Allison, Brendan Z.

Towards Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Table of contents

1. Recent and Upcoming BCI Progress: Overview, Analysis, and Recommendations
Brendan Z. Allison, Stephen Dunne, Robert Leeb, José R. Millán, Anton Nijholt

2. Hybrid Optical–Electrical Brain Computer Interfaces, Practices and Possibilities
Tomas E. Ward

3. A Critical Review on the Usage of Ensembles for BCI
Aureli Soria-Frisch

4. Improving Brain–Computer Interfaces Using Independent Component Analysis
Yijun Wang, Tzyy-Ping Jung

5. Towards Electrocorticographic Electrodes for Chronic Use in BCI Applications
Christian Henle, Martin Schuettler, Jörn Rickert, Thomas Stieglitz

6. Introduction to Devices, Applications and Users: Towards Practical BCIs Based on Shared Control Techniques
Robert Leeb, José d. R. Millán

7. Brain Computer Interface for Hand Motor Function Restoration and Rehabilitation
Donatella Mattia, Floriana Pichiorri, Marco Molinari, Rüdiger Rupp

8. User Centred Design in BCI Development
Elisa Mira Holz, Tobias Kaufmann, Lorenzo Desideri, Massimiliano Malavasi, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, Andrea Kübler

9. Designing Future BCIs: Beyond the Bit Rate
Melissa Quek, Johannes Höhne, Roderick Murray-Smith, Michael Tangermann

10. Combining BCI with Virtual Reality: Towards New Applications and Improved BCI
Fabien Lotte, Josef Faller, Christoph Guger, Yann Renard, Gert Pfurtscheller, Anatole Lécuyer, Robert Leeb

11. Brain–Computer Interfaces and User Experience Evaluation
Bram Laar, Hayrettin Gürkök, Danny Plass-Oude Bos, Femke Nijboer, Anton Nijholt

12. Framework for BCIs in Multimodal Interaction and Multitask Environments
Jan B. F. Erp, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Marieke E. Thurlings, Peter J. Werkhoven

13. EEG-Enabled Human–Computer Interaction and Applications
Olga Sourina, Qiang Wang, Yisi Liu, Minh Khoa Nguyen

14. Phase Detection of Visual Evoked Potentials Applied to Brain Computer Interfacing
Gary Garcia-Molina, Danhua Zhu

15. Can Dry EEG Sensors Improve the Usability of SMR, P300 and SSVEP Based BCIs?
Günter Edlinger, Christoph Guger

16. BCI Software Platforms
Clemens Brunner, Giuseppe Andreoni, Lugi Bianchi, Benjamin Blankertz, Christian Breitwieser, Shin’ichiro Kanoh, Christian A. Kothe, Anatole Lécuyer, Scott Makeig, Jürgen Mellinger, Paolo Perego, Yann Renard, Gerwin Schalk, I Putu Susila, Bastian Venthur, Gernot R. Müller-Putz

17. Is It Significant? Guidelines for Reporting BCI Performance
Martin Billinger, Ian Daly, Vera Kaiser, Jing Jin, Brendan Z. Allison, Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Clemens Brunner

18. Principles of Hybrid Brain–Computer Interfaces
Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Robert Leeb, José d. R. Millán, Petar Horki, Alex Kreilinger, Günther Bauernfeind, Brendan Z. Allison, Clemens Brunner, Reinhold Scherer

19. Non-visual and Multisensory BCI Systems: Present and Future
Isabella C. Wagner, Ian Daly, Aleksander Väljamäe

20. Characterizing Control of Brain–Computer Interfaces with BioGauges
Adriane B. Randolph, Melody M. Moore Jackson, Steven G. Mason

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Neurology, Neurobiology, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems

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Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering
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24 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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