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Corporate Governance

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Table of contents

1. Where Are the Shareholders’ Mansions? CEOs’ Home Purchases, Stock Sales, and Subsequent Company Performance
Crocker Liu, David Yermack

2. Does One Size Fit All? A Study of the Simultaneous Relations Among Ownership, Corporate Governance Mechanisms, and the Financial Performance of Firms in China
Michael A. Firth, Oliver M. Rui

3. The Role of Multiple Large Shareholders in Public Listed Firms: An Overview
Ana Paula Matias Gama

4. Shareholder Activism in Canada: The Emergence of a New Tool for Improving Corporate Governance Practices
Vanessa Serret, Sylvie Berthelot

5. Corporate Governance and Firm Cash Holdings in the U.S.
Jarrad Harford, Sattar A. Mansi, William F. Maxwell

6. Executive Debt-Like Compensation
Divya Anantharaman, Vivian W. Fang

7. Pay More Stocks and Options to Directors? Theory and Evidence of Board Compensation
Gang Nathan Dong

8. Directors in Banks: Compensation and Characteristics
Lisa Goh, Aditi Gupta

9. Intended and Unintended Consequences of CEO and Top Management Team Compensation
Jason W. Ridge

10. Are Busy Boards Effective Monitors?
Eliezer M. Fich, Anil Shivdasani

11. Board Diversity as a Shield During the Financial Crisis
Peter-Jan Engelen, Annette Berg, Gerwin Laan

12. What Are Friends for? CEO Networks, Pay and Corporate Governance
Rayna Brown, Ning Gao, Edward Lee, Konstantinos Stathopoulos

13. Board Independence, Corporate Governance and Earnings Management in France
Ramzi Benkraiem

14. The State of Corporate Governance Research
Lucian A. Bebchuk, Michael S. Weisbach

15. A Sustainable Future for Corporate Governance Theory and Practice
Shann Turnbull

16. National Culture and Corporate Governance
Wolfgang Breuer, Astrid Juliane Salzmann

17. Effective Governance in the Family Owned Business
Keanon J. Alderson

18. Enlightened Shareholder Value: Is It the New Modus Operandi for Modern Companies?
Stelios Andreadakis

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Human Resource Management, Organization/Planning, Business Strategy/Leadership

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