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Fungal Associations

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Table of contents

1. 1 Exploring the Genome of Glomeromycotan Fungi
V. Gianinazzi-Pearson, D. Tuinen, D. Wipf, E. Dumas-Gaudot, G. Recorbet, Y. Liu, J. Doidy, D. Redecker, N. Ferrol

2. 2 Molecular Approaches to Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Functioning
P. Franken, A. Waschke, N. Requena

3. 3 The Interface Between Plants and Mycorrhizal Fungi: Nutrient Exchange, Signaling and Cell Organization
A. Genre, P. Bonfante

4. 4 Arbuscular Mycorrhiza: A Key Component of Sustainable Plant–Soil Ecosystems
P. Jeffries, J. M. Barea

5. 5 The GeosiphonNostoc Endosymbiosis and Its Role as a Model for Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Research
A. Schüßler

6. 6 De-Constructing a Mutualist: How the Molecular Blueprints of Model Symbiotic Fungi Are Changing Our Understanding of Mutualism
J. M. Plett, A. Kohler, F. Martin

7. 7 Carbohydrates Exchange Between Symbionts in Ectomycorrhizas
U. Nehls, I. Bodendiek

8. 8 Lipids of Mycorrhizas
Y. Dalpé, M. Trépanier, A. Lounès-Hadj Sahraoui, J. Fontaine, M. Sancholle

9. 9 The Role of the Stonesphere for the Interactions Between Mycorrhizal Fungi and Mycorrhizosphere Bacteria During Mineral Weathering
N. Koele

10. 10 Context-Dependent Interaction Hierarchies and the Organization of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities
R. T. Koide

11. 11 Ectendomycorrhizas: Occurrence, Structural Characteristics, and Possible Roles
R. L. Peterson

12. 12 Orchid Mycorrhizas: Molecular Ecology, Physiology, Evolution and Conservation Aspects
J. D. W. Dearnaley, F. Martos, M.-A. Selosse

13. 13 The Symbiotic Fungus Piriformospora indica: Review
A. Varma, I. Sherameti, S. Tripathi, R. Prasad, A. Das, M. Sharma, M. Bakshi, J. M. Johnson, S. Bhardwaj, M. Arora, K. Rastogi, A. Agrawal, A. C. Kharkwal, S. Talukdar, U. S. Bagde, V. S. Bisaria, C. P. Upadhyaya, P. S. Won, Y. Chen, J. Ma, B. Lou, A. Adya, L. Zhang, M. K. Meghvansi, K. S. Sree, S. K. Gosal, R. B. Srivastava, A. K. Johri, M. Kumar, M. Dua, C. Cruz, R. Oelmüller

14. 14 Genetic Diversity and Functional Aspects of Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi
S. Perotto, E. Martino, S. Abbà, M. Vallino

15. 15 The Symbiotic Phenotype of Lichen-Forming Ascomycetes and Their Endo- and Epibionts
R. Honegger

16. 16 Basidiolichens
F. Oberwinkler

17. 17 Bacteria and the Lichen Symbiosis
M. Grube, M. Cardinale, G. Berg

18. 18 Fungal and Bacterial Volatile Organic Compounds: An Overview and Their Role as Ecological Signaling Agents
J. W. Bennett, R. Hung, S. Lee, S. Padhi

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, Ecology

Publication year
The Mycota
Page amount
26 pages
Natural Sciences

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