Nilsson, Kjell

Peri-urban futures: Scenarios and models for land use change in Europe

Nilsson, Kjell - Peri-urban futures: Scenarios and models for land use change in Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Kjell Nilsson, Stephan Pauleit, Simon Bell, Carmen Aalbers, Thomas S. Nielsen

2. The Dynamics of Peri-Urbanization
Joe Ravetz, Christian Fertner, Thomas Sick Nielsen

3. Rural–Urban Regions: A Spatial Approach to Define Urban–Rural Relationships in Europe
Ingo Zasada, Wolfgang Loibl, Regine Berges, Klaus Steinnocher, Mario Köstl, Annette Piorr, Armin Werner

4. Tools for Modelling and Assessing Peri-Urban Land Use Futures
Dagmar Haase, Annette Piorr, Nina Schwarz, Sophie Rickebusch, Franziska Kroll, Hedwig Delden, Affonso Zuin, Tim Taylor, Marco Boeri, Ingo Zasada, Carlo Lavalle, Roel Vanhout, Alessandro Sarretta, Felix Müller, Mark Rounsevell, Simon Bell

5. Introduction to the Research Methodology and Role of Stakeholders
Carmen B. E. M. Aalbers

6. The Hague Region: Negotiating the Common Ground in Peri-Urban Landscapes
Judith Westerink, Carmen Aalbers

7. Warsaw: Spatial Growth with Limited Control
Mirosław Grochowski, Piotr Korcelli, Elzbieta Kozubek, Tomasz Sławiński, Piotr Werner

8. Manchester: Re-Inventing the Local–Global in the Peri-Urban City-Region
Joe Ravetz, Pam Warhurst

9. Leipzig-Halle: Ecosystem Services in a Stagnating Urban Region in Eastern Germany
Annette Bauer, Dietmar Röhl, Dagmar Haase, Nina Schwarz

10. The Montpellier Agglomération New Approaches for Territorial Coordination in the Periurban
Françoise Jarrige, Jean-Pierre Chery, Jennifer Buyck, Jean Paul Gambier

11. Koper: Beyond the Rural and Urban Paradigm
Marina Pintar, Anton Perpar, Andrej Udovč, Marko Zupan, Majda Černič-Istenič, Vesna Miličić, Tjaša Babič, Davor Deranja, Georgi Bangiev, Andrej Mlakar

12. Hangzhou: Fast Urbanisation and High Population Growth
Martin Spiekermann, Youjoun He, Jianjun Yang, Irene Burkhardt, Fei Yan, Xin Yi, Stephan Pauleit

13. Governance and Sustainability of Peri-Urban Areas: A Comparative Analysis of the PLUREL Case Studies
Carmen B. E. M. Aalbers, Katarina Eckerberg

14. Sustainable Land Use in Peri-Urban Areas: Government, Planning and Financial Instruments
Iván Tosics

15. The Future of the Rural Urban Region
Kjell Nilsson, Thomas Sick Nielsen

Keywords: Geography, Economic Geography, Sustainable Development, Earth Sciences, general, European Integration, Quality of Life Research, Quality of Life Research

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