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Landslide Science and Practice

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Table of contents

Part I. Advances in Slope Stability Modelling

1. Geomechanical Basis of Landslide Classification and Modelling of Triggering
Gianfrancesco Rocchi, Giovanni Vaciago

2. Study of Shock Landslide-Type Geomechanical Model Test for Consequent Rock Slope
Xu Xiangning, Chen Yuliang, Li Shengwen

3. Landslide Processes in the Urbanized Moscow Area
Valentina Svalova

4. Landslide Hazard Assessment Based on FS3D Combined with an Infiltration Model
Aline Silva, Lázaro Zuquette

5. Modelling the Motion of Mobile Debris Flows in Hong Kong
J. S. H. Kwan, T. H. H. Hui, K. K. S. Ho

6. Modeling Potential Shallow Landslides over Large Areas with SliDisp+

Daniel Tobler, Rachel Riner, Robert Pfeifer

7. Three Dimensional Stability Analysis of the Grohovo Landslide in Croatia
Chunxiang Wang, Željko Arbanas, Snježana Mihalić, Hideaki Marui

8. Mass Movement Classification Using Morphometric Parameters (Puebla, Mexico)
Veronica Ochoa-Tejeda, Parrot Jean-François, Fort Monique

9. The 2010 Muddy-Debris Flow of Angangueo (Mexico): Modelling and Simulation
Jean-François Parrot, Veronica Ochoa-Tejeda

10. A Rock Fall Analysis Study in Parnassos Area, Central Greece
George Papathanassiou, Vasilis Marinos, Dimitris Vogiatzis, Sotiris Valkaniotis



SAKe: A Hydrological Model to Forecasting Landslide Activations
Oreste G. Terranova, Pasquale Iaquinta, Stefano L. Gariano, Roberto Greco, Giulio G. R. Iovine

12. Shallow-Landslide Susceptibility in the Costa Viola Mountain Ridge (Italia)
Giulio G. R. Iovine, Roberto Greco, Stefano L. Gariano, Pasquale Iaquinta, Annamaria Pellegrino, Oreste G. Terranova

13. Extraction of Rock Mass Structural Data from High Resolution Laser Scanning Products
Giovanni Gigli, Nicola Casagli

14. Geological and Geophysical Tests to Model a Small Landslide in the Langhe Hills
Sabrina Bonetto, Cesare Comina, Andrea Giuliani, Giuseppe Mandrone

15. Regional Distribution of Ash-Fall Pyroclastic Soils for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment
Pantaleone Vita, Michele Nappi

16. Geotechnical Features of the Volcanic Rocks Related to the Arteara Rock Avalanche in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
Martín Jesús Rodríguez-Peces, Jorge Yepes Temiño, Esther Martín-Nicolau

17. Effects of Parameters in Landslide Simulation Model LS-RAPID on the Dynamic Behaviour of Earthquake-Induced Rapid Landslides
Bin He, Kyoji Sassa, Maja Ostric, Kaoru Takara, Yosuke Yamashiki

18. Different Methods to Produce Distributed Soil Thickness Maps and Their Impact on the Reliability of Shallow Landslide Modeling at Catchment Scale
Samuele Segoni, Gianluca Martelloni, Filippo Catani

19. Simulating Infiltration Processes into Fractured and Swelling Soils as Triggering Factors of Landslides
Annalisa Galeandro, Jirka Šimůnek, Vincenzo Simeone

20. Dimensionless Numerical Approach to Perched Waters in 2D Gradually Layered Soils
Stefano Barontini, Marco Peli, Thom A. Bogaard, Roberto Ranzi

21. Landslide Motion Forecasting by a Dynamic Visco-Plastic Model
Marco M. Secondi, Giovanni Crosta, Claudio Prisco, Gabriele Frigerio, Paolo Frattini, Federico Agliardi

22. Intelligent Analysis of Landslide Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Natan Micheletti, Mikhail Kanevski, Shibiao Bai, Jian Wang, Ting Hong

23. Challenging Calibration in 3D Rockfall Modelling
Paolo Frattini, Giovanni B. Crosta, Federico Agliardi, Silvia Imposimato

24. A Simple Model for Passive Failure Compression Structure at the Toe of Landslide
Angelo Doglioni, Annalisa Galeandro, Vincenzo Simeone

25. Recovery of Strength Along Shear Surfaces in Clay Soils
Angelo Doglioni, Vincenzo Simeone

26. Protection from High Energy Impacts Using Reinforced Soil Embankments: Design and Experiences
Alberto Grimod, Giorgio Giacchetti

27. Quantitative Evaluation of Roughness with a 2D Digital Instrument
Fabrizio Mazza, Davide Brambilla, Laura Longoni, Paolo Mazzoleni, Monica Papini, Emanuele Zappa

28. Use of SAR Interferometry for Landslide Analysis in the Arno River Basin
Marcello Brugioni, Bernardo Mazzanti, Giovanni Montini, Lorenzo Sulli

29. Experimental Approach for Stability Evaluations of Carrara Marble Basins
Domenico Gullì, Maura Pellegri, Alessandro Cortopassi

Part II. Rapid Runout Analysis

30. Runout Prediction of Debris Flows and Similar Mass Movements
Christian Scheidl, Dieter Rickenmann, Brian W. McArdell

31. A Ready to Use GRASS GIS Workbench for Rockfall Analysis
Andrea Filipello, Giuseppe Mandrone

32. Runout Modelling of Shallow Landslides Over Large Areas with SliDepot
Daniel Tobler, Rachel Riner, Robert Pfeifer

33. DEM and FEM/DEM Modelling of Granular Flows to Investigate Large Debris Avalanche Propagation
Irene Manzella, Herbert H. Einstein, Giovanni Grasselli

34. Assessment of Discrete Element Modelling Parameters for Rock Mass Propagation
Guilhem Mollon, Vincent Richefeu, Pascal Villard, Dominique Daudon

35. On Controls of Flow-Like Landslide Evolution by an Erodible Layer
Giovanni B. Crosta, Silvia Imposimato, Dennis Roddeman, Paolo Frattini

36. Influence of Bed Curvature on the Numerical Modelling of Unconstrained Granular Materials
Gabriele Pisani, Marina Pirulli, Vincent Labiouse, Claudio Scavia

37. Single or Two-Phase Modelling of Debris-Flow? A Systematic Comparison of the Two Approaches Applied to a Real Debris Flow in Giampilieri Village (Italy)
Laura Maria Stancanelli, Giorgio Rosatti, Lorenzo Begnudelli, Aronne Armanini, Enrico Foti

38. Runout Prediction of Rock Avalanches in Volcanic and Glacial Terrains
Rosanna Sosio, Giovanni B. Crosta, Johanna H. Chen, Oldrich Hungr

39. Physical Modelling of the Propagation of Rock Avalanches: Recent Developments and Results
Claire Sauthier, Vincent Labiouse

40. Debris Flow Analysis: From Lithological Classification of the Basin to Deposition
Chiara Deangeli, Erika Paltrinieri, Davide Tiranti

41. Stability Conditions and Evaluation of the Runout of a Potential Landslide at the Northern Flank of La Fossa Active Volcano, Italy
Maria Marsella, Aurora Salino, Silvia Scifoni, Alberico Sonnessa, Paolo Tommasi

42. Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification of Dynamic Run-Out Model Parameters for Landslides
B. Quan Luna, J. Cepeda, A. Stumpf, C. J. Westen, A. Remaître, J.-P. Malet, T. W. J. Asch

43. Effects of Grain-Size Composition Examined in Laboratory and Numerical Tests on Artificial Mud-Flows
Simonetta Cola, Nancy Calabrò, Paolo Simonini, Manuel Pastor

44. Slope Instabilities in High-Mountain Rock Walls. Recent Events on the Monte Rosa East Face (Macugnaga, NW Italy)
Andrea Tamburini, Fabio Villa, Luzia Fischer, Oldrich Hungr, Marta Chiarle, Giovanni Mortara

45. New Approach to Rapid Risk Evaluation in Disasters Related to Landslides-Brazil
Renato Eugenio Lima

Part III. GIS Application and Developments

46. Different Approaches of Rockfall Susceptibility Maps in Lower Austria
Herwig Proske, Christian Bauer, Klaus Granica

47. Mathematical and GIS-Modeling of Landslides in Kharkiv Region of Ukraine
Oleksandr Trofymchuk, Yuriy Kalyukh, Hanna Hlebchuk

48. Evaluation and Zonation of Landslide Hazard of Northern Tehran District
Ali Uromeihy, Mahsa Sharif

49. Three-Dimensional Modelling of Rotational Slope Failures with GRASS GIS
Martin Mergili, Wolfgang Fellin

50. A GRASS GIS Implementation of the Savage-Hutter Avalanche Model and Its Application to the 1987 Val Pola Event
Martin Mergili, Katharina Schratz, Alexander Ostermann, Wolfgang Fellin

51. Proposed Landslide Susceptibility Map of Canada Based on GIS
María José Domínguez-Cuesta, Peter T. Bobrowsky

52. Statistic Versus Deterministic Method for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Iuliana Armas, Florica Stroia, Laura Giurgea

53. Two Integrated Models Simulating Dynamic Process of Landslide Using GIS
Chunxiang Wang, Hideaki Marui, Gen Furuya, Naoki Watanabe

54. Using the Information System and Multi-Criteria Analysis in the Geological Risk Management in São Paulo
Eliene Coelho, Luciana Pascarelli

55. Maps of Landslide Areas with Technical G.I.S.: The Use of High Resolution DTM
Mauro Palombella

56. A New Digital Catalogue of Harmful Landslides and Floods in Italy
Paola Salvati, Ivan Marchesini, Vinicio Balducci, Cinzia Bianchi, Fausto Guzzetti

57. Application of the Computerised Cartography to the Territory Management: The Geomorphological Map of Palaeolandslides in the Velino River Valley (Central Apennines, Italy)
Serafino Angelini, Piero Farabollini, Riccardo Massimiliano Menotti, Fabrizio Millesimi, Marco Petitta

58. Database of Unstable Rock Slopes of Norway
Halvor Bunkholt, Bobo Nordahl, Reginald L. Hermanns, Thierry Oppikofer, Luzia Fischer, Lars Harald Blikra, Einar Anda, Halgeir Dahle, Stine Sætre

59. Landslides and Spatio-Temporal Processing of Geographical Information
Raffaele Amicis, Federico Prandi, Giuseppe Conti, Diego Taglioni, Stefano Piffer, Marco Calderan, Alberto Debiasi

60. Lahar, Floods and Debris Flows Resulting from the 2010 Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull: Observations, Mapping, and Modelling
Esther H. Jensen, Jon Kr. Helgason, Sigurjón Einarsson, Gudrun Sverrisdottir, Armann Höskuldsson, Björn Oddsson

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Physical Geography, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Environmental Science and Engineering

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