Eden, Amnon H.

Singularity Hypotheses

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Table of contents

1. Singularity Hypotheses: An Overview
Amnon H. Eden, Eric Steinhart, David Pearce, James H. Moor

Part I. A Singularity of Artificial Superintelligence

2. Intelligence Explosion: Evidence and Import
Luke Muehlhauser, Anna Salamon

3. The Threat of a Reward-Driven Adversarial Artificial General Intelligence
Itamar Arel

4. New Millennium AI and the Convergence of History: Update of 2012
Jürgen Schmidhuber

5. Why an Intelligence Explosion is Probable
Richard Loosemore, Ben Goertzel

Part II. Concerns About Artificial Superintelligence

6. The Singularity and Machine Ethics
Luke Muehlhauser, Louie Helm

7. Artificial General Intelligence and the Human Mental Model
Roman V. Yampolskiy, Joshua Fox

8. Some Economic Incentives Facing a Business that Might Bring About a Technological Singularity
James D. Miller

9. Rational Artificial Intelligence for the Greater Good
Steve Omohundro

10. Friendly Artificial Intelligence
Eliezer Yudkowsky

Part III. A Singularity of Posthuman Superintelligence

11. The Biointelligence Explosion
David Pearce

12. Embracing Competitive Balance: The Case for Substrate-Independent Minds and Whole Brain Emulation
Randal A. Koene

13. Brain Versus Machine
Dennis Bray

14. The Disconnection Thesis
David Roden

Part IV. Skepticism

15. Interim Report from the Panel Chairs: AAAI Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures
Eric Horvitz, Bart Selman

16. Why the Singularity Cannot Happen
Theodore Modis

17. The Slowdown Hypothesis
Alessio Plebe, Pietro Perconti

18. Software Immortals: Science or Faith?
Diane Proudfoot

19. Belief in The Singularity is Fideistic
Selmer Bringsjord, Alexander Bringsjord, Paul Bello

20. A Singular Universe of Many Singularities: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context
Eric J. Chaisson

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Philosophy of Technology, Neurosciences, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computers and Society

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The Frontiers Collection
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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