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Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology

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Table of contents

1. Discusses Display Space Information Dissemination to Appeal to the Point
Yuhua Li, Lili Xu, Futing Wang

2. Brief Discussion of “Concept Illustration Art” of Information Age
Futing Wang

3. Nature·Humanity·Soul Porcelain·Ganzi
Kuikui Zhao, Jicheng Xie

4. An Analysis of Cost Optimization in Promoting Activity-Based Costing Management
Xiaoqiang Li

5. Analysis on the Influence of Visual Modeling on Information Transmission in Advertising Design
Cheng Chang, Jicheng Xie

6. Interpretation of the Symbol of Ancient Chinese Pottery
Xin Lin, Jicheng Xie

7. Research Overview on Apparel Fit
Yufu Shan, Gu Huang, Xiaoming Qian

8. Research on How to Incorporate Helping Mechanism of Students Who Have Learning Difficulties into Teaching Management
Wei Shao, Fuzhong Wang, Jie Huang, Jing Sun, Ru Li, Qi Yang

9. On the Influence of Online Education on Teacher-Student Relationship
E. Lai, Yansong Xue

10. Research on Foreign Direct Investment of Chinese Private Enterprises
Yan Luo, Ruiqi Qin

11. Discussion on the Implementation of the Credit System in Institutions for Higher Education
Zhiyong Zhang, Yansong Xue

12. On Ecological Architecture Technology and Design Aesthetics
Wei Wang

13. Study on Digital City’s Technique and Urban Planning
Wei Wang

14. Path Analysis on How Attention Impacts Investment Decision Making
Zongsheng Wang

15. Positive Analysis of Allocation of Attention
Zongsheng Wang

16. The Information Processing Based on Attention Allocation
Zongsheng Wang

17. Basic Analysis on Molecular Behavior of RMB Settlement
Zongsheng Wang

18. Investment Portfolio Model Based on Attention
Zongsheng Wang

19. Development of Electronic Clothes and Thinking about Its Value
Sun Jing

20. Discussing Three-Dimensional Design Cheongsam from Clothing Human Engineering
Yun Wang, Haiwei Yu, Xiao Zhang

21. A New Method of Pencil Drawing
Shuo Sun, Chunbao Ge

22. The Empirical Analysis on the Action of Binhai New Area FDI for Economic Development Based on the Two Visions of Capital Accumulation and Exports Level
Shenshen Wang, Chunhong Zhu

23. The Research on the Social Appraisal Index System of Reproduction of Media Politic to Sport Events
Xinyu Wu

24. The Development and Application of Valuation System on Competitive Sports Events
Xinyu Wu

25. The Olympic Myth Macro Effect Mechanism Established by Internet Media Politics
Lu Huang

26. Identifying Core Competence of Sports Journals in China from the Perspective of Author
Lu Huang

27. The Value of the Basketball and Hip-Hop Dancing’s Invention and Its Feasibility
Chao Guo

28. Graphic Design of Poetic Thought
Sisi Lv, Weiwei Suo

29. Analysis of the Needs of College Media Sports Information and Its Accessing Channels
Xinyu Qiu, Jian Cao

30. Study on the Fatigue Coefficient of World Elite Male Athletes in Swimming
Xinyu Qiu

31. To Improve College Teachers Multimedia Software Design Capability Theory of Basic Research
Wangdengcai, Hankun

32. The Study on the Application of Sports Dance in Golf Technical Teaching
Li-Jiquan, Qin Li

33. Garments Enterprise Pattern Analysis Used B2B2C
Zhengjia Rui

34. A Brief Analysis of Present Status and Development of Digital Corporate Image Design
Luping Lu

35. Thinking of Human Design of Furniture
Lan Ma

36. The Microscopic Construction of China’s Government Functions in the Universities’ Transformation of Sci-tech Achievements
Jianhua Zhang, Xiaomin Fan

37. The Overall Design of the Government Functions of the Higher Institute Tech Achievements Transformation
Jianhua Zhang, Wenbo Zhu

38. The Blend of Modern Graphic Design and the Culture and Art of Traditional Chinese Paper-Cut
Liu Hui

39. Analysis of Chinese Tea Packaging Design
Liu Hui

40. On Undergraduate Management of Research Colleges
Fan Tian

41. Study on Upgrading Construction Industry Take Jiangxi Province for Example
Junxiao Lin, Zhenning Liu

42. The Innovative Thinking in Book Binding Design
Yanjun Wang

43. Analysis about Value Evaluation of Technology-Based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Yan Li

44. The Impact of the Traditional Female Aesthetic Ideas on Visual Communication Design
Hongjiao Duan, Li Zhang

45. Building of the Green Space Plants and Architecture
Mingzhi Feng, Baiyang Jin

46. Integrating Object Detection and Tracking in Outdoor Environment
Ziwei Ni, Meixiang Zhang, Jin Li, Quan Zou, Qicong Wang

47. Discussion on the Courtyard under Two Levels of Management System—The Relationship between Tests Central and Faculty Working Office
Chen Sun

48. Effects of Aerobic Training and Strength Training on Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density of the Middle and Old Aged People
Bo Liang

49. Studies on the Relationship between Land Use/Cover Types and Urban Heat Island Effect in Changchun
Ming Yan, Yuanyuan Song

50. Supply Chain Coordination Based on Buy-Back Contract under Price-Sensitive and Time-Sensitive Demand
Chenglin Shen, Xinxin Zhang

51. Retailer’s Pricing and Channel Selection under E-Commerce Environment
Chenglin Shen, Xinxin Zhang

52. Research on the Principle Parts of Ecological Technology Innovation for Recycled Economy
Yan-bing Yin, Shao-wei Liu, Zi-yi Han

53. Optimizing Books Purchasing Indicators Evaluation System with AHP Method
Ding Ying, Liu Jin, Ma Yushan

54. Research on Relations between Illumination Media and Dry Goods
Na Zhao, Baiyang Jin

55. Application of Virtual Reality in Tourism Management Professional Teaching
Shi-chen Fan, Feng-xia Wang

56. Analysis on the Interaction of Public Art in Different Areas of City
Yong Ni, Ya Teng

57. The Existence for RDE with Small Delay
Xunwu Yin

58. From Marxist Economics to See the Value of Labor Education
Tang Liang

59. Theoretical System of Logistics Research on Logical Starting Point
Fukui Li, Xin Li, Weiping Ma, Qiushuang Huang, Hong Jiao

60. The Deepening of International Labor’s Division and Transnational Human Resource Management
Lin Zhang, Ming-fu Cao

61. Analysis of the Role Played by Garment CAD Technology in China’s Garment Industry Development
Baoqin Sun

62. Cultural Reflection of Experiential Marketing at the Underwear Stores
Aiqing Tang

63. The Explanation of Modern Public Art Orientation
Baiyang Jin, Yanxiu Jin

64. New Knowledge on the Penetrating Point of Public Art Design
Baiyang Jin, Yanxiu Jin

65. Analysis on the Competitiveness of Chinese Steel Industry and That of South Korean
Kijo Han, Jun Liu

66. Research on the Vulnerability of Coastal Zone System Development
Weixi Zhang, Ruifeng Zhang, Yefeng Wang

67. How to Resolve Problems of Strategic Positioning of Higher Institutions—From the Perspective of Corporative Strategic Analysis
Fazong Qiu, Sisi Chen

68. Analysis on Tianjin Flavor in Adornment of Kite Wei
Xi Gai, Jicheng Xie

69. Analysis on the Food Packaging of Honored Brand in Tianjin
Xi Gai, Jicheng Xie

70. The Relationship between the Development of Chinese Modern Art Industry and Art Sponsorship
Yanxiu Jin, Baiyang Jin

71. Research on Coordination in Supply Chain for Perishable Goods Based on Quality Risk
Li-na Wang, Li-li Lu

72. Soft Furnishings—Taste of Life Candle
Lei Jiao, Baiyang Jin

73. Research on the Countermeasures of Tianjin to Join GPA
Yu-yun Zhai, Zhuang Zhou, Yan-hua Wu, Na-na Chen

74. Study on Topography Differentiation Characteristics of Spatial Distribution and Dynamic Change of Bamboo Forest
Fengying Guan, Shaohui Fan, Jian Liu, Lijuan Miao

75. The Study on Management and Development of the Value Chain Construction of State-Owned Forest Resources Operational Organization
Jie Wang, Yude Geng, Kai Pan

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Communications Engineering, Networks, Multimedia Information Systems

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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