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Supply Chain Safety Management

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Table of contents

1. Conceptual Framework of Supply Chain Safety
Sandra Tandler, Michael Essig

2. Targets and Components of Supply Chain Safety Management: Structure of the Book
Eva-Maria Kern, Michael Hülsmann, Stephan Klein-Schmeink, Michael Essig

3. Scarce Metals and Minerals as Factors of Risk: How to Handle Criticality
Stormy-Annika Mildner, Gitta Lauster, Lukas Boeckelmann

4. Hybrid Threats and Supply Chain Safety Management
Marc Oprach, Boris Bovekamp

5. Political Environment as a Factor of Risk
Carlo Masala

6. Internal versus External Supply Chain Risks: A Risk Disclosure Analysis
Christoph Bode, René Kemmerling, Stephan M. Wagner

7. The Secure Process Chain in Aviation Security
Gerhard Wirth

8. Protection of Buildings
Norbert Gebbeken

9. Risk Response Measures for the Management of Theft Risk in Road Freight Transport Chains
Irene Sudy, Sebastian Kummer, Ellis Lehner

10. Security of Supply Chains from a Service Provider’s Perspective
Karl Engelhard, Christian Böhm

11. Cyber Security: Challenges and Application Areas
Gabi Dreo Rodosek, Mario Golling

12. How Logistics Can Create and Support Public Security
Matthias Witt

13. Panama Canal Update
Liliana Rivera, Yossi Sheffi

14. Self-healing Supply Networks: A Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective
Philip Cordes, Michael Hülsmann

15. Supply Chains – How to Support Critical Infrastructures Safety, Protection, Preparedness and Resilience
Albrecht Broemme

16. Supply Chain Event Management – Concept and Use in Business Practice
Joerg S. Hofstetter, Wolfgang Stölzle

17. Adaptation-Based Supply Chain Resilience
Dmitry Ivanov, Boris Sokolov, Joachim Käschel

18. Monitoring and Certification of Supply Chain Safety
Axel Stepken

19. Compliance and Supply Chain Safety
Josef Mauermair

20. Supply Chain Innovation and Risk Assessment (SCIRA) Model
Stephan Klein-Schmeink, Thomas Peisl

21. Supply Chain Safety: A Diversification Model Based on Clustering
Andreas Brieden, Peter Gritzmann, Michael Öllinger

22. Risk Management through Flexible Capacity Allocation and Price Control – Auctions in the New Car Sales Process
Thomas Ruhnau, Thomas Peisl

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Procurement

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Lecture Notes in Logistics
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