Long, Mian

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering May 26-31, 2012, Beijing, China

Long, Mian - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering May 26-31, 2012, Beijing, China, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Shock wave forceps for drug delivery and gene transfection
Keiichi Nakagawa, Akira Tsukamoto, Tatsuhiko Arafune, Hongen Liao, Etsuko Kobayashi, Takashi Ushida, Ichiro Sakuma

2. Breaking strength of porcine large intestines for inserting a colonoscope
K. Naemura, K. Saito

3. Localization of Fluorescent Substance in Scatting Turbid Media: Simulation and Phantom Validation
Hongen Liao, Shuai Wang, Takehiro Ando, Etsuko Kobayashi, Ichiro Sakuma

4. Computer Simulations of Hemodynamic Effects of Different CPR Techniques
H. Zeng, J. Luo, X. Wu

5. Pitch Perception Assessed by Frequency Difference Limen and Frequency Following Response
Qin Gong, Qin Xu, Wensheng Sun

6. Flow Resistance Estimation of Endotracheal Tube during High Frequency Percussive Ventilation: Preliminary Results
A. Accardo, M. Ajcevic, U. Lucangelo

7. The evaluation of the biocompatibility on the surface modified intraocular lenses
G. Q. Wang, H. Q. Gu, X. J. Peng, R. X. Wan

8. Design and Development of an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) System for Wound Healing Promotion
I. Ahmed, V. Vojisavljevic, E. Pirogova

9. Viability of Lymphocyte of Gamma Irradiated Blood
K. Santacruz-Gomez, R. Melendrez, C. Castaneda, M. Barboza-Flores, M. Pedroza-Montero

10. Effects of Near Infra red Laser for Cultured Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Different Densities and irradiation periods
V. Farzam Rad, E. Safari, R. Jafari Jozani, S. Jafari Kamangar

11. Modulation of Radiation – Induced Tumor Necrosis Factor α (TNF-α) Gene Expression in the Rats Spinal Cord by Melatonin
G. H. Haddadi, A. Shirazi, Z. Sepehrizadeh, M. Haddadi, S. Refahee

12. Low-dose irradiation alters the radio-sensitivity of human peripheral blood lymphocytes
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, H. Azimian, A. R Rezaei, H. Rafatpanah, T. Hamzehloei, R. Fardid

13. Changes in Lung Perfusion Distribution Due to Radiation in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
Lingshu Yin, Mitchell Liu, Jonn Wu, Sergey Shcherbinin, Anna Celler, Cheryl Duzenli, Vitali Moiseenko

14. Effects of Non-thermal Microwave Exposures on the Proliferation Rate of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast
H. Alsuhaim, V. Vojisavljevic, E. Pirogova

15. Design of Pulsed Strong Magnetic Fields Generator and Preliminary Application
J. Wen, X. C. Wen, X. M. Qu, S. G. Wang, K. P. Long

16. Cell Registration and Flickering Detection for the Complexity Analysis of Red Blood Cell Dynamics with GSM Exposure
T. N. Wu, C. Zhang, B. Lv, L. Yang

17. Study on in Vitro Degradation of Sutures for Decomposable Esophageal Stent
Wang Qin, Liu Ji-Yong, Wang Chuan-Dong, Ma Li-Xia, Liu Yang, Li Jun-Qi, Liu Jin

18. In Vitro and Vivo Evaluation of Tongxin LVAD
C. Y. Lin, G. H. Wu, X. T. Hou, H. Y. Li, X. J. Liu, C. Y. Xu, J. Wang, C. Chen

19. Synthesis and characterization of high-transparent poly (vinyl alcohol) / poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVA/PVP) hydrogels
Yi Xu, Gang Zhou, Lei Liu, Hongru Liu, Haifeng Liu, Xufeng Niu, Yubo Fan

20. New Optical Method for Estimation of Protein Bound Uremic Toxins Elimination
J. Holmar, J. Arund, F. Uhlin, R. Tanner, I. Fridolin

21. Influence of TiO2 nanoparticles on glutathione in rat synovial cell line RSC-364
Jiangxue Wang, Ying Hou, Linmeng Dong, Xufeng Niu, Yubo Fan

22. Preparation and Characteration of Electrospun Collagen/Silk Fibroin Complex Microfibers
X. A. Cui, X. Liu, D. L. Kong, H. Q. Gu

23. Preparation of Chitosan/Poly(L-Lactide) Porous Composite Scaffolds
Pin Chen, Xufeng Niu, Zhending She, Gang Zhou, Rongwei Tan, Jiangxue Wang, Yubo Fan

24. Evolutions of Micro-clusters of Biodegradable Mg3Ca7 Potential Medical Implant Alloy
L. L. Zhou, Y. H. Zhou, Y. L. Peng, Z. A. Tian, R. S. Liu

25. Structural and functional characterization of biosynthetic PVA-gelatin hydrogels designed for cell based therapy
E. H. Nafea, L. A. Poole-Warren, P. J. Martens

26. Study of Collagen/Silk Nanofiber Scaffold for Hepatocyte Culture
H U Wei, L I U Xin, G U Hanqing

27. Hydrophilicity Evaluation of Collagen Based Scaffold Optimized by Chitin Fibres for Bone Tissue Engineering
X. M. Li, Y. Yang, Y. B. Fan, Q. L. Feng, F. Z. Cui

28. A Review of Cardiac Contractility Indices during LVAD Support
P. Naiyanetr

29. A New Concept of Ventricular Assist Device
Anqiang Sun, Yubo Fan, Xiaoyan Deng

30. Modification of PLGA Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Engineering
Yanxue Bi, Xili Ding, Gang Zhou, Haifeng Liu, Yubo Fan

31. Crosslinking of Decellularized Bovine Pericardia by Polyepoxy Compound
R. X. Wan, C. Tian, H. Q. Gu, X. Liu

32. Information Transmission from the Inside to the Outside of the Human Body Using Transcutaneous Transformer for Energy Transmission
Takahiko Yamamoto, Kohji Koshiji

33. Preliminary Design of the Mechanical Circulation Assist Device for Fontan Circulation using Shape Memory Alloy Fibers
A. Yamada, Y. Shiraishi, T. K. Sugai, H. Miura, T. Shiga, M. O. Hashem, C. Koga, H. Hashimoto, Y. Tsuboko, T. Yambe, M. Yamagishi, D. Homma

34. Study on the Preparation and Performance of Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Release Carrier
X. Liu, G. Y. Hu, H. Q. Gu

35. To Observe the Effects of Cystus-Sud on Mercury Concentration in Blood and Urine of Tobacco Smokers
Syed Fahad Akbar Ali, Muhammad Asif, Syed Najam ul Hassan, Eraj Humayun Mirza

36. Driving Force of a Neutrophile in Liquid By Concentration Gradient For Developing DDS Particles and Capsules with Propulsion
M. Tamagawa, K. Matsumura

37. Reduction in Increased Cadmium Concentration from Human Blood and Urine of Cigarette Smokers by using Cystus-Sud
Syed Fahad Akbar Ali, Muhammad Asif, Eraj Humayun Mirza, Syed Najam ul Hassan

38. Metatarsophalangeal Joint Kinetics in Normal Walking
Seunghyeon Kim, Jongsang Son, Bora Jung, Youngho Kim

39. Distinct Kinetics Features of LFA-1 and Mac-1 in Neutrophil Activation
Ning Li, Debin Mao, Yixin Gong, Shouqin Lü, Yan Zhang, Mian Long

40. Numerical Simulation of Intracranial Saccular Aneurysm Treated with Stent with Triangular Wire Cross-Section
Kun Zeng, Ai-ke Qiao

41. Design of a Novel Waterproof Electronic Sphygmomanometer
H U Zhigang, Yasutomo Nakagiri, H A N Jianhai, L I Xiangpan

42. Effect of inflow and outflow angles on the computational hemodynamics in abdominal aortic aneurysm
Zhengtao Shi, Zhi-Yong Li

43. Evaluation of a New Design to Improve the Flexibility of the Nucleus Standard Straight Array Cochlear Implant
B. K. Chen, S. N. Lingamanaik, R. Brooy, R. Nagarajah

44. Long-term Prediction of Bone Density Distribution for Retained Intramedullary Nail
C. Wang, L. Z. Wang, Y. B. Fan

45. Role of Mechanical Performance of Cranial bone in Impact Protection of Woodpecker Brain–A Finite Element Study
Lizhen Wang, Yubo Fan

46. Ageing Effects on the Mechanical Energy Cost of Walking
H. Nagano, W. A. Sparrow, R. Begg

47. A Follow up MRI-based Geometry and Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Carotid Bifurcation
Yi-Qiang Zeng, Zhi-Yong Li

48. Comparison of the Radial Compliance of Three Kinds of Vascular Prostheses and Pig’s Carotid Based on Dynamic-Simulated Condition
Gaotian Shen, Jing Lin, Hongqi Zhang, Lu Wang

49. ESPVR and Heart Failure
R. M. Shoucri, R. Kohar

50. Influence of Junction Angle Changed Models on Hemodynamic of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Zhaomiao Liu, Lidan Gao, Yi Shi

51. Effects of tensile stimulation and electrical stimulation on the connexion-43 mRNA levels of cardiomyocytes in vitro
Ping Li, Yu Li, Lizhen Liu, Lu Jia, Yanhui Song, Xiaoling Jia, Yubo Fan

52. Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Growth of Endothelial Cell
Ping Li, Lu Jia, Lizhen Liu, Chengguo Liu, Xiaoling Jia, Yubo Fan

53. Trichostatin A and Shear Stress in Regulating Endothelium Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Wei Song, Yan Huang, XiaoLing Jia, XiangHui Gong, LiSha Zhen, YuBo Fan

54. SIRT1 Protects Cortical Neurons from Shear Stress Induced Mechanical Injury
Wei Song, MeiLi Liu, Ping Li, Gang Zhou, YuBo Fan

55. Hyper-Gravity Affects on Morphology of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
A. R. TavakoliNejad, M. Janmaleki, M. Rabbani, H. Peirovi, M. Marandi

56. Irrelevance of BKCa Channel Expression to VSMCs Phenotype under Shear Stress
Xiaoling Jia, Jingyun Yang, Liu Yang, Ping Li, Wei Song, Yubo Fan

57. Effect of Osteocytes Subjected to Fluid Flow on Osteoblasts
Xin-tong Wu, Lian-wen Sun, Liang Men, Yu-bo Fan

58. Effect of accessory retention forms on the bond strength of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures: a 3D finite element study
JY. Han, C. Wang, YB. Fan

59. Influence of Meniscal attachments placement on articular stress deterioration
J. Yao, W. X. Niu, J. T. Cheung, M. Zhang, Y. B. Fan

60. 3D Spine Kinematics on Riding Fitness Machines Using 2D/3D Image Registration
T. Yamazaki, Y. Nagamoto, H. Sakaura, D. Maeda, H. Yoshikawa, K. Sugamoto

61. Biomechanical Properties of Transplanted Xenogenic Meniscal Tissue
Feng Zhao, Dong Jiang, Yubo Fan, Jiakuo Yu

62. An Application of the Automatic 2D-3D Image Matching Technique to Study the in-vivo Knee Joint Kinematics before and after TKA
Z. Zhu, S. Ji, M. Yang, H. Ding, G. Wang

63. An in Vivo Study of the Dynamic Q Angle of the Knee Joint during Flexion
Z. Zhu, Y. Zhang, H. Shao, H. Ding, G. Wang

64. Elastic waves propagation on the surface of the human chest wall
A. Dyachenko, A. Mikhailovskaya, Yu. Semenov, E. Timanin, V. Vasiliev

65. Mechanical Analysis of Foot Plantar Fascia During Normal Walking Condition
Y. D. Gu, Z. Y. Li, W. W. Shen, J. B. Ma

66. Inverse Kinematics Analysis of Foot Five Metatarsals Skeletal Rays
W. W. Shen, J. B. Ma, J. S. Li, Y. D. Gu

67. The Mechanical Environment of the Cells in a Membrane Pressure-Tension Compound Loading System: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Yuanwen Zou, Gang He, Xuejin Huang, Jinchuan Li, Wentao Jiang

68. Changes of Plantar Pressure Distribution Caused by Fatigue after Three Different Motions
X. Y. Fan, Y. Yang, F. Pu, Y. Ye, D. Y. Li, Y. B. Fan

69. The Viscoelastic Properties of a Decompressive Craniectomy Site toward Clinical Application
H. Nagai, D. Takada, M. Kanbara, T. Yoshigane, S. Hagiwara, M. Daisu, K. Sugimoto, T. Miyazaki, Y. Akiyama

70. Effect of vibration on cortical bone in tail-suspended rat
Hui-qin Luan, Lian-wen Sun, Ying Wang, Yu-bo Fan

71. The in vivo 3D Optic nerve head modeling based on human multimodality images
Jianfeng Qiu, Xiuqing Qian, Haiying Quan, Wangjun, Zhicheng Liu

72. Method to Determine Nonlinear Mechanical Properties Based on the Blood Vessel Inflation Experiment
K. Y. Zhang, Z. H Zhang, Z. C. Liu, X. Q. Qian

73. Microfluidic Carbonylated Protein Capture
Bryant C. Hollins, Steven A. Soper, June Feng

74. Novel Three-dimensional Micro Vibration Stage and Its Ability to Influence in Cellular Senescence
Ken-ichi Konno, Tadashi Kosawada, Toru Ichita, Zhonggang Feng, Yasukazu Hozumi, Kaoru Goto

75. Detection of bacteria based on quantum dots by using a laboratory-made system
Zhi Cheng, Taihu Wu, Feng Chen, Yaohua Du, Biao Gu, Chao Li, Zijian Yang

76. Silicon Nanowire-Based Methodology for Quantifying Single Cell Traction Force
Y. S. Niu, L. Yan, M. Dai, X. Li, S. Y. Feng, F. Xue, Y. B. Fan, Z. Li

77. Ozone Fluorescent Biomarker
H. C. Carvalho, C. J. Lima, L. Silveira, R. A. Zângaro

78. Non-invasive Stiffness Detection Method for Living Cell Nucleus by Using Piezoelectric Micro Sensor
Ken-ichi Konno, Tadashi Kosawada, Yasushi Kaneyama, Hiroya Endo, Zhonggang Feng

79. Two-Dimensional Nitrosylated Protein Separation in Poly (methyl methacrylate) Microchips
S. Wang, S. K. Njoroge, K. Battle, S. A. Soper, J. Feng

80. Microfluidic Immunoprecipitation for Post-Translational Modified Protein Purification
Hui Xia, Bobby Mathew, Tom John, Hisham Hegab, June Feng

81. Dispersion of Dynamic Biochemical Signals in Steady Flow in a Shallow Y-type Microfluidic Channel
Yong-Jiang Li, Yizeng Li, Tun Cao, Kai-Rong Qin

82. Cell Trapping and Detection by Dielectrophoresis with SU-8 Grooves
Liqun Wu, Lin-Yue Lanry Yung, Kian-Meng Lim

83. Electromagnetic Flux Modeling of AC Field over Planar Microarray Dot Electrodes Used in Dielectrophoretic Lab-on-Chip Device
A. Azaman, N. A. Kadri, N. A. Abu Osman

84. Hypoxia on a chip - a novel approach for patch-clamp studies in a microfluidic system with full oxygen control
A. Alrifaiy, N. Bitaraf, M. Druzin, O. Lindahl, K. Ramser

85. Carbon Nanotube as Ultrasensitive Biosensor for DNA Detection: A First-Principles Calculation
Yan-hong Zhou, You-lin Peng, Ling-zhi Yuan

86. Protein Cages as Theranostic Agent Carriers
Sierin Lim, Tao Peng, Barindra Sana

87. Theoretical Evaluation on the Thermal Enhanced Effects of Gold Nanoparticles and Magnesium Nanoparticles during Laser Interstitial Hyperthermia
Q. Wang, J. Liu

88. Electrochemical Seeded Growth of Multiple Shapes of Gold Nanostructures and Their Application as SERS Substrates
Fangjing Liu, Chao Huang, Xiaoyuan Ma, Weiping Qian

89. Evaluation of the Cardiac Response to Psychological Stress by Short-Term ECG Recordings: Heart Rate Variability and Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
M. Vargas-Luna, M. R. Huerta-Franco, J. B. Montes

90. Desaturation delay, parameter for evaluating severity of sleep disordered breathing
A. Kulkas, P. Tiihonen, P. Julkunen, E. Mervaala, J. Töyräs

91. Evaluation of Different Wavelet Functions Applied in the Development of Digital Filters to Attenuate the Background Activity in EEG Signals
G. R. Scolaro, F. M. Azevedo, C. F. Boos

92. Coherence and causal coherence applied to HRV analysis: a novel approach showing differences between inspiration and expiration
D. S. Fonseca, A. Beda, D. M. Simpson, A. M. F. L. Miranda de Sá

93. EEG Based Sleep Staging in Term Newborns
V. Radisavljevic Djordjevic, V. Gerla, L. Lhotska, V. Krajca

94. Online artifact removal in EEG signals
Fumiyoshi Matsusaki, Takahiro Ikuno, Yoshinori Katayama, Keiji Iramina

95. Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on EEG Alpha Wave
D. Puanhvuan, K. Nojima, Y. Wongsawat, K. Iramina

Climacteric Cardiovascular Changes Evaluated by Heart Rate Variability and
Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

M. R. Huerta-Franco, M. Vargas-Luna, J. B. Montes, I. Morales, L. Ramirez

97. Epileptic Seizure Identification based on EEG Rhythm Decomposition
L. Duque-Muñoz, J. Espinoza-Oviedo, C. G. Castellanos-Domínguez

98. EMD-Based Adaptive Wavelet Threshold for Pulse Wave Denoising
Lisheng Xu, Yanhua Shen, Yue Zhong, Yan Kang, Max Q. -H. Meng

99. Signal Extraction of Brain Activity Response by Near Infrared Spectroscopy based on Recursive Least Squares Adaptive Filtering
Y. Zhang, J. W. Sun, C. L. Yang, M. Zhu, B. Zhang, F Scopesi, G Serra, P. Rolfe

100. Formant Frequencies of Normal Malaysian Indian Young Adults in Sustained Vowels
H. N. Ting, C. H. Lee

101. A RVR-based Method for Bias Field Estimation in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images Segmentation
Jinwei Wang, Dexing Kong

102. Time Invariance Mechanical Arterial-Wall Properties: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studio
F. Pessana, D. Bia, Y. Zocalo, L. Cymberknop, R. Armentano

103. Suppression of respiratory interference in oscillometric waveform using wavelet ridge method
Feng Wang, Qiaoqiao Xu

104. Handwriting kinematic model parameters changes with schooling
M. Genna, A. Accardo

105. Pre-Block Behavior of Intra- and Extracellular Parameters During Different Pacing Protocols - Preliminary Results
R. Arnold, E. Hofer

106. The Influence of RNA Secondary Structure on Efficiency of siRNA Silencing
Ying Sun, Jianbin Gui, Zhaoxue Chen

107. Correlation between Variability of Parameters in Photoplethysmographic Signal
Chen Xiang, Huang Yuanyuan, Li Jin

108. Assessing the Effect of Antihypertensive Drug Treatment on Baroreflex Using Cross-Correlation Function
Ben-Yi Liau, Shoou-Jeng Yeh

109. Second derivative analysis of forehead photoplethysmographic signal in healthy volunteers and diabetes patients
K. Pilt, K. Meigas, K. Temitski, M. Viigimaa

110. Reconstruction of ECG Precordial Leads by PCA and Neural Networks
M. Prauzek, T. Peterek, S. Conforto

111. Tracking Adaptive Controller Gains to examine the effects of mechanical disturbances to the airway tone in sheep that have asthma-like responses
E. Koumoundouros, K. J. Snibson, G. Barcham, I. M. Y. Mareels

112. Use of a Tolerance Operator in Wavefront-Based ECG Imaging of Transmembrane Voltages
W. H. W. Schulze, B. Wang, D. Potyagaylo, O. Dössel

113. Calibration of Pulse Wave Transit Time Method in Blood Pressure Measurement Based on the Korotkoff Sound Delay Time
H. Y. Xiang, Y. Y. Liu, Y. F. Qin, W. Pan, M. S. Yu

114. Chorus from the Two Brain hemispheres with Chinese Pentatonic Scale
Dan Wu, Dezhong Yao

115. Study on Testing Composition of the Indoor Pollution Gas to Benzene Series by Laser Mass Spectrometry
Mei Xue, Le-Min He, Wei-Gang Zhong, Xin Zhao, Xiu-Zhen Li

116. Simulation on Detection of Tissue Harmonic Motion Using Pulse-Echo Ultrasound and Adaptive Digital Sinusoidal Filter
X. F. Diao, Z. D. Qin, S. P. Chen, T. F. Wang, Y. Y. Shen, X. Y. Zhang

117. Detection of Continuous Adventitious Lung Sounds Using Poles of System Function
A. Suzuki, R. Miyake, M. Kawai

118. Independent factors of Flow Velocity Indices in Common Carotid Artery
A. Azhim, K. Sakagami, A. Ueno, Y. Kinouchi, Y. Fukui

119. Design of the Control System for Thermal Treatment via Fuzzy Logic PID
Mingyang Song, Zhanghao Cai, Jingfeng Bai, Jianqi Sun

120. Patient-specific modeling for the assessment of circulatory adaptation in fetal growth restriction
O. Luria, J. Bar, M. Kovo, J. Shalev, O. Barnea

121. Extracting Atrial Fibrillation Signal from Single-lead ECG for Wireless Monitoring
C. Q. Liu, N. Rao, G. Wang, D. S. Liang, L. X. Yin, T. Zhang, X. Chen

122. Independent Component Analysis of Mechanomyogram Detected with an Acceleration Sensor in Motion
T. Uchiyama, Y. Miyazaki

123. An Ocular Artifacts Removal Method Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis and Two-channel EEG recordings
Jin Xie, Tianshuang Qiu, Liu Wen-hong

124. Extraction of beats from noisy ECG using ICA
Jakub Kuzilek, Lenka Lhotska, Michal Huptych

125. A facial expression recognition method based on supervised Isomap
Shaowei Wang, Haiyun Li

126. Classification tree for real-life stress detection using linear Heart Rate Variability analysis. Case study: students under stress due to university examination
P. Melillo, C. Formisano, U. Bracale, L. Pecchia

127. An Approach for Osteoporosis Diagnosis Based on Support Vector Machine Using Micro-CT Images
D. S. Li, Y. Xu

128. Cross-Sample Entropy and Cross-Fuzzy Entropy for Testing Pattern Synchrony: How Results Vary with Different Threshold Value r

Peng Li, Chengyu Liu, Xinpei Wang, Bin Li, Wenbiao Che, Changchun Liu

129. Dynamical Complexity Analysis in a Model of Electroencephalogram
Chunsheng Li, Xue Zhang

130. Chondromalacia Patellae Detection by Analysis of Intrinsic Mode Functions in Knee Joint Vibration Signals
Yunfeng Wu, Suxian Cai, Fang Xu, Lei Shi, Sridhar Krishnan

131. EEG fractal dimension combined with burst suppression ratio as a measure of depth of anesthesia
M. Cusenza, A. Accardo, A. Orsini

132. Signal Separation for Ballistocardiography via Locally Projective Noise Reduction
Y. Yao, C. Brüser, T. Vollmer, M. Schiek

133. A method for drowsiness detection based on Tsallis entropy of EEG
Aihua Zhang, Jinhui Bi, Songsong Sun

134. Detection of Muscle Fatigue during Low-Level Isometric Contraction using Recurrence Quantification Analysis
K. Ito, Y. Hotta, T. Abe

135. Fatigue Loaded Intervertebral Disc Analysis for Low Back Pain Using Nonlinear Black-Box Model
Muhammad Farhan Khan, Aamir Saeed Malik, Likun xia, Mohammad Nikkhoo, Jaw-Lin Wang, Mohamad Parnianpour, Jawad Humayun

136. Quasi-normal-and-abnormal Brain Behaviour Simulation with non-linear mathematical paradigm.
G. Perea-Olmos, S. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, F. Sotelo-Barroso

137. Analysis of nonlinear dynamic respiratory system mechanics: an improvement of the Adaptive SLICE Method
Zhanqi Zhao, Knut Möller

138. Pulse waveforms are an indicator of the condition of vascular system
Matti Huotari, Antti Vehkaoja, Kari Määttä, Juha Kostamovaara

139. Instantaneous Bispectral Characterization of the Autonomic Nervous System through a Point-Process Nonlinear Model
G. Valenza, L. Citi, E. P. Scilingo, R. Barbieri

140. A-EGM Features Extraction Using Wavelet Signal Processing
V. Kremen

141. Feature Selection for Adults Sleep and Neonatal Polysomnographic Data
V. Gerla, V. Radisavljevic Djordjevic, L. Lhotska, V. Krajca

142. Informational Homeostasis for Shannon Entropy in Complex Networks of Oxidative Activity of DNA in Cells; Fractals, Stability and the Switching in Large-Scale Gene Nets for Fluorescing Neutrophils in Medical Diagnostics
N. E. Galich

143. Complex Frequency Features for TCD Signal Analysis
Weixiang Liu, Tianfu Wang, Siping Chen, Laurence Luo, Xiaoyi Wang

144. Medical Image Fusion Based on Sparse Representation with KSVD
Nan-Nan Yu, Tian-Shuang Qiu, Wen-hong Liu

145. Novel Algorithm to Suppress Random Pulse Interference in Spikes
X. Y. Liu, Y. Y. Wang, H. Wan, Z. G. Shang

146. Analysis of Pre-Processing Methods for Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition of EEG Signals
C. F. Boos, G. R. Scolaro, M. C. V. Pereira, F. M. Azevedo

147. Pilot Validation of a Mimicking Algorithm For Detection of Sleep Spindles and K-complexes
Abdul Jaleel, Reza Tafreshi, Beena Ahmed, Diane B. Boivin

148. Database of A-EGM signals for manual and automated complexity evaluation of complex fractionated atrial electrograms
V. Kremen, M. Hendrich

149. Ballistocardiogram-based person identification using correlation analysis
Hong Guo, Xinrong Cao, Jinghua Wu, Jintian Tang

150. Classification of behaviour of the autonomous nervous system during orthostatic challenge
T. Peterek, M. Prauzek, M. Penhaker

151. Pulmonary crackle detection based on fractional Hilbert Transform
Z. Li, X. Wu

152. Biosignals Processing in the Structural Levels of Body
S. Dadunashvili

153. A Construction Method of Personalized ECG Template and Its Application in Premature Ventricular Contraction Recognition for ECG Mobile Phones
Chengyu Liu, Peng Li, Yatao Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Changchun Liu, Shoushui Wei

154. EEG Spectral Asymmetry Index for detection of depression at Individual and Fixed Frequency Bands
A. Suhhova, M. Bachmann, J. Lass, K. Aadamsoo, Ü. Võhma, H. Hinrikus

155. The Wavelet Transform Border Effect in EEG Spike Signals
E. R. Pacola, V. I. Quandt, F. K. Schneider, M. A. Sovierzoski

156. Border Extension in the Wavelet Analysis of Lung Sounds
V. I. Quandt, E. R. Pacola, S. F. Pichorim, M. A. Sovierzoski

157. Assessment of the Baroreflex in Stroke and Hypertension Patients Using Cross-Correlation Function
Ben-Yi Liau, Shoou-Jeng Yeh

158. Represent Frequency Following Response of Speech-ABR by Instantaneous Energy Spectrum
Xian Peng, Jianghua Huang, Yong Liang, Tao Wang

159. Modulation of mu wave by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct current stimulation to the motor cortex
K. Nojima, Y. Katayama, K. Iramina

160. Comparison of Body Surface and Intracardiac ECG Recordings in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation during Electrophysiological Studies
Marjan Bojarnejad, James Blake, John P Bourke, Alan Murray, Philip Langley

161. Assessing the Effect of Hypertension on Baroreflex in Response to Head-Up Tilt Position
Ben-Yi Liau, Shoou-Jeng Yeh

162. Heart Rate Extraction of Ballistocardiogram Based on Hilbert-Huang Transformation
Xinrong Cao, Hong Guo, Jintian Tang

163. Influence of pulse duration on frequency pattern of temperature variations in a phantom with Gold-gold sulfide particles during laser irradiation
M. Shokouhi, A. Sazgarnia, H. R. Kobravi, A. Taheri

164. Pre-judgments for Reference Potential Determination to Quantitative EEG Interpretation: Amplitude Distribution and Ear-lobe Activation
Bei Wang, Xingyu Wang, Akio Ikeda, Takashi Nagamine, Hiroshi Shibasaki, Masatoshi Nakamura

165. Comparative Study on the Dielectric Properties between Living and Nonliving from Human and Animal Livers
Hang Wang, Yong He, Xuetao Shi, Fusheng You, Hui Wang, Zhanxiu Cai, Jianbo Zhu, Xiuzhen Dong

166. A novel synthetic analogue of curcumin, B7, inhibits inflammatory factors expression in H2O2 induced endothelial cells
Dangheng Wei, Yanghui Liu, Xiaoying Jia, Fengxia Guo, Jiangzhang Wu

167. Finite Element Analysis of the Frequency Response of a Microbubble Under Ultrasonic Field
Qiu Xiaohui, Zhou Yanhong, Peng Youlin, Zhou Lili, Wang Xiaojian

168. Preliminary Research on Relationship between Dielectric Properties and Microstructure of Rabbit Liver
Jianbo Zhu, Xuetao Shi, Fusheng You, Hang Wang, Hui Wang, Zhanxiu Cai, Xiuzhen Dong

169. Effect of Galanin on the Axonal Guidance Growth after Shear Stress in the Cultured Cortical Neurons
Rulong Zhang, Jianqiang Wen, Meili Liu, Yubo Fan

170. Biomechanical Effects of Chinese Immobilization Using Little Splint
Wang Mei, Zhao Namula

171. Cell Behavior Undergoing Random Segments of Oscillating Magnetic Field
H. A. Perez, J. C. Villagomez, T. Cordova, M. Sosa, J. J. Bernal

172. Uncovering New Properties of Yfrl Gene in Cyanobacteria Using Bioinformatics Tools
Y. Li, N. Rao, D. Y. Liu, H. M. Liu

173. Dielectric properties of Terahertz windows materials for bio-sample measurement
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In vitro Effect of Exposing Low-Frequency Electric Fields on the Proliferative Capacity and Morphological Features of Olfactory Ensheathing Cells
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175. Lipoprotein(a) inhibits EPCs neovascularization of hindlimb ischemia tissues in rabbit
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178. Clinical Observation on the Effects of Different Doses of Tramadol Injection for Preemptive Analgesia in Gynaecological Laparoscopy
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179. Short-Term Load Forecasting in Hospital Systems
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180. Study of clinical engineering courses in Brazil focusing on the management of information and communication technologies
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181. Multi-Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) as a Tool to Support Health Technology Incorporation Process
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182. Apparatus producing a wide variety of electrolyzed water for home care
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183. A Measurement of A Motion of Pronation and Supination of A Forearm for Healthy Subjects using Wireless Acceleration and Angular Velocity Sensors
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185. Comparison of 2D and 3D Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Renal Puncture
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186. Preparing Your Hospital for a Natural or Man-made Disaster
J. O. Wear

187. Online Courses in Medical Technology Application, Support and Management Improve Effectiveness and Patient Safety
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188. Medical Device Education on Stuff Nurses in China
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189. Development of Walking-Aid Wireless FES System Applying Gait Cycle Detection and Stimulus Algorithm
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190. Exploration on the Coordination and Optimization in the Chain of Procurement and Supply of the Hospital Medical Equipment
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191. Status and Prospects of Psychological Quality Assessment Technology
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192. Electromagnetic Compatibility: RFID and Medical Equipment in Hospitals
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193. A Methodology For Technolgy Risk Assessment in Hospitals
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201. Analysis of Medical Device Recall Reports in FDA Database in 2005-2006
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206. Discussing On the Key Roles Medical Metrology Played in Various Aspects
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207. The design of medical consumable filing system based on RFID technology
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208. Design of a Web-based Medical Equipment Management System for Clinical Engineering
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209. The Practice of Hospital Intranet Terminal Access Control Solution
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210. A Information Management Strategy for In-House Clinical Engineering Department Based on Equipment Service Life-Cycle Model
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211. Exploration of Medical Equipments Management Mode Transformation in Hospital
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212. Experimental Study of Detection of Brain Tissue with Electrical Impedance Tomography after Cerebral Ischemic
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222. Attempt of Microwave Functional Imaging –Phantom-Based Imaging of Tumor-Embedded Breasts and Forearms
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223. Strategy to Reduce CT Dose by Using Graphic Processing Unit Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm- Preliminary Study
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224. Three Dimensional Analysis Algorithm of Femoral Shaft Bowing
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225. Correction of Wobble Effect of a Filter Mounted on On-board-imager
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235. ARMA Analysis of Chest X-rays for Computer Assisted Detection of Tuberculosis
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236. Complex Shock Filtering applied to Retinal Image Enhancement
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245. Fusion of Local Rank Transform and Tone Mapping for Contrast Enhancement: Application to Skin Lesion Image Analysis
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246. Histogram Processing-based Image Enhancement of Digital Radiography for Detection of Cardiac Calcification
Xiang Chen, Jie Jin, Baowei Fei

247. 3D Organic Shape Correspondence Using Spherical Conformal Mapping
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248. Vascular Image Processing Using Recursive Directional Filters
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249. How Accurate Scatter Can Be Estimated in Nuclear Medicine Images? :A Monte Carlo Study
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264. Microcirculation imaging with multicolor LEDs and mini CCD camera
Zhenguang Li, Saori Kaneko, Shigeto Oda, Hiroshi Kawahira, Hideki Haneishi

265. Improving color appearance of organ in surgery by optimally designed LED illuminant
Kina Murai, Hiroshi Kawahira, Hideaki Haneishi

266. 3D Active Human Motion Estimation for Biomedical Applications
F. A. Kondori, Li Liu

267. 2D Shape-based fluorescence molecular tomography through hybrid genetic algorithm based optimization
Daifa Wang, Ling Wang, Yubo Fan, Deyu Li

268. Time-Resolved Reflectance from An Adult Head Model with Nonscattering Regions by The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Analysis Using New Boundary Conditions
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269. A Heuristic Superiorization-Like Approach to Bioluminescence Tomography
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273. Phase-contrast Imaging Simulation Based on a Micro-CT System
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274. Present Status of Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology in Bangladesh
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281. Feasibility of Quantitative Mouse Brain Study using High Resolution SPECT with CdTe: a Simulation Study
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284. The mechanical effects of microbubble oscillation on elastic vessel wall under ultrasonic excitation with different frequencies using finite element method
Y. Y. Shen, T. F. Wang, S. P. Chen

285. Development of automatic measurement method of ejection fraction of left ventricle without initial procedure to evaluate diseased heart
Shogo Takeshima, Antoine Bossard, Kohji Masuda

286. Forward-backward minimum variance beamforming combined with coherence weighting applied to ultrasound imaging
Ting Zhou, Qiao-liang Li, Xin Chen, Tian-fu Wang, Si-ping Chen

287. The Correlation Study of Ultrasonic Parameters and Young’s Modulus of Cancellous Bone during Decalcification
Fan Fan, Huang Chengwu, Zhang Xia, Niu Haijun, Fan Yubo

288. The Observation of the PG-depletion in Progressive Trypsin Digested Articular Cartilage Based on Conventional A-mode Ultrasound
Wang Li, Niu Haijun, Yan Yan, Sun Feng, Li Deyu, Fan Yubo

289. Study on the effect of physical loading on bone broadband ultrasound attenuation
Chengrui Liu, Haijun Niu, Ling Wang, Yubo Fan, Deyu Li

290. Ultrasound-mediated study of the electrokinetic effects in gelatin phantoms
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291. Quantitative Measurement of Physical Value of Materials with a Dental Panoramic Radiograph
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293. Determination of the Optimum Threshold Value in a Denoising Method with a Wavelet Transform
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294. Variation of the Breast Mean Glandular Doses According to Breast Thicknesses
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298. Results of eye lens dose measurements for interventional cardiology staff
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306. Performance of a device design for the measurement of matched linac beam output
M. Amin, B. Norrlinger, R. Heaton

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Kanchan P. Adhikari, Anna Benini, Rabi Malla, P. P Chaurasia

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315. Patient and Staff Dose Optimization in Nuclear Medicine Diagnosis Methods
Sajad Abedi

316. Therapeutic Applications and Dosimetry of Radiopharmaceuticals with the Help of Compartmental Analysis
Sajad Abedi

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333. Development and Application of Non-Rigid Three-Terminal Type of Electronic Device Pulse Diagnosis Instrument
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334. Exploring Quinoline Ring Derivatives as Potent Integrase Inhibitors Using Ligand-based Modeling Studies
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337. Postural Assessment System to Support in the Process of Clinical Decision-Making
G. Cardozo, M. J. Cunha, F. Azevedo

338. A Vision-Based Gait Analysis System with Tracking Capability
Charles Kater Hung, Shaou-Gang Miaou, Yu-Ching Yeh, Ming-Fu Hung

339. A Personal Wireless System for Cardiovascular Monitoring
P. Yang, Q. Pan, C. Lin, J. Zhou, X. Fu, L. Li, S. Gong, J. Yan, G. Ning

340. The Control Technology of Physiological Data Transmission Through The Interface of Bluetooth in Android
Xiong Shi, Wu Xiaoming

341. An Introduction to the Structure of Middleware in RFID Based System: the Application to the Infant Protection
Lin Lin, Nan Yu, Tao Wang, Chien-Sheng Chiu

342. Effective Free-Text Medical Record Processing and Information Retrieval
M. Bursa, L. Lhotska, V. Chudacek, J. Spilka, P. Janku, M. Huser

343. Infrared Imaging and Classification of Neonates with Necrotising Enterocolitis
Monique Frize, Ruqia Nur, Erika Bariciak, Christophe Herry

344. Estimation of 3D Pose of Femurs in Bi-planar Digital Radiographs
B. Zhang, J. W. Sun, Z. Y Chi, S. B. Sun, S. Meng, Y. Zhang, P. Rolfe

345. A Community Health Service Architecture Based on the Internet of Things on Health-Care
Wu-Zhao, Liu Lei-hong, Huang Yue-shan, Wu Xiao-ming

346. Interfacing ICU and CCU Instrumentation; Data Acquisition and Processing from Monitoring Tools
C. Mela, S. Bertolini, F. Masotti, M. Giacomini

347. Physical Telerehabilitation in Seniors with Mobility Limitation
J. Finkelstein, J. Wood, E. Cha

348. Exploring the Implementation of e-Health Practices in a Low Income Country
P. Galván, M. Samudio, M. Cabral, M. Ascurra, A. Cabello, I. Allende, X. Basogain, V. Cane, E. Hilario

349. Portable Low Cost 3 Lead Wireless Wearable ECG Device
S. V. S. Suresh, R. Krishna Kumar, V. Kamakoti

350. The Application of WT588D Module in MIT System
Chunwu Wang, Xu Wang, Zhengkun Qin

351. Optimization of Cross-Section of Stent Wire in Trapezoidal Shape for the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysm
Zhang Yun, Qiao Ai-Ke

352. Design of a new Multifunctional Wheelchair-bed
Feng Li, Chunqiu Zhang, Haiying Liu, Lilan Gao, Jinduo Ye, Dong Xin

353. The Ballistocardiogram Signal Monitoring System Based on the GSM Network
Wang Chunwu, Wang Xu, Long Zhe, Zhang Kexin, Yang Dan

354. Textile Integration of a Magnetic Induction Sensor for Monitoring of Cardiorespiratory Activity
D. Teichmann, J. Foussier, M. Buscher, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt

355. Ventilation Inhomogeneity Assessed by Electrical Impedance Tomography
Zhanqi Zhao, Nicola Kiefer, Melinda Kulcsar, Susanne Lang, Knut Möller

356. In-Ear S


2 Monitoring with a Novel Optoelectronic Sensor for Long-Term Conditions
B. Venema, S. Aguiar Santos, S. Leonhardt

357. Changes in Bioimpedance Depending on Conditions
J. Hlubik, P. Hlubik, L. Lhotska

358. Mechanical Right Ventricular Assistance – Past, Present, and Future
Po-Lin Hsu, Jack Parker, Christina Egger, Rüdiger Autschbach, Ulrich Steinseifer

359. 24 Hours of Portable Cough Sound Signal Monitoring
Zhonghao Xie, Lei Zhao, Bixin Zeng

360. Comparison of Gross Body Movements during Sleep between Normally Developed Children and ADHD Children Using Video Images
Shima Okada, Keisuke Koyama, Sachiko Shimizu, Ikuko Mohri, Yuko Ohno, Masako Taniike, Masaaki Makikawa

361. A Healthy Mouse Monitoring Human Pulse Wave and Heart Rate
B. Chai, C. Z. Shao, M. Huang, L. Yang, S. Zhang, Y. M. Yang, J. Song

362. Noninvasive Cardiac Power Output Estimation on Healthy Elderly Subjects during Dynamic Exercise
L. Wang, C. R. Liu, C. C. Y. Poon, Y. T. Zhang

363. A Multi-Parametric System for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Diagnosis in Newborn Patients
A. Barriga-Rivera, M. J. Moya-Jimenez, M. Elena Perez, M. Lopez-Alonso

364. Device to Evoke the Bone System in Hip Dislocation Diagnosis
H. A. Perez, T. Cordova, N. Padilla, M. Sosa

365. Esophageal transit time assessed by magnetic methods: An in vitro feasibility study of the novel alternating current biosusceptometry with 3-axis magnetorresistor
F. C. Paixao, C. C. Quini, L. A. Bradshaw, W. O. Richards, O. Baffa, J. R. A. Miranda

366. Preliminary Experimental Study of Observing Acute Cerebral Hypoxia in Rabbits Using Bio-impedance Measurement Technique
Xuetao Shi, Jianwei Wu, Fusheng You, Zhenyu Ji, Feng Fu, Ruigang Liu, Xiuzhen Dong

367. Proof of concept for energy harvesting using piezoelectric microstructures for intelligent implants using eye-motion classified with the Integrated Eyetracker
D. Laqua, S. Hampl, M. Hoffmann, P. Husar

368. Stiffness measurements on spherical surfaces of prostate models, using a resonance sensor
Anders P Åstrand, Ville Jalkanen, Britt M Andersson, Olof A Lindahl

369. Safe and minially invasive palpaiton device for detection of lung tumor during thoracoscopic Surgery
S. Joung, S. Miyajiri, H. Liao, E. Kobayashi, J. Nakajima, S. Kyo, M. Ono, I. Sakuma

370. Pedometer with detection of Step
M. Augustynek, O. Adamec, M. Cerny

371. Virtual instrument for experimental studies in biological systems
L. O. Fernandes, O. C. Coiado, R. A. Bassani, E. T. Costa, S. S. Mühlen

372. Detection of different grade of cancerous cell regarding their Impedance
S. Abbasi, M. Janmaleki, M. Kazemi Moghadam, M. Abdolahad, S. Mohajerzadeh, H. Peirovi

373. Design and Realization of Hardware for Measurement of Hemodynamic Parameters
J. Havlik, J. Dvorak, V. Fabian

374. The Circuit Design of Bioelectrical Impedance Instrument
Jinchuan Li, Yuan-wen Zou, Xuejin Huang, Hong Zhou

375. On the Development of Using the Non-Invasive Blood Oxygen Level Sensor for Quantifying Hemoglobin Concentration
Khunawat Luangrat, Yunyong Punsawad, Prapat Suriyaphol, Yodchanan Wongsawat

376. Conception of a sensor circuit for non-invasive fetal pulse oximetry based on investigations of the optical transmission properties of biological tissues
S. Ley, D. Laqua, P. Husar

377. Relationship between fall experiences and acceleration of center of gravity of body duri

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Biomaterials

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Page amount
40 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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