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Plant Responses to Drought Stress

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Table of contents

1. Drought Stress in Plants: An Overview
M. Farooq, M. Hussain, Abdul Wahid, K. H. M. Siddique

2. Morpho-Anatomical Traits for Plant Adaptation to Drought
Veronica De Micco, Giovanna Aronne

3. Xylem Cavitation and Embolism in Plants Living in Water-Limited Ecosystems
A. Vilagrosa, E. Chirino, J.J. Peguero-Pina, T.S. Barigah, H. Cochard, E. Gil-Pelegrín

4. Regulation of Root Water Uptake Under Drought Stress Conditions
Ricardo Aroca, Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano

5. The Response of Photosynthesis to Soil Water Stress
Jaume Flexas, Alexander Gallé, Jeroni Galmés, Miquel Ribas-Carbo, Hipólito Medrano

6. Water Use Strategies of Plants Under Drought Conditions
Eunice L. V. A. Bacelar, José M. Moutinho-Pereira, Berta M. C. Gonçalves, Cátia V. Q. Brito, José Gomes-Laranjo, Helena M. F. Ferreira, Carlos M. Correia

7. Effects of Drought on Nutrient Uptake and Assimilation in Vegetable Crops
Youssef Rouphael, Mariateresa Cardarelli, Dietmar Schwarz, Philipp Franken, Giuseppe Colla

8. Osmotic Adjustment Under Drought Conditions
Gregor J. Sanders, Stefan K. Arndt

9. Antioxidant Defenses Against Drought Stress
Iker Hernández, Jana Cela, Leonor Alegre, Sergi Munné-Bosch

10. Understanding and Exploiting Plant Hormone Biology to Enhance Crop Production Under Water Scarcity
W. J. Davies, Sally Wilkinson

11. Genome-Wide Transcriptional Reprogramming Under Drought Stress
Hao Chen, Liming Xiong

12. Drought Response in Forest Trees: From the Species to the Gene
I. Aranda, E. Gil-Pelegrín, A. Gascó, M. A. Guevara, J. F. Cano, M. Miguel, J. A. Ramírez-Valiente, J. J. Peguero-Pina, P. Perdiguero, A. Soto, M. T. Cervera, C. Collada

13. Contribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis to Plant Drought Tolerance: State of the Art
JM Ruiz-Lozano, R. Porcel, G. Bárzana, R. Azcón, R. Aroca

14. Future Environmental Conditions will Limit Yield in N2 Fixing Alfalfa
Gorka Erice, Alvaro Sanz-Sáez, Iker Aranjuelo, Juan José Irigoyen, Manuel Sánchez-Díaz

15. Enhancement of Plant Drought Tolerance by Microbes
Young-Cheol Kim, Bernard R. Glick, Yoav Bashan, Choong-Min Ryu

16. Physiology of the Yield Under Drought: Lessons from Studies with Lupin
Jairo A. Palta, Jens D. Berger, Helen Bramley

17. Drought in Deciduous Fruit Trees: Implications for Yield and Fruit Quality
Gerardo Lopez, M. Hossein Behboudian, Joan Girona, Jordi Marsal

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Plant Ecology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Anatomy/Development

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