Ruggeri, Stefano

Transnational Inquiries and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Criminal Proceedings

Ruggeri, Stefano - Transnational Inquiries and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Criminal Proceedings, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Vittorio Grevi, Scholar and Master
Giulio Illuminati

2. In Memory of Giovanni Tranchina
Antonio Scaglione

3. Like a Flame: Remembering Giovanni Tranchina
Giuseppe Chiara

4. Transnational Inquiries in Criminal Matters and Respect for Fair Trial Guarantees
Giulio Illuminati

5. Transnational Inquiries and the Protection of Human Rights in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights
Richard Vogler

6. The Inter-American System of Human Rights and Transnational Inquiries
Javier Dondé-Matute

7. Judicial Cooperation and Multilevel Protection of the Right to Liberty and Security in Criminal Proceedings. The Influence of European Courts’ Case-Law on the Modern Constitutionalism in Europe
Oreste Pollicino, Giancarlo Rando

8. The Role of the Proportionality Principle in Cross-Border Investigations Involving Fundamental Rights
Lorena Bachmaier Winter

9. Models of Judicial Cooperation with Ad Hoc Tribunals and with the Permanent International Criminal Court in Europe
Michele Caianiello

10. Transnational Investigation in Criminal Procedure and the Protection of Victims of Serious Human Rights Violations in Latin American Constitutional Jurisprudence
Alexei Julio-Estrada

11. Judicial Cooperation and Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Prevention and Prosecution of Terrorism
Víctor Moreno Catena

12. Extradition, Political Offence and the Discrimination Clause
Benedetta Galgani

13. The Fight Against Organized Crime. Amid Contrasting Strategies and Respect for Human Rights
Paola Maggio

14. The Protection of EU Financial Interests: The Tip of the Iceberg of the Europeanization of the Criminal System
Luigi Foffani

15. Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office After the Lisbon Treaty
Francesca Ruggieri

16. The External Dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: An Introduction
Mark A. Zöller

17. The Protection of the Right of Freedom on the European Union Level: The European Arrest Warrant and Non-custodial Pre Trial Measures. The Guideline of the Principle of Proportionality: An Interpretive Perspective
Giuseppe Chiara

18. Mutual Recognition and Transnational Confiscation Orders
Fernando Gascón Inchausti

19. Mutual Recognition and Transfer of Evidence. The European Evidence Warrant
Bernd Hecker

20. Horizontal cooperation, obtaining evidence overseas and the respect for fundamental rights in the EU. From the European Commission’s proposals to the proposal for a directive on a European Investigation Order: Towards a single tool of evidence gathering in the EU?
Stefano Ruggeri

21. EU Tools for the Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts of Jurisdiction in Criminal Proceedings
Piero Gaeta

22. The Right of Defence in EU Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Tommaso Rafaraci

23. EU Tools for the Protection of Victims of Serious and Organized Crime
Jonathan Doak, Louise Taylor

24. The Protection of Personal Data Processed Within the Framework of Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Rosanna Belfiore

25. Report on China
Shizhou Wang

26. Report on England and Wales
Richard Vogler

27. Report on France
Juliette Lelieur

28. Report on Germany
Arndt Sinn

29. Report on Hungary
Krisztina Karsai

30. Report on Italy
Francesco Caprioli

31. Report on Mexico
Javier Dondé-Matute

32. Report on Spain
Fernando Gascón Inchausti

33. Report on Switzerland
Günter Heine, Monika Zürcher-Rentsch

34. Report on USA
Stephen C. Thaman

35. Transnational Inquiries and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Comparative Law. Models of Gathering Overseas Evidence in Criminal Matters
Stefano Ruggeri

Keywords: Law, International Criminal Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, European Law, Human Rights

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