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Table of contents

1. Vehicle Style Recognition Based on Image Processing and Neural Network
ZhengWei Zhu, YuYing Guo

2. Feature Model Application in No-Mold-Drawing Control
ShuRong Ning, ShengLi Gan, ChaoEn Xiao, LinJie Miao

3. Research of E-Commerce Based on Cloud Computing
Chunling Sun

4. Study on Chaos-Based Weak Signal Detection Method with Duffing Oscillator
Fengli Wang, Hui Xing, Shulin Duan, Hongliang Yu

5. The Application of Association Rule Mining in CRM Based on Formal Concept Analysis
HongSheng Xu, Lan Wang

6. The Design of Data Collection Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Formal Concept Analysis
Yi Wang, Jian Zhang, HongSheng Xu

7. The Research of Network Management System Based on Mobile Agent and SNMP Technology
Shiwei Lin, Yuwen Zhai

8. A Research of PLD Training for IT Applications
Wei Zhang, Limin Liu

9. Terminal Sliding Mode Control for STT Missile Based on RBF Neural Network
Xianjun Shi, Hongchao Zhao, Jie Chen

10. Design of Broadband Receiver in Battlefield Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring System
Wenjun Lu, Libiao Tong, Lianfei Duan, Fei Ye, Hongjun Zhang

11. Discussion of “Sensors and Detection Technology” Curriculum Construction
Shenhui Du, Zheng Li

12. Development of Interactive and Virtual Algorithm Animation of C Programming Language
YangNa Su

13. Clustering on Multiple Data Streams
Li Tu

14. Research on Automatic Scoring for Java Programming Questions
ShanPing Qiao, XueSong Sun

15. Study on Blind Source Separation of Single-Channel Signal with EEMD
Fengli Wang, Shulin Duan, Hongliang Yu

16. Computer Multimedia Technology Status and Development Prospects
Yan Huang

17. The Algorithm for 3D Lotus Construction Based on Fractal
Bo Cong

18. Mobile Agent Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sheng Zhang, Zhang He, Huili Yang

19. The Design of Electronic Transformer Sophisticated Calibration System Based on FFT Algorithm
Lujun Cui, Hui-chao Shang, Gang Zhang, You-ping Chen, Yong Li, Ze-xiang Zhao

20. Application of Data Mining Technology Based on RVM for Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis
Lin Niu, Jian-guo Zhao, Ke-jun Li

21. Application of MATLAB in Physical Experiment Processing
Jianguo Lu, Ming Hu

22. Video Traffic Detection Method for Deep Packet Inspection
Jun Huang, Botao Zhu, Zujue Chen

23. Automatic Knot Adjustment for Reverse Engineering by Immune Genetic Algorithm
Li Xu, Xiuyang Zhao, Bo Yang

24. Research on the Key Technology of Computer Multimedia Terminal Software
JingMin Li

25. Effect of Turbocharging on Exhaust Brake Performance in an Automobile
Chengye Liu, Jianming Shen

26. A Study on Classification Method of Discrete Data Basic on Improved Association Rules
YueQin Cao

27. The Research of Collaborative Learning Based on Network Environment
DaoJun Tan

28. The Investment Decision-Making Index System and the Grey Comprehensive Evaluation Method under Hybrid Cloud
Donglin Chen, Min Fu, Xuerong Jiang, Dawei Song

29. A Novel Convergence DRM System Based on a Trusted Third Service Center
Wenxue Jia, Yang Song, Yanhui Xia

30. Nonlinear Plant Identifier Using the Multiple Adaptive RBF Network Convex Combinations
Xiangping Zeng, Haiquan Zhao, Weidong Jin

31. Estimation of Rotor Resistance of Induction Motor Based on Extended Kalman Filter
Guohan Lin, Qin Wan

32. Data Exchange Solution for Seismic Precursory Observation Data
WeiFeng Shan, Jun Li, QingJie Liu, Bing Zhang

33. Design and Realization of the Online Bookstore System Based on Struts Framework
Yufen Wang, Changjiang Li, Chaohua Lu

34. The Evolution Strategy Implementation of the Least Trimmed Square Algorithm
Yuhua Dong, Jifeng Ding

35. Research on the Information Security Technology of University Campus Network
Changyi Wang, Zhuo Zhang, Xianhua Song

36. Robot Reinforcement Learning Methods Based on XCSG
Jie Shao, Shuai Chen, ChengDong Zhao

37. Research on Multi-robot Path Planning Methods Based on Learning Classifier System with Gradient Descent Methods
Jie Shao, JunPeng Zhang, ChengDong Zhao

38. Robot Hybrid Architecture Based on Parallel Processing of Multi-DSP
YongBin Ma, JunPeng Zhang, Jie Shao, ChengDong Zhao

39. Method of Image Fusion Based on Improved Probability Theory
Chengdong Zhao, Xuhui Wang, Jie Shao

40. Advanced Incremental Mining Algorithm for Risk Analysis Based on the Association Rules
Ying Mei

41. LEACH-Based Security Routing Protocol for WSNs
Jianli Wang, Laibo Zheng, Li Zhao, Dan Tian

42. A System of Robot Detecting and Tracking Moving Objects Based on Modified Optical Flow
GuangZhao Cui, KeKe Liang, JinChao Guo

43. The Presentation of the Quarternary Super-Wavelet Wraps and Applications in Computer Science
Ping-An Wang

44. Predicting Gas Emission Based on Combination of Grey Relational Analysis and Improved Fuzzy Neural Network
Xiaoyan Tang, Zhengguo Wang

45. Calibration for Zooming Image Shrink-Amplify Center
Hongwei Gao, Changyi Luan, Fuguo Chen, Guang Yang, Kun Hong

46. Research of Circuit Board Fast-Scanning Detecting Device
ZhiLiang Chen, Yue Liu, LiGuo Tian, Meng Li, JiePing Zhang

47. Design of Farmland Information Intelligent Collection Node Based on GPS
Yue Liu, LiGuo Tian, Meng Li, ZhiLiang Chen

48. An Improved Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm for Knapsack Problem
Zhoufang Li, Yan Zhou, Peng Cheng

49. Bounding Box Modeling in Virtual Orthodontics Treatment System
Zhanli Li, Youlan Chen

50. Learning to Observation Matrices of Compressive Sensing
Guosheng Gu, Jie Ling

51. Steady Data Judgment Algorithm and Neutral Network Robust Training in Boiler Combustion Optimization
XuGuang Wang, Jie Su

52. Triangulation Inequality Violation in Internet Delay Space
Yifei Zhang, Hongli Zhang

53. Towards the Design of Network Structure of Data Transmission System Based on P2P
Jian Yu, Hua Wang

54. FPGA Implementation and Verification System of H.264/AVC Encoder for HDTV Applications
Teng Wang, Chih-Kuang Chen, Qi-Hua Yang, Xin-An Wang

55. Image Quality Assessment Method Based on Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization
Xiang Li, Yuan-yuan Wang

56. Research and Design of Heterogeneous Data Exchange System in E-Government Based on XML
Huaiwen He, Yi Zheng, Yihong Yang

57. Study on Soft Measurement of Moisture Eliminating Ratio in Tobacco Leaf Re-drying Line
Jingjie Dong, Lihui Feng, Wen Chen, Wei Song, Wenyong Yang

58. Registration Algorithm of Multi-sensor System Errors Based on High-Precision Navigation Equipments
Pixu Zhang, Hangyu Wang, Zhangsong Shi

59. Research and Design of Universal and Open Software Development Platform for Digital Home
CaiFeng Cao

60. A 3D Clipping Simulation Based on Virtual Surgery
Peng Wu, Kai Xie, Houquan Yu, Yunping Zheng, Chao Wu

61. Ranking Software Risks Based on Historical Data
Yu Wang, Shun Fu, Teng Zhang

62. The Application of the Computer Simulation in the Stability Analysis of Roadway
Fengzhen Liu, Weiguo Qiao

63. Research on Electric Differential for Steering Electric Vehicles
Zitong Wang, Wei Yao, Wei Zhang

64. Research on Learning Resources Grid Information Retrieval Based on Metadata
Li Yang, Luo Zhong, Bo Zhu

65. Fault Feature Extraction of Cylinder-Piston Wear in Diesel Engine with EMD
Fengli Wang, Shulin Duan, Hongliang Yu

66. The Personalized Recommendation Method Based on Improve-Collaborative Filtering Algorithms
TingZhong Wang, XiHu Zhi

67. Multi-step Predictions Based on TD-DBP ELMAN Neural Network for Wave Compensating Platform
Zhigang Zeng

68. Soft-Sensing Based on Genetic Algorithm for Auto-Product-Line
Zhigang Zeng

69. An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Two Sub-swarms
Zhihui Yu, Wenhuan Wu, Lieyang Wu

70. Research and Design of Personalized Information Retrieval Based on Users’ Clustering
Yan Hu, Baohong Yu

71. The Application Analysis of Clustering and Partitioning Algorithm in Web Data Mining
GuoFang Kuang, MingLi Song

72. Digital Temperature Measurement System Based on Oscillator
Ling Zhu

73. Numerical Simulation Research of Weld Stress Field after Welding Trailing
Qinghua Bai, Yuejin Ma, Weilian Sun

74. Technology Roadmap of Electric Vehicle Industrialization
Qinghua Bai, Shupeng Zhao, Pengyun Xu

75. Visualization Method of Trajectory Data Based on GML, KML
Junhuai Li, Jinqin Wang, Lei Yu, Rui Qi, Jing Zhang

76. Study on Improved Rijndael Encryption Algorithm Based on Prefix Code
Zhiqiang Xie, Pengfei Gao, Yujing He, Jing Yang

77. An Integrated Flexible Scheduling Algorithm by Determining Machine Dynamically
Zhiqiang Xie, Yuzheng Teng, Yujing He, Jing Yang

78. An Optimum Design to the Simulation Platform of Combustion Process of Diesel Engines
Jing Wang, Qian Wang, Cisheng Lin

79. Optimization of Test Points at Circuit Board Based on Network Topology Structure
Ying Liu, HaiLiang Ma, FangJun Zhou

80. Selection Method of Minimum Test Set at Circuit Board Based on Improved Node Matrix
Ying Liu, HaiLiang Ma, FangJun Zhou

81. Design of Monitoring and Alarming System for Urban Underground Gas Pipe Leakage Based on C8051F060
Shiwei Lin, Yuwen Zhai

82. The Research of Fast File Search Engine Based on NTFS and Its Application in Fast Electronic Document Destruction
Jun Huang, ShunXiang Wu

83. Improved Genetic Algorithm Based 2-D Maximum Entropy Image Segmentation Algorithm
Jianjun Wang

84. A Design of the Urban Well Environment Monitoring System Based on M-BUS
JianYun Ni, Jing Luo, ZeRen Yu, Lian Li, Ming Zhao

85. A Color Image Representation Method Based on Double-Rectangle NAM
Peng Wu, Kai Xie, Houquan Yu, Chuanbo Chen, Chao Wu

86. Method for Image Shape Recognition with Neural Network
Wenpeng Lu

87. Brief Introduction of Back Propagation (BP) Neural Network Algorithm and Its Improvement
Jing Li, Ji-hang Cheng, Jing-yuan Shi, Fei Huang

88. Research of Colorde Image Digital Watermark
Cun Shang, Peng Yang

89. The Design of Web Services in e-Commerce Security Based on XML Technology
Wei Xu, DaPeng Zhang

90. The Research of Agent Software Engineering Technology
Jinhao Lu, Chi Dong, Fei Zhan

91. Prediction of the Busy Traffic in Holidays Based on GA-SVR
MeiLi Guo, DianJun Li, ChaoBen Du, ZhenHong Jia, XiZhong Qin, Li Chen, Lei Sheng, Hong Li

92. Research on Software Simulation Technique for Qingha Oil Pipeline Production Run Process
Lixin Wei, Hang Dong, Yu Wang

93. Study on Improved Collision Detection Algorithm
LiMei Fan

94. Coefficient Statistic Based Modified SPIHT Image Compression Algorithm
Jianjun Wang, Ying Cui

95. Holidays Busy Traffic Forecasting Based on MPSO-SVR Algorithm
Jiao Lan, DianJun Li, XiZhong Qin, ZhenHong Jia, Li Chen, Lei Sheng, Hong Li

96. Busy Hour Traffic of Wireless Mobile Communication Forecasting Based on Hidden Markov Model
DongLing Zhang, ZhenHong Jia, XiZhong Qin, DianJun Li, ChaoBen Du, Li Chen, Lei Sheng, Hong Li

97. The Development of Web Log Mining Based on Improve-K-Means Clustering Analysis
TingZhong Wang

98. Automatically-Controlled System for Detecting Quartz Crystal Based on PLC
Wei Li, Guanying Zhu, Bin Lin

99. The Design of the Weeds Classification System Based on BP Neural Network
DongMing Li, Bo Du, Li Zhang

100. The Research of Ontology Merging Based on Rough Concept Lattice Isomorphic Merging
HongSheng Xu, MingLi Song

101. An Improved Electric Vehicle Regenerative Braking Strategy Research
Qingsheng Shi, Chenghui Zhang, Naxin Cui

102. An Improved Image Encryption Method Based on Total Shuffling Scheme
Yan Shen, Guoji Zhang, Xuan Li, Qing Liu

103. The Study and Analysis of Fast Iterative Algorithms in Industrial Computerized Tomography Image Reconstruction
RuiFang Zhang

104. Design and Implementation of FPGA Network Simulation and Verification Platform
Keke Wang, Bo Yang, Zhenxiang Chen, Tao Sun

105. Application of Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Optimization Deployment of Mobile Wireless Base Stations
Zih-Ping Ho, Chien-Sheng Wu

106. Low Computation Resource Allocation for Adaptive OFDM Power Line Communication
Lei Wang, Jun Lu, XianQing Ling, Qian Huang

107. The Study of Apodization of Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer in the Spectrum Reconstruction
XueJun Zhao, Bin Zhao

108. The Application of Semi-supervised Clustering in Web Services Composition
QiPing Zheng, Yi Wang

109. A Fast and Effective Algorithm for Image Co-segmentation
Ji Kai Chen, Shunxiang Wu, YanYun Qu

110. Crowd Simulation Using Heat Conduction Model
Nan Xiang, Ling Lin

111. Design of Semantic Web Retrieval Model Based on Ontology
Chaoyang Ji, Lingli Zhang

112. Integrated Scheduling Algorithm Based on Dynamic Essential Short Path
Zhiqiang Xie, Peng Wang, Zhongyan Gui, Jing Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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