, Adelheid Rappl, Antje Thiele, Markus Boldt, Stefan Hinz

7. Multispectral Remote Sensing of Invasive Aquatic Plants Using RapidEye
Sebastian Roessler, Patrick Wolf, Thomas Schneider, Arnulf Melzer

8. Flash-Flood Monitoring and Damage Assessment with SAR Data: Issues and Future Challenges for Earth Observation from Space Sustained by Case Studies from the Balkans and Eastern Europe
Antonios Mouratidis, Francesco Sarti

9. Ozone Seasonal Variation with Ground-Based and Satellite Equipments at Évora Observatory: Portugal During 2007–2010
Ana F. Domingues, Daniele Bortoli, Ana Maria Silva, Manuel Antón, Maria João Costa, Pavan Kulkarni

10. Integration of InSAR and GNSS Observations for the Determination of Atmospheric Water Vapour
Fadwa Alshawaf, Thomas Fuhrmann, Bernhard Heck, Stefan Hinz, Andreas Knöpfler, Xiaoguang Luo, Michael Mayer, Andreas Schenk, Antje Thiele, Malte Westerhaus

11. A Hybrid Approach to Disseminate Large Volume Sensor Data for Monitoring Global Change
Theodor Foerster, Albert Remke, Georg Kaspar

12. Data Harmonisation in the Context of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure: The HUMBOLDT Project Framework and Scenarios
Paolo Villa, Roderic Molina, Mario A. Gomarasca

13. Detailed Damage Assessment After the Haiti Earthquake
Danielle Hoja, Thomas Krauss, Peter Reinartz

14. Satellite Monitoring of Urban Land Cover Change in Stockholm Between 1986 and 2006 and Indicator-Based Environmental Assessment
Dorothy Furberg, Yifang Ban

15. Pre and Post Earthquake Land Use and Land Cover Identification in Concepción
Carolina Rojas, Vivanco Mauricio, Opazo Sergio, Stefan Peters, Villaroel Constanza

16. A GIS Based Approach to Embedded Fire Modelling: A South African Case Study
Bolelang Sibolla, Julian Lloyd Smit

17. Visualizing Crowd Movement Patterns Using a Directed Kernel Density Estimation
Jukka M. Krisp, Stefan Peters, Florian Burkert

18. Association Between Fire Causative Agents Within Land Cover Types and Global Fire Occurrence
M. Lucrecia Pettinari, Emilio Chuvieco

19. From Structural Health Monitoring to Geo-Hazard Early Warning: An Integrated Approach Using GNSS Positioning Technology
Xiaolin Meng

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
Page amount
24 pages
Natural Sciences

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