Baldassarre, Gianluca

Intrinsically Motivated Learning in Natural and Artificial Systems

Baldassarre, Gianluca - Intrinsically Motivated Learning in Natural and Artificial Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Intrinsically Motivated Learning Systems: An Overview
Gianluca Baldassarre, Marco Mirolli

Part I. General Overviews on Intrinsic Motivations

2. Intrinsic Motivation and Reinforcement Learning
Andrew G. Barto

3. Functions and Mechanisms of Intrinsic Motivations
Marco Mirolli, Gianluca Baldassarre

4. Exploration from Generalization Mediated by Multiple Controllers
Peter Dayan

Part II. Prediction-Based Intrinsic Motivation Mechanisms

5. Maximizing Fun by Creating Data with Easily Reducible Subjective Complexity
Jürgen Schmidhuber

6. The Role of the Basal Ganglia in Discovering Novel Actions
Peter Redgrave, Kevin Gurney, Tom Stafford, Martin Thirkettle, Jen Lewis

7. Action Discovery and Intrinsic Motivation: A Biologically Constrained Formalisation
Kevin Gurney, Nathan Lepora, Ashvin Shah, Ansgar Koene, Peter Redgrave

Part III. Novelty-Based Intrinsic Motivation Mechanisms

8. Novelty Detection as an Intrinsic Motivation for Cumulative Learning Robots
Ulrich Nehmzow, Yiannis Gatsoulis, Emmett Kerr, Joan Condell, Nazmul Siddique, T. Martin McGinnity

9. Novelty and Beyond: Towards Combined Motivation Models and Integrated Learning Architectures
Kathryn E. Merrick

10. The Hippocampal-VTA Loop: The Role of Novelty and Motivation in Controlling the Entry of Information into Long-Term Memory
Nonna Otmakhova, Emrah Duzel, Ariel Y. Deutch, John Lisman

Part IV. Competence-Based Intrinsic Motivation Mechanisms

11. Deciding Which Skill to Learn When: Temporal-Difference Competence-Based Intrinsic Motivation (TD-CB-IM)
Gianluca Baldassarre, Marco Mirolli

12. Intrinsically Motivated Affordance Discovery and Modeling
Stephen Hart, Roderic Grupen

Part V. Mechanisms Complementary to Intrinsic Motivations

13. Intrinsically Motivated Learning of Real-World Sensorimotor Skills with Developmental Constraints
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Adrien Baranes, Frédéric Kaplan

14. Investigating the Origins of Intrinsic Motivation in Human Infants
Matthew Schlesinger

Part VI. Tools for Research on Intrinsic Motivations

15. A Novel Behavioural Task for Researching Intrinsic Motivations
Tom Stafford, Tom Walton, Len Hetherington, Martin Thirkettle, Kevin Gurney, Peter Redgrave

16. The “Mechatronic Board”: A Tool to Study Intrinsic Motivations in Humans,
Monkeys, and Humanoid Robots
Fabrizio Taffoni, Domenico Formica, Giuseppina Schiavone, Maria Scorcia, Alessandra Tomassetti, Eugenia Polizzi Sorrentino, Gloria Sabbatini, Valentina Truppa, Francesco Mannella, Vincenzo Fiore, Marco Mirolli, Gianluca Baldassarre, Elisabetta Visalberghi, Flavio Keller, Eugenio Guglielmelli

17. The iCub Platform: A Tool for Studying Intrinsically Motivated Learning
Lorenzo Natale, Francesco Nori, Giorgio Metta, Matteo Fumagalli, Serena Ivaldi, Ugo Pattacini, Marco Randazzo, Alexander Schmitz, Giulio Sandini

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Cognitive Psychology, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Computational Intelligence, Neurosciences

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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