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Leadership through the Classics

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Table of contents

1. Values-Based Leadership: Enduring Lessons from the Aeneid
Mark Ahn, Larry Ettner

2. Plato, Business and Moral Leadership
Wesley Cragg

3. A Virtue-Based Approach to Business Ethics: Insights from Aristotle and Sociobiology
Rosa Slegers

4. Sage-King and Philosopher-King: A Political and Moral Approach to Confucius’ and Plato’s Leadership
Elena Avramidou

5. Ancient Ethics and Contemporary Systems: The Yamas, the Niyamas and Forms of Organization
Andrea Hornett

6. The Christian Notion of Αγάπη (agápē): Towards a More Complete View of Business Ethics
Domènec Melé

7. Ethics as Practice Embedded in Identity: Perspectives on Renewing with a Foundational Link
Mar Pérezts

8. Advancing with Time: Yijing Philosophy of Management and Leadership
Chung-ying Cheng, Chung-ying Cheng

9. Confucian and Aristotelian Ethics: A Global Model for Leadership
Marianna Benetatou

10. Aristotle’s Theory of the Virtues of Temperance, Courage, and Generosity as Part of a Universal Model for Leadership Practices Today
Martha C. Beck

11. Blending Greek Philosophy and Oriental Law of Action: Towards a Consciousness-Propelled Leadership Framework
Vikas Rai Bhatnagar

12. A Comparison of the Political Thoughts of Confucius and Plato
Changzheng Dai

13. Iranian Mystical Leadership: Lessons for Contemporary Leaders
Afsaneh Nahavandi

14. Maximization of What? Revisiting the Conception of Wisdom from a Buddhist Perspective
Wen-Chin Kan

15. The Social Role of the Firm: The Aristotelian Acting Person Approach
Javier Aranzadi

16. Stakeholder Management, Sustainability and Phronêsis

Kevin Gibson

17. Confucianism and Market Economy
Cuiping Zhang, Xiaoxing Zhu

18. Ethics, Economic Organizations, and Human Flourishing: Lessons from Plato and Aristotle
Benedetta Giovanola, Arianna Fermani

19. The City-State of Ancient Athens as a Prototype for an Entrepreneurial and Managerial Society
George C. Bitros, Anastassios D. Karayiannis

20. Virtues, Ethics and Corporate Citizenship: The Exercise of Leadership in Turbulent Times
Iordanis Papadopoulos

21. Cleopatra: An Example for Modern Women Leaders?
Paul Vanderbroeck

22. Connecting Desired Leadership Styles with Ancient Greek Philosophy: Results from the Globe Research in Greece, 1995–2010
Nancy Papalexandris, Eleanna Galanaki

23. An Ancient Business Success and a Medieval Business Failure: Lessons in Ethics from Old Business Approaches and Practices
Marios Philippides

24. The Mandala Model of Power and Leadership: A Southeast Asian Perspective
Jasmin Mahadevan

25. Integrating Oriental Wisdom in MBA Education: The Case of Confucianism
Sompop Manarungsan, Zhimin Tang

26. Assessing and Acquiring Ethical Leadership Competence
Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

27. Aligning Business Education with Ancient Chinese and Greek Philosophy: The Andrews University’s Leadership Program
Silas M. Oliveira

28. Reflections from Indian History: Story-Telling for the New Age Mentor
Lipi Das

29. Professionalism in Business: Insights from Ancient Philosophy
Lila Despotidou, Gregory P. Prastacos

30. Disorder and Management: Approaching Computer Software Through Lao Tzu, Heraclitus and Gorgias
Jonathan P. Marshall

31. The Yin and Yang of Change: Systemic Efficacy in Change Management
Louis Klein, Thomas S. L. Wong

32. How Managers Make Sense of CSR: The Impact of Eastern Philosophy in Japanese Owned Transnational Corporations
Sharon Jackson

33. Developing Corporate Entrepreneurial Cultures: Inspirations from the Confucian Gentleman
Lauri J. Tenhunen, Seppo E. Niittymäki

34. Parallels of Diaspora Processes in Ancient Greece with Contemporary Greek Diaspora Centres: The Case of the Greek-Australian Diaspora
Graeme Hugo, Steve Bakalis, Therese Joiner

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Strategy/Leadership, Classical Philosophy, Human Resource Management, Non-Western Philosophy

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