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Landslide Science and Practice

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Table of contents

Part I. Landslide Scenarios Accounting for Climatic, Geomorphological and Geotechnical Contexts

1. Rock Glacier Degradation and Instabilities in the European Alps: A Characterisation and Monitoring Experiment in the Turtmanntal, CH
Sarah M. Springman, Yuko Yamamoto, Thomas Buchli, Marian Hertrich, Hansruedi Maurer, Kaspar Merz, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer, Linda Seward

2. Potential Effects of Climate Change on Slope Stability in Unsaturated Pyroclastic Soils
Emilia Damiano, Paola Mercogliano

3. Recent Mass Movements in the Tramuntana Range (Majorca, Spain)
Rosa María Mateos, Inmaculada García-Moreno, Gerardo Herrera, Joaquín Mulas

4. Climate Variability and Landslide Occurrence in Apulia (Southern Italy)
Maurizio Polemio, Teresa Lonigro

5. Geotechnical and Mineralogical Characterisation of Soils from Landslide Scars and Inferred Sliding Mechanism: Case of Limbe, SW Cameroon
Vivian Bih Che, Philippe Trefois, Matthieu Kervyn, Gerald G. J. Ernst, Eric Ranst, Jean-Claude Verbrugge, Christian Schroeder, Patric Jacobs, Cheo Emmanuel Suh

6. Large Reactivated Earth Flows in the Northern Apennines (Italy): An Overview
Giovanni Bertolini, Chiara Fioroni

7. The Impact of Climatic Changes on the Behaviour of Active Landslides in Clay
Luca Comegna, Paolo Tommasi, Luciano Picarelli, Edoardo Bucchignani, Paola Mercogliano

8. Research on Chuni Landslide Geological Evolution Process
Junfeng Wu, Yunsheng Wang, Simeng Dong

9. A Geotechnical Explanation for the Transition from Creep to Slides in the Alpine Foreland
Philip Leopold, Erich Draganits, Gerhard Heiss, Ede Kovacs

10. Pore Pressure Fluctuations Within Quasi-Stable Slopes in South-Western Estonia and Their Influence on Slope Stability
Marko Kohv, Tiit Hang

11. Triggering Factors of Landslides and Determination of Rainfall Threshold: A Case Study from North East India
Kuntala Bhusan, Dulal C. Goswami

12. Changing Patterns in Climate-Driven Landslide Hazard: An Alpine Test Site
Audrey Baills, Rosalie Vandromme, Nicolas Desramaut, Olivier Sedan-Miegemolle, Gilles Grandjean

13. Recent Landslides with Economical and Human Losses in Medellin City (Colombia)
Edilma Gómez, Manuel Villarraga

14. Analysis of the Rainfall Preceding the Activation of the Large Maierato Landslide in 2010
Angelo Doglioni, Annalisa Galeandro, Alessandro Guerricchio, Gerardo Fortunato, Elena Guglielmo, Maurizio Ponte, Vincenzo Simeone

15. Quick Clay Landslides, Landscape Evolution, and Climate Change: A Perspective from British Columbia
Marten Geertsema

16. Short Term Weather Forecasting for Shallow Landslide Prediction
Paola Mercogliano, Nicola Casagli, Filippo Catani, Emilia Damiano, Lucio Olivares, Luciano Picarelli, Guglielmo Rossi, Pasquale Schiano, Samuele Segoni, Bogdan Sikorski, Veronica Tofani

17. Variation in the Occurrence of Rainfall Events Triggering Landslides
Mario Floris, Andrea D’Alpaos, Anna Agostini, Giulia Tessari, Giovanni Stevan, Rinaldo Genevois

Part II. Landslides, land-use systems and food security

18. Landslides, Land-Use Systems and Food Security
Thomas Hofer

19. Landslides in Bududa, Eastern Uganda: Preliminary Assessment and Proposed Solutions
Yuri Gorokhovich, Shannon Doocy, Felix Walyawula, Andrew Muwanga, Fernando Nardi

20. Landslides, Land Use Systems and Food Security
Saralavandanam Sattenpalli, Surya Parkash

21. Anthropogenic Activity Triggering Landslides in Densely Populated Mountain Areas
Veerle Vanacker, Vincent Balthazar, Armando Molina

22. A Neglected Disaster: Landslides and Livelihoods in Central-Eastern Nepal
K. Sudmeier-Rieux, S. Jaquet, G. K. Basyal, M. Derron, S. Devkota, M. Jaboyedoff, S. Shrestha

23. Strategies and Options to Address Land Degradation Due to Landslides: Bhutanese Scenarios
Phuntsho Gyeltshen, Chencho Norbu

24. Rainfall Variability, Landslides and Food Security in Himalaya
Prakash C. Tiwari, Bhagwati Joshi

25. Watershed Management: An Approach for Landslide Risk Reduction Through Integrated Landuse Planning
Thomas Hofer, Gérard Marquis, Claudia Veith, Paolo Ceci

Part III. Wildfires and Slope Instability

26. Limiting the Immediate and Subsequent Hazards Associated with Wildfires
Jerome V. DeGraff, Susan H. Cannon, Mario Parise

27. Remote Sensing and Geospatial Support to Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Teams in Assessing Wildfire Effects to Hillslopes
Jess Clark

28. Rockfall and Debris Flow Hazards After Summer Wildfires in Cerreto Sannita, Benevento, Italy
Guido U. Guasti, Alberto Caprinali, Lucia Majorca

29. Flexible Debris Flow Barriers in Fire Burned Areas
Erik Rorem, Corinna Wendeler, Andrea Roth

Part IV. Landslides and Extreme Weather

30. Recommending Regional Rainfall Threshold Values for Early Warning of Landslides in the Asian Region
Udeni P. Nawagamuwa, Rajinder K. Bhasin, Oddvar Kjekstad, N. M. S. I. Arambepola

31. Flood and Slope Processes in the Scura Valley (Reatini Mts., Central Apennines, Italy). Meteo-climatic Analysis and Geomorphological Evolution
Paolo Maria Guarino, Riccardo Massimiliano Menotti, Guido Motteran, Roberto Serafini

32. Snowmelt Modelling for Improving the Forecasts of Rainfall Threshold-Based Landslide Triggering
Gianluca Martelloni, Samuele Segoni, Filippo Catani, Riccardo Fanti

33. Defining Rainfall Thresholds for Early Warning of Rainfall-Triggered Landslides: The Case of North-East Sicily
David Johnny Peres, Antonino Cancelliere

34. Mechanisms of the Recent Catastrophic Landslides in the Mountainous Range of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
André S. Avelar, Ana L. Coelho Netto, Willy A. Lacerda, Leonardo B. Becker, Marcos B. Mendonça

35. A Regional Real Time Landslide Warning System Based on Spatially Variable Rainfall Thresholds
Samuele Segoni, Ascanio Rosi, Alessandro Battistini, Guglielmo Rossi, Filippo Catani

36. GIS Analysis of Debris Volume Mobilized by Heavy Rainstorm in North-Eastern Sicily
Nathalie Morey, Giuseppe Tito Aronica, Gabriele Leone, Claudio Puglisi

37. Space-Time Hazard Assessment of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides
Lorella Montrasio, Roberto Valentino, Gian Luca Losi, Angela Corina, Lauro Rossi, Roberto Rudari

38. Tertiary Creep Reproduction by Back-Pressure-Controlled Test in DPRI-7
Atitkagna Dok, Hiroshi Fukuoka

Part V. Landslides as Sediment Sources

39. Landslide-Related Sediment Yield Rate in a Large Apenninic Catchment
Alessandro Simoni, Alessio Ponza, Vincenzo Picotti, Matteo Berti

40. Landslide Mobility and Landslide Sediment Transfer in Val di Sole, Eastern Central Alps
Francesco Brardinoni, Giovanni B. Crosta, Samuel Cucchiaro, Elena Valbuzzi, Paolo Frattini

41. A Quantitative Assessment of the Sedimentology and Geomorphology of Rock Avalanche Deposits
Dan H. Shugar, John J. Clague, Marco Giardino

Part VI. Advances in the Understanding of Cold Region Landslides

42. Landsides in Cold Regions: Making a Science that can be put into Practice
Stephan Gruber

43. Large, Topography-Constrained Rockslide Complexes in the Karakoram Himalaya, Northern Pakistan
Kenneth Hewitt

44. Did Radiative Cooling Trigger New Zealand’s 2007 Young River Landslide?
Mauri McSaveney, Chris Massey

45. Soil Sliding in Continuous Permafrost Terrain of Siberia: The Case Study of Soil Respiration and Soil Microbial Activity Dynamics During Ecosystem Re-establishment
Oxana Masyagina, Svetlana Evgrafova, Stanislav Prokushkin, Anatolii Prokushkin

46. Detecting Potential Climate Signals in Large Slope Failures in Cold Mountain Regions
Christian Huggel, Simon Allen, John J. Clague, Luzia Fischer, Oliver Korup, Demian Schneider

47. Landslides Characteristic of Northwest Lesser Khingan Range China
Wei Shan, Hua Jiang, Ying Guo, Zhaoguang Hu, Chunjiao Wang

48. Landslides and Moisture-Temperature for Cutting Slope Soil in Freeze-Thaw Cycles
Ying Guo, Wei Shan, Chengcheng Zhang, Yuying Sun

49. Temporal Characteristics of Different Cryosphere-Related Slope Movements in High Mountains
Vanessa Wirz, Jan Beutel, Bernhard Buchli, Stephan Gruber, Philippe Limpach

50. Test of a Procedure to Assess the Stability of Permafrost Rock Walls: The Case of the Pellaud Basin, Rhêmes Valley (Aosta Valley, Italy)
M. Curtaz, A. M. Ferrero, G. Forlani, M. Migliazza, R. Roncella, M. Vagliasindi

51. Permafrost Degradation and Destabilization of Alpine Rockwalls: A Very Close Link in the Mont Blanc Massif
Ludovic Ravanel, Philip Deline

52. The December 2008 Crammont Rock Avalanche, Mont Blanc Massif Area, Italy
Philip Deline, Massimo Broccolato, Jeannette Noetzli, Ludovic Ravanel, Andrea Tamburini

53. GALLIUS: GeomorphohydrologicAl Model for LandsLide Initiation Under Snowmelting
Maria Cristina Rulli, Federica Gobattoni, Monia Santini

54. DSGSDs Induced by Post-Glacial Decompression in Central Apennine (Italy)
Domenico Aringoli, Bernardino Gentili, Marco Materazzi, Gilberto Pambianchi, Nicola Sciarra

55. Climatic and Structural Controls to Slope Instabilities in Val Veny (Italy)
Marco Giardino, Luigi Perotti, Marco Bacenetti, Paolo Zamparutti

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Physical Geography, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Environmental Science and Engineering

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