Li, Xiaoxi

China Green Development Index Report 2011

Li, Xiaoxi - China Green Development Index Report 2011, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Xiaoxi Li
, Jiancheng Pan

2. Green Growth: Constructing a Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Production Pattern
Youjuan Wang, Weibin Lin, Qian Wan

3. Green Growth of the Primary Industry
Biliang Hu, Ning Cai, Ligang Xu

4. Green Growth of the Secondary Industry
Jiangxue Zhang, Hongli Ma, Xiwei Wang

5. Green Growth of the Tertiary Industry
Jinshi Liu, Jiang Xin, Jin Jingjing

6. Measurement and Analysis of Green Degree of Economic Growth
Faqi Shi, Yajing Cong, Liang Zhang

7. Resource Bottlenecks and Environment Constraints in Green Development
Jinshe Liang, Hongrui Wang, Tao Song

8. Green Development and Resource Support
Xuemin Liu, Shengling Zhang, Lina Fan

9. Green Development and Environmental Carrying Capacity
Xianqiang Mao, Rui Hou, Peng Song

10. Green Development and Ecological Construction
Yuan Jiang, Yongsheng Lin, Xiaopeng Sun

11. Measurement and Analysis of Carrying Potential of Natural Resources and Environment
Mingqing Jiang, Jiangxue Zhang, Yang Liu

12. Government Actions in China’s Green Development
Sanlin Jin, Jiancong Zhou, Fei Yang

13. Government Green Investment
Desheng Lai, Ning Cai, Tingting Rong

14. Urban Infrastructure Construction and Management in Green Development
Qi Zhang, Ying Wang, Lei Zhu

15. Environmental Governance in Green Development
Renwu Tang, Guanqiong Yang, Zheng Zhao, Yang Liu

16. Measurement and Analysis of the Support Degree of Government Policies
Junli Zhao, Xin Jiang, Tao Song

17. Development and Reform of Environmental Statistics
Yuru Mao

18. The Dilemma of Food Safety in China and Perspectives
Fangfang Tang

19. Research on the Environmental Information Disclosure System in Sudden Environmental Pollution Incidents: Taking Zijin Mining Pollution Incident as an Example
Luozhong Wang

20. Basic Framework for Building China’s Green Financial System
Yuanlong Wang, Ma Yun

21. The Significance of “Humanism” in Green Development
Baoyuan Li, Pengzhou Kuai

22. International Challenges Confronted by China’s Environmental Problems
Xiaoming Yang

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Growth, Nature Conservation, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

Publication year
Current Chinese Economic Report Series
Page amount
45 pages

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