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Robust Manufacturing Control

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Table of contents

1. How Do Production Systems in Biological Cells Maintain Their Function in Changing Environments?
Moritz Emanuel Beber, Marc-Thorsten Hütt

2. Order Related Acoustic Characterization of Production Data
Michael Iber, Katja Windt

3. Potentials of Nonlinear Dynamics Methods to Predict Customer Demands in Production Networks
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Mirko Kück

4. The Structure of the Value Creation Network for the Production of Electric Vehicles
Richard Colmorn, Michael Hülsmann, Alexandra Brintrup

5. Network Configuration in Presence of Synchronization Requirements
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer

6. Modeling Production Planning and Transient Clearing Functions
Dieter Armbruster, Jasper Fonteijn, Matt Wienke

7. Switching Dispatching Rules with Gaussian Processes
Jens Heger, Torsten Hildebrandt, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

8. An AI Based Online Scheduling Controller for Highly Automated Production Systems
Emanuele Carpanzano, Amedeo Cesta, Fernando Marinò, Andrea Orlandini, Riccardo Rasconi, Anna Valente

9. Stochastic Scheduling of Machining Centers Production, Estimating the Makespan Distribution
Tullio Tolio, Marcello Urgo

10. Coordination of Capacity Adjustment Modes in Work Systems with Autonomous WIP Regulation
Neil Duffie, John Fenske, Madhu Vadali

11. Evaluating the Effects of Embedded Control Devices in Autonomous Logistic Processes
Steffen Sowade, Philipp Lamezan, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

12. Robustness of Complex Adaptive Logistics Systems: Effects of Autonomously Controlled Heuristics in a Real-World Car Terminal
Christoph Illigen, Benjamin Korsmeier, Michael Hülsmann

13. A Pedestrian Dynamics Based Approach to Autonomous Movement Control of Automatic Guided Vehicles
Maik Bähr, Reik V. Donner, Thomas Seidel

14. Using a Clustering Approach with Evolutionary Optimized Attribute Weights to Form Product Families for Production Leveling
Fabian Bohnen, Marco Stolpe, Jochen Deuse, Katharina Morik

15. Data Mining as Technique to Generate Planning Rules for Manufacturing Control in a Complex Production System
Christian Rainer

16. Striving for Zero Defect Production: Intelligent Manufacturing Control Through Data Mining in Continuous Rolling Mill Processes
Benedikt Konrad, Daniel Lieber, Jochen Deuse

17. Role and Novel Trends of Production Network Simulation
Giacomo Liotta

18. On the Configuration and Planning of Dynamic Manufacturing Networks
Nikolaos Papakostas, Konstantinos Efthymiou, Konstantinos Georgoulias, George Chryssolouris

19. What Can Quality Management Methodology and Experience Contribute to Make Global Supply Networks More Robust?
Werner Bergholz

20. Innovative Quality Strategies for Global Value-Added-Networks
Gisela Lanza, Johannes Book, Kyle Kippenbrock, Anamika Saxena

21. From Collaborative Development to Manufacturing in Production Networks: The SmartNets Approach
Armin Lau, Manuel Hirsch, Heiko Matheis

22. Service-Oriented Integration of Intercompany Coordination into the Tactical Production Planning Process
Christoph Besenfelder, Yilmaz Uygun, Sandra Kaczmarek

23. Description of a Configuration Model for Establishing Adaptable Logistics Chains
Markus Florian, Henrik Gommel, Wilfried Sihn

24. Real-Time Logistics and Virtual Experiment Fields for Adaptive Supply Networks
Michael Toth, Klaus M. Liebler

25. New Mechanisms in Decentralized Electricity Trading to Stabilize the Grid System: A Study with Human Subject Experiments and Multi-Agent Simulation
Sho Hosokawa, Nariaki Nishino

26. Decentralized Manufacturing Systems Review: Challenges and Outlook
Dimitris Mourtzis, Michalis Doukas

27. Environmental Impact of Centralised and Decentralised Production Networks in the Era of Personalisation
Dimitris Mourtzis, Michalis Doukas, Foivos Psarommatis

28. Innovative Approaches for Global Production Networks
Günther Schuh, Till Potente, Daniel Kupke, Rawina Varandani

29. Evaluation of Production Processes Using Hybrid Simulation
Norbert Gronau, Hanna Theuer, Sander Lass

30. Robust Manufacturing Through Integrated Industrial Services: The Delivery Management
Horst Meier, Thomas Dorka

31. Enhancements of a Logistic Model to Improve the Time Synchronicity of Convergent Supply Processes
Sebastian Beck, Friedrich Gehler, Peter Nyhuis

32. Self-Optimizing Decision-Making in Production Control
Günther Schuh, Till Potente, Sascha Fuchs, Christina Thomas, Stephan Schmitz, Carlo Hausberg, Annika Hauptvogel, Felix Brambring

33. Robust Solution Approach to CLSP Problem with an Uncertain Demand
Wilhelm Dangelmaier, Ekaterina Kaganova

34. Evaluating Lead Time Standard Deviation with Regard to the Lead Time Syndrome
Mathias Knollmann, Katja Windt

35. An Integrated Approach: Combining Process Management, Organizational Structure and Company Layout
Günther Schuh, Till Potente, Fabian Bachmann, Thomas Froitzheim

36. Design and Quality Control of Products Robust to Model Uncertainty and Disturbances
Beata Mrugalska

37. Dynamic Business Model Analysis for Strategic Foresight in Production Networks
Hans-Christian Haag, Meike Tilebein

38. Dynamic Capabilities in Manufacturing Processes: A Knowledge-based Approach for the Development of Manufacturing Flexibilities
Philip Cordes, Michael Hülsmann

39. Evaluation Model for Robustness and Efficiency Trade-offs in Production Capacity Decisions
Max Monauni, Mirja Meyer, Katja Windt

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Complexity, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Complex Networks

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Lecture Notes in Production Engineering
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30 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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