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On Orbit and Beyond

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Table of contents

1. Behavioral Health
Albert A. Harrison, Edna R. Fiedler

2. From Earth Analogues to Space: Learning How to Boldly Go
Sheryl L. Bishop

3. Patterns in Crew-Initiated Photography of Earth from the ISS: Is Earth Observation a Salutogenic Experience?
Julie A. Robinson, Kelley J. Slack, Valerie Olson, Michael H. Trenchard, Kimberly J. Willis, Pamela J. Baskin, Jennifer E. Boyd

4. The Roles of NASA, U.S. Astronauts, and Their Families in Long-Duration Missions
Phyllis J. Johnson

5. Human Interactions On-orbit
Nick Kanas

6. Managing Negative Interactions in Space Crews: The Role of Simulator Research
Harvey Wichman

7. Gender Composition and Crew Cohesion During Long-Duration Space Missions
Jason P. Kring, Megan A. Kaminski

8. The Risk for Groupthink During Long-Duration Space Missions: Results from a 105-Day Confinement Study
Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, Hege H. Bye, Fons J. R. Vijver

9. Psychology and Culture During Long-Duration Space Missions
Nick Kanas, Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, Jennifer E. Boyd, Vadim I. Gushin, Dietrich Manzey, Regina North, Gloria R. Leon, Peter Suedfeld, Sheryl L. Bishop, Edna R. Fiedler, Natsuhiko Inoue, Bernd Johannes, Daniel J. Kealey, Norbert O. Kraft, Ichiyo Matsuzaki, David Musson, Lawrence A. Palinkas, V. P. Salnitskiy, Walter Sipes, Jack Stuster, Jun Wang

10. Flying with Strangers: Postmission Reflections of Multinational Space Crews
Peter Suedfeld, Kasia E. Wilk, Lindi Cassel

11. Cross-Cultural and Spaceflight Psychology: Arenas for Synergistic Research
Juris G. Draguns, Albert A. Harrison

12. High Versus Low Crewmember Autonomy in Space Simulation Environments
Nick Kanas, Stephanie Saylor, Matthew Harris, Thomas Neylan, Jennifer Boyd, Daniel S. Weiss, Pamela Baskin, Colleen Cook, Charles Marmar

13. Effects of Autonomous Mission Management on Crew Performance, Behavior, and Physiology: Insights from Ground-Based Experiments
Peter G. Roma, Steven R. Hursh, Robert D. Hienz, Zabecca S. Brinson, Eric D. Gasior, Joseph V. Brady

14. Near-Term Extended Solar System Exploration
Harvey Wichman

15. From Earth’s Orbit to the Outer Planets and Beyond: Psychological Issues in Space
Nick Kanas

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Personality and Social Psychology, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences

Publication year
Space Technology Library
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40 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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