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Antiplatelet Agents

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Table of contents

1. Platelets: Production, Morphology and Ultrastructure
Jonathan N. Thon, Joseph E. Italiano

2. Platelet Receptors
Alexandre Kauskot, Marc F. Hoylaerts

3. Platelet Signaling
Timothy J. Stalker, Debra K. Newman, Peisong Ma, Kenneth M. Wannemacher, Lawrence F. Brass

4. Platelet Interaction with the Vessel Wall
Philip G. Groot, Rolf T. Urbanus, Mark Roest

5. Platelets in Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Christian Schulz, Steffen Massberg

6. Aspirin and Other COX-1 Inhibitors
Carlo Patrono, Bianca Rocca

7. Thienopyridines and Other ADP-Receptor Antagonists
Isabell Bernlochner, Dirk Sibbing

8. Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Antagonists
Karen M. Hook, Joel S. Bennett

9. Targeting Phosphodiesterases in Anti-platelet Therapy
Matthew T. Rondina, Andrew S. Weyrich

10. PAR-1 Inhibitors: A Novel Class of Antiplatelet Agents for the Treatment of Patients with Atherothrombosis
Sergio Leonardi, Richard C. Becker

11. Thromboxane Receptors Antagonists and/or Synthase Inhibitors
Giovanni Davì, Francesca Santilli, Natale Vazzana

12. Inhibitors of the Interaction Between von Willebrand Factor and Platelet GPIb/IX/V
Paolo Gresele, Stefania Momi

13. Inhibitors of the Interactions Between Collagen and Its Receptors on Platelets
Hans Deckmyn, Simon F. Meyer, Katleen Broos, Karen Vanhoorelbeke

14. Intracellular Signaling as a Potential Target for Antiplatelet Therapy
Patrick Andre

15. Novel Targets for Platelet Inhibition
Kathleen Freson, Chris Geet

16. Variability of Platelet Indices and Function: Acquired and Genetic Factors
Giovanni Gaetano, Iolanda Santimone, Francesco Gianfagna, Licia Iacoviello, Chiara Cerletti

17. Small RNAs as Potential Platelet Therapeutics
Leonard C. Edelstein, Paul F. Bray

18. Pharmacological Modulation of the Inflammatory Actions of Platelets
Richard Amison, Clive Page, Simon Pitchford

19. The Role of Laboratory Monitoring in Antiplatelet Therapy
Marco Cattaneo

20. Antiplatelet Agents in Ischemic Heart Disease
Christopher H. May, A. Michael Lincoff

21. Antiplatelet Therapy in Cerebrovascular Disorders
Ralph Weber, Johannes Brenck, Hans-Christoph Diener

22. Antiplatelet Therapy in Peripheral Artery Disease
Francesco Violi, Stefania Basili, Jeffrey S. Berger, William R. Hiatt

23. Primary Prevention of Ischaemic Cardiovascular Disorders with Antiplatelet Agents
Tom Meade

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Molecular Medicine

Publication year
Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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