Soltis, Pamela S.

Polyploidy and Genome Evolution

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Table of contents

1. Evolutionary Significance of Whole-Genome Duplication
C. L. McGrath, M. Lynch

2. Genetic Consequences of Polyploidy in Plants
James A. Birchler

3. Meiosis in Polyploid Plants
Marie-Luise Zielinski, Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

4. Origins of Novel Phenotypic Variation in Polyploids
Patrick Finigan, Milos Tanurdzic, Robert A. Martienssen

5. Identifying the Phylogenetic Context of Whole-Genome Duplications in Plants
J. Gordon Burleigh

6. Ancient and Recent Polyploidy in Monocots
Andrew H. Paterson, Xiyin Wang, Jingping Li, Haibao Tang

7. Genomic Plasticity in Polyploid Wheat
Moshe Feldman, Avraham Levy, Boulos Chalhoub, Khalil Kashkush

8. Maize (Zea Mays) as a Model for Studying the Impact of Gene and Regulatory Sequence Loss Following Whole-Genome Duplication
James C. Schnable, Michael Freeling

9. Polyploidy in Legumes
Jeff J. Doyle

10. Jeans, Genes, and Genomes: Cotton as a Model for Studying Polyploidy
Jonathan F. Wendel, Lex E. Flagel, Keith L. Adams

11. Evolutionary Implications of Genome and Karyotype Restructuring in Nicotiana tabacum L
Ales Kovarik, Simon Renny-Byfield, Marie-Angèle Grandbastien, Andrew Leitch

12. Polyploid Evolution in Spartina: Dealing with Highly Redundant Hybrid Genomes
M. Ainouche, H. Chelaifa, J. Ferreira, S. Bellot, A. Ainouche, A. Salmon

13. Allopolyploid Speciation in Action: The Origins and Evolution of Senecio cambrensis

Matthew J. Hegarty, Richard J. Abbott, Simon J. Hiscock

14. The Early Stages of Polyploidy: Rapid and Repeated Evolution in Tragopogon

Douglas E. Soltis, Richard J. A. Buggs, W. Brad Barbazuk, Srikar Chamala, Michael Chester, Joseph P. Gallagher, Patrick S. Schnable, Pamela S. Soltis

15. Yeast as a Window into Changes in Genome Complexity Due to Polyploidization
Corey M. Hudson, Gavin C. Conant

16. Two Rounds of Whole-Genome Duplication: Evidence and Impact on the Evolution of Vertebrate Innovations
Cristian Cañestro

17. Polyploidy in Fish and the Teleost Genome Duplication
Ingo Braasch, John H. Postlethwait

18. Polyploidization and Sex Chromosome Evolution in Amphibians
Ben J. Evans, R. Alexander Pyron, John J. Wiens

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Biochemistry

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