Dornfeld, David A.

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World

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Table of contents

1. Unit Process Life Cycle Inventory (UPLCI) – A Structured Framework to Complete Product Life Cycle Studies
Michael Overcash, Janet Twomey

2. Quality Information Management for Advanced Quality Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Companies
Sophie Gröger, Toni Eiselt

3. Making the Business Case for Eco-Design and Sustainable Manufacturing
Alireza Veshagh, Salvador Marval, Tim Woolman

4. Goal Programming-Based Approach to Identify Sustainable Product Service System Designs
Aihua Huang, Ken Wijekoon, Fazleena Badurdeen

5. Supporting Scenario Design in Planning Long-Term Business Strategies Based on Sustainability Scenarios
Yusuke Kishita, Maki Hirosaki, Yuji Mizuno, Haruna Wada, Shinichi Fukushige, Yasushi Umeda

6. Exploiting Life Cycle Innovation
J. E. Parada Puig, S. Hoekstra, L. A. M. Dongen

7. Risk Management of Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2) – How to Consider Risk and Uncertainty over the IPS2 Lifecycle?
Johannes Keine gen. Schulte, Marion Steven

8. Product-Service System Types and Implementation Approach
Britta Pergande, Paula L. A. Nobre, Anderson C. Nakanishi, Eduardo S. Zancul, Leandro Loss, Lucas C. Horta

9. Life Cycle Oriented Quality Assessment of Technical Product-Service Systems
Sebastian Waltemode, Carsten Mannweiler, Jan C. Aurich

10. A Framework to Analyze the Reduction Potential of Life Cycle Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Passenger Cars
Christoph Herrmann, Karsten Kieckhäfer, Mark Mennenga, Steven Skerlos, Thomas Stefan Spengler, Julian Stehr, Vineet Raichur, Grit Walther

11. Material Substitution for Automotive Applications: A Comparative Life Cycle Analysis
Laura Marretta, Rosa Lorenzo, Fabrizio Micari, Jorge Arinez, David Dornfeld

12. Decision Making Methodology to Reduce Energy in Automobile Manufacturing
Katherine C. McKinstry, Jorge Arinez, Stephan Biller, David Dornfeld

13. Water Consumption in a Vehicle Life Cycle
Francisco Tejada, John Zullo, Tina Guldberg Tejada, Bert Bras

14. Simplified Life Cycle Analysis of a Forming Tool in the Automotive Industry
F. Klocke, G. Schuh, B. Döbbeler, M. Pitsch, R. Schlosser, D. Lung, D. Assmann, C. Hein, R. Malek

15. LCA Application: The Case of the Sugar Cane Bagasse Electricity Generation in Brazil
Diogo A. Lopes Silva, Ivete Delai, Mariana Maia Miranda, Mary Laura Delgado Montes, Aldo Roberto Ometto

16. Energy Efficiency Potential for China’s Cement Industry: A Bottom-Up Technology-Level Analysis
Ali Hasanbeigi, William Morrow, David Fridley, Eric Masanet, Tengfang Xu, Jayant Sathaye, Nina Zheng, Lynn Price

17. Drivers and Barriers of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: A Comparative Study of Indian and German Organizations
Varinder Kumar Mittal, Kuldip Singh Sangwan, Christoph Herrmann, Patricia Egede, Christian Wulbusch

18. Stimulating Students to Experience Sustainable Engineering: The CQS Group T Racing Team
Nicolas Dekeyser, Sietze Swolfs, Geert Waeyenbergh, Wim Dewulf

19. Reducing Energy Demands of Printing Machines by Energy Reuse Options and Optimization
Reimund Neugebauer, Matthias Putz, Carsten Keller, Sascha Fälsch

20. Environmental Footprint of Magnetite Nanoparticle Application: Iron Oxide Case
Suphunnika Ibbotson, Sami Kara

21. Modular Server – Client – Server (MSCS) Approach for Process Optimization in Early R&D of Emerging Technologies by LCA
Eva Zschieschang, Peter Pfeifer, Liselotte Schebek

22. Life Cycle Perspectives for Biosensors
Ali Hakimian, Pegah N. Abadian, Jacqueline A. Isaacs

23. Life Cycle for Engineering the Healthcare Service Delivery of Imaging
Janet Twomey, Michael Overcash, Seyed Soltani

24. Defining and Mapping LCA Networks: Initial Results
Anders Bjørn, Mikołaj Owsianiak, Alexis Laurent, Christine Molin, Torbjørn B. Westh, Michael Z. Hauschild

25. Obsolescence Management as a Tool for Effective Spare Parts Management
Sven Schulze, Christian Engel, Henning Leichnitz

26. Assessment of Automation Potentials for the Disassembly of Automotive Lithium Ion Battery Systems
Christoph Herrmann, Annika Raatz, Mark Mennenga, Jan Schmitt, Stefan Andrew

27. Remanufacturing: An Alternative for End of Use of Wind Turbines
Katherine Ortegon, Loring F. Nies, John W. Sutherland

28. A Study on an E-Waste Management Strategy Considering Global Inverse Supply Chain
Kuniko Mishima, Nozomu Mishima, Masaru Nakano

29. Separating Manufacturing Metal Chips for Recycling through a Combined Hydrodynamic and Electromagnetic Approach
Qiang Zhai, Chris Yuan

30. A Framework for Using Cognitive Robotics in Disassembly Automation
Supachai Vongbunyong, Sami Kara, Maurice Pagnucco

31. Recyclability Evaluation of LCD TVs Based on End-of-Life Scenarios
Takahiro Mizuno, Eisuke Kunii, Shinichi Fukushige, Yasushi Umeda

32. Strategic Decision Making for End-of-Life Management of Fuel Cells
E. I. Wright, S. Rahimifard

33. Impact of Technology on Product Life Cycle Design: Functional and Environmental Perspective
Seung Jin Kim, Sami Kara

34. A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Engineering Design
Kai Lindow, Robert Woll, Rainer Stark

35. Prioritizing ‘Design for Recyclability’ Guidelines, Bridging the Gap between Recyclers and Product Developers
Harm A. R. Peters, Marten E. Toxopeus, Juan M. Jauregui-Becker, Mark-Olof Dirksen

36. Holistic Approach for Jointly Designing Dematerialized Machine Tools and Production Systems Enabling Flexibility-Oriented Business Models
Giacomo Copani, Marco Leonesio, Lorenzo Molinari-Tosatti, Stefania Pellegrinelli, Marcello Urgo, Anna Valente, Juanjo Zulaika

37. LeanDfd: A Design for Disassembly Approach to Evaluate the Feasibility of Different End-of-Life Scenarios for Industrial Products
Claudio Favi, Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini, Marco Marconi

38. Mapping the Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Impact of Design for Environment Principles
Lora Oehlberg, Cindy Bayley, Cole Hartman, Alice Agogino

39. Development of an Empirical Model to Describe the Service Life of Ball Screws for Machine Tools under Consideration of Jerk Influences
Christian Brecher, Türker Yagmur

40. Simulation of the Energy Consumption of Machine Tools for a Specific Production Task
Eberhard Abele, Christian Eisele, Sebastian Schrems

41. Energy Efficient Cooling Systems for Machine Tools
Christian Brecher, Stephan Bäumler, David Jasper, Johannes Triebs

42. Simulation and Prediction of Process-Oriented Energy Consumption of Machine Tools
S. Braun, U. Heisel

43. Mapping Energy Consumption for Industrial Robots
Pål Ystgaard, Tone Beate Gjerstad, Terje Kristoffer Lien, Per Aage Nyen

44. Prototypical Implementation of a Remanufacturing Oriented Grinding Machine
Eraldo Jannone Silva, Aldo Roberto Ometto, Henrique Rozenfeld, Diogo A. Lopes Silva, Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso, Vinicius Ricco Alves Reis

45. Assessment of Energy Consumption in Injection Moulding Process
Inês Ribeiro, Paulo Peças, Elsa Henriques

46. Unit Process Energy Consumption Models for Material Addition Processes: A Case of the Injection Molding Process
Farhan Qureshi, Wen Li, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann

47. Dynamic Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculation of Injection Moulding Machines
Sebastian Thiede, Tim Spiering, Stephan Kohlitz, Christoph Herrmann, Sami Kara

48. A Material and Energy Flow Oriented Method for Enhancing Energy and Resource Efficiency in Aluminium Foundries
Michael Krause, Sebastian Thiede, Christoph Herrmann, Franz Friedrich Butz

49. Multi-objective Analysis on Joining Technologies
Joshua M. Chien, Katherine C. McKinstry, Chul Baek, Arpad Horvath, David Dornfeld

50. Life Cycle Analysis of Grinding
Barbara Linke, Michael Overcash

51. Total Cost Analysis of Process Time Reduction as a Green Machining Strategy
Moneer Helu, Benjamin Behmann, Harald Meier, David Dornfeld, Gisela Lanza, Volker Schulze

52. Energy Analysis of Micro-drilling Process Used to Manufacture Printed Circuit Boards
Hae-Sung Yoon, Binayak Bhandari, Jong-Seol Moon, Chung-Soo Kim, Gyu-Bong Lee, Kwang Wook Park, Chul-Ki Song, Sung-Hoon Ahn

53. Using Jatropha Oil Based Metalworking Fluids in Machining Processes: A Functional and Ecological Life Cycle Evaluation
Marius Winter, Gerlind Öhlschläger, Tina Dettmer, Suphunnika Ibbotson, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann

54. Evaluation of Two Competing Machining Processes Based on Sustainability Indicators
Juliano Bezerra Araujo, João Fernando Gomes Oliveira

55. Using a New Economic Model with LCA-Based Carbon Emission Inputs for Process Parameter Selection in Machining
Kadra Branker, Jack Jeswiet

56. Evaluation of Abrasive Processes and Machines with Respect to Energy Efficiency
Jan C. Aurich, Marina Carrella, Manfred Steffes

57. An Approach for the Planning and Optimization of Energy Consumption in Factories Considering the Peripheral Systems
Holger Haag, Jörg Siegert, Thomas Bauernhansl, Engelbert Westkämper

58. Development of a Procedure for Energy Efficiency Evaluation and Improvement of Production Machinery
Rolf Steinhilper, Stefan Freiberger, Frank Kübler, Johannes Böhner

59. Compressed Air Leak Detection Using Microphone Array Techniques
Petr Eret, Craig Meskell

60. Automated Handling of Limp Foils in Lithium-Ion-Cell Manufacturing
J. Fleischer, E. Ruprecht, M. Baumeister, S. Haag

61. A Life Cycle Oriented Evaluation of Changeable Manufacturing and Assembly Systems
Jochen Hartung, Barbara Baudzus, Jochen Deuse

62. Energy Efficiency in Pneumatic Production Systems: State of the Art and Future Directions
Paul Harris, Garret E. O’Donnell, Tom Whelan

63. Interface Requirements and Planning Framework for the Integration of Non-conventional Processes in Production Lines
Jochen Böck, Jörg Siegert, Thomas Bauernhansl, Engelbert Westkämper

64. Simulation-Based Assessment of the Energy Consumption of Manufacturing Processes
Eberhard Abele, Sebastian Schrems, Christian Eisele, Philipp Schraml

65. Automated Provision and Exchange of Energy Information throughout the Production Process
Philipp Eberspächer, Holger Haag, Raphael Rahäuser, Jan Schlechtendahl, Alexander Verl, Thomas Bauernhansl, Engelbert Westkämper

66. Automated Linkage of Consumption Models and Control Information in Control Systems
Jan Schlechtendahl, Philipp Sommer, Philipp Eberspächer, Alexander Verl

67. Sustainable Interlinked Manufacturing Processes through Real-Time Quality Prediction
Daniel Lieber, Benedikt Konrad, Jochen Deuse, Marco Stolpe, Katharina Morik

68. Energy-Sensitive Production Control in Mixed Model Manufacturing Processes
Reimund Neugebauer, Matthias Putz, Andreas Schlegel, Tino Langer, Enrico Franz, Sören Lorenz

69. An Eco-Improvement Methodology for Reduction of Product Embodied Energy in Discrete Manufacturing
H. Özgür Ünver, M. Ural Uluer, Ayşegül Altin, Yiğit Taşcioğlu, S. Engin Kiliç

70. Cost and Energy Consumption Optimization of Product Manufacture in a Flexible Manufacturing System
Nancy Diaz, David Dornfeld

71. Concept of Energy-Efficient Job Sequencing for Heat Treatment Processes
Daniel Bücker, Jochen Deuse

72. Resource Efficiency Assessment System
Thomas Lundholm, Michael Lieder, Guido Rumpel

73. Developing a Simple Carbon Footprint Calculation Tool with the Criteria of Inventory Data Selection
Jahau Lewis Chen, Yi-Hsing Wen

74. A Metrics-Based Methodology for Establishing Product Sustainability Index (ProdSI) for Manufactured Products
X. Zhang, T. Lu, M. Shuaib, G. Rotella, A. Huang, S. C. Feng, K. Rouch, F. Badurdeen, I. S. Jawahir

75. Modeling Gaps and Overlaps of Sustainability Standards
Anna E. D’Alessio, Paul Witherell, Sudarsan Rachuri

76. A Forecasting Model for the Evaluation of Future Resource Availability
Mark Mennenga, Sebastian Thiede, Jan Beier, Tina Dettmer, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann

77. Reduction of Water Consumption within Manufacturing Applications
Madhu Sachidananda, Shahin Rahimifard

78. Water Footprint Quantification of Machining Processes
Jonathan Ogaldez, Ashley Barker, Fu Zhao, John William Sutherland

79. Methodology for Ecological and Economical Aircraft Life Cycle Analysis
Markus Große Böckmann, Robert Schmitt

80. Life Cycle Engineering in Preliminary Aircraft Design
Katharina Franz, Ralf Hörnschemeyer, Arthur Ewert, Martina Fromhold-Eisebith, Markus Große Böckmann, Robert Schmitt, Katja Petzoldt, Christoph Schneider, Jan Erik Heller, Jörg Feldhusen, Kerstin Büker, Johannes Reichmuth

81. Lifecycle Impact Profile for Efficient Product Development – Jet Engine Example
Patrick Ansgar Hacker, Günther Schuh, Frank Czerniewicz

82. Survey of Common Practices in Sustainable Aerospace Manufacturing for the Purpose of Driving Future Research
Yuriy Romaniw, Bert Bras

83. Energy Efficient and Intelligent Production Scheduling – Evaluation of a New Production Planning and Scheduling Software
Agnes Pechmann, Ilka Schöler, Rene Hackmann

84. Availability Focused Risk Analysis to Support Life Cycle Costing Prognosis
Oliver Mannuß, Alexander Schloske, Thomas Bauernhansl

85. A Hierarchical Evaluation Scheme for Industrial Process Chains: Aluminum Die Casting
Tim Heinemann, Wataru Machida, Sebastian Thiede, Christoph Herrmann, Sami Kara

86. Characterization and Weighting Scheme to Assess the Resource Efficiency of Manufacturing Process Chains
Saskia Reinhardt, Maria Fischl, Gunther Reinhart

87. Comprehensive Model to Evaluate the Impact of Tooling Design Decisions on the Life Cycle Cost and Environmental Performance
Inês Ribeiro, Paulo Peças, Elsa Henriques

88. Data Collection of Chemicals Used in Microelectronic Manufacturing Processes for Environmental Studies
Ingwild Baudry, Alan Lelah, Daniel Brissaud

89. Measuring and Visualizing Different Energy Sources: A Concept for an Energy Management System
Agnes Pechmann, Rene Hackmann, Ilka Schöler

90. Analysis of Electrical Power Data Streams in Manufacturing
Stylianos Chiotellis, Martin Grismajer

91. Energy Monitoring in Manufacturing Companies – Generating Energy Awareness through Feedback
G. Bogdanski, T. Spiering, W. Li, C. Herrmann, S. Kara

92. On the Implementation of Exergy Efficiency Metrics in Discrete Manufacturing System: The Dissipative Nature of Production Processes
Renaldi, Karel Kellens, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

93. Integrating Sustainability Assessment into Manufacturing Decision Making
Hao Zhang, Karl R. Haapala

94. Environmental Impact Modeling of Discrete Part Manufacturing Processes
Karel Kellens, Renaldi, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

95. Role of Transformation Principles in Enabling Environmentally Significant Behavior
Jay Jungik Son, L. H. Shu

96. Designing Products to Encourage Conservation: Applying the Discretization Principle
Jayesh Srivastava, L. H. Shu

97. A Framework for the Evaluation and Redesign of Human Work Based on Societal Factors
Wei-Tau Lee, Karl R. Haapala, Mark E. Edwards, Kenneth H. Funk

98. Working with the Social Hotspots Database - Methodology and Findings from 7 Social Scoping Assessments
Catherine Benoît Norris, Deana Aulisio, Gregory A. Norris

99. A Generic Simulation Model for Green Supplier Selection
Kanda Boosothonsatit, Sami Kara, Suphunnika Ibbotson

100. Impact of Parameter Changes in a Service Provider Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Customer-Owned-Stock
Kirsten Tracht, Michael Mederer, Daniel Schneider

101. Coping with Supply Chain Dynamics – Review and Synthesis of Existing Contributions
Volker Stich, Jerome Quick, Niklas Hering

102. Supply Chain Life Cycle Implications of Shipping Goods from Mexico – A Case on PV Solar Panels
Sergio Romero-Hernandez, Omar Romero-Hernandez, Celeste Lindsay, Tony Kingsbury, David Dornfeld

103. Transport Optimization by Logistics Oriented Production Scheduling in the Automotive Industry
Daniel Palm, Markus Florian, Wilfried Sihn

104. A Framework to Integrate Product Design and Supply Chain Decisions to Minimize CO2 Emission
Jack C. P. Su, Chih-Hsing Chu, Yu-Te Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering Design, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Renewable and Green Energy

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