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Progress in Turbulence and Wind Energy IV

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Table of contents

1. Scale-Energy Fluxes in Wall-Turbulent Flows
A. Cimarelli, E. Angelis, C. M. Casciola

2. Conservation Laws of Helically Symmetric Flows and Their Importance for Turbulence Theory
O. Kelbin, A. F. Cheviakov, M. Oberlack

3. Velocity/Pressure-Gradient Correlation Modelling for Improved Prediction of Reattachment and Relaxation
C. Lo, I. Vallet, B. A. Younis

4. Turbulence without Richardson-Kolmogorov Cascade
J. C. Vassilicos, N. Mazellier

5. New Statistical Symmetries of the Two-Point Correlation Equations for Turbulent Flows
Andreas M. Rosteck, Martin Oberlack

6. Cumulant Corrections in Turbulence
Robert Rubinstein, Wouter J. T. Bos

7. Decaying Turbulence and Anomalous Dissipation
Matthew Salewski, W. David McComb, Arjun Berera, Sam Yoffe

8. Secondary Splitting of Zero Gradient Points in Turbulent Scalar Fields
Philip Schaefer, Markus Gampert, Norbert Peters

9. Multi-scale Analysis of Turbulence in CFD-Simulations
Bernhard Stoevesandt, Robert Stresing, Andrei Shishkin, Claus Wagner, Joachim Peinke

10. A Note on Spatial Zero Crossings of Fluctuating Velocity Field in Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows
Tardu Sedat

11. Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Fluid Turbulence
Tomomasa Tatsumi

12. Two-Point Enstrophy Statistics of Fully Developed Turbulence
Michael Wilczek, Rudolf Friedrich

13. Inertial Particles in a Turbulent Premixed Bunsen Flame
F. Battista, F. Picano, G. Troiani, C. M. Casciola

14. Lagrangian Acceleration Statistics in 2D and 3D Turbulence
Oliver Kamps, Michael Wilczek, Rudolf Friedrich

15. Transport of Inertial Particles in Turbulent Jets
Francesco Picano, Gaetano Sardina, Paolo Gualtieri, Carlo Massimo Casciola

16. Probability Density Functions of Reacting Species Concentrations in Turbulent Wall-Jet
Zeinab Pouransari, Geert Brethouwer, Arne V. Johansson

17. Characterisation of Synthetic Turbulence Methods for Large-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Boundary Layers
Guillaume Aubard, Xavier Gloerfelt, J. -C. Robinet

18. A Uniformly Valid Theory of Turbulent Separation
Bernhard Scheichl, Alfred Kluwick, Frank T. Smith, Jon Paton

19. Application and Comparison of Two Different DNS Algorithms for Simulating Transition to Turbulence in Taylor-Green Vortex Flow
İlyas Yılmaz, Lars Davidson, Fırat O. Edis, Hasan Saygın

20. Optimization of a Digital In-line Holography Setup Used with a High-Speed Camera
Gerd Gülker, Christoph Hindriksen, Tim Homeyer, Joachim Peinke

21. Development of Highly Resolving Drag Based Anemometers
Hendrik Heißelmann, Jaroslaw Puczylowski, Michael Hölling, Joachim Peinke

22. Stability and Dynamics of Flow in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Separation Region
Vaclav Uruba

23. Reynolds Stress Modeling for Hypersonic Flows
A. Bosco, B. Reinartz, S. Müller, L. Brown, R. Boyce

24. Forced Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Large Eddy Simulation of Compressible Fluid
A. A. Chernyshov, K. V. Karelsky, A. S. Petrosyan

25. Investigations of Cavity Noise Generation on a Cylinder
Tim Homeyer, Gerd Gülker, Christopher Haut, Nils Kirrkamm, Volker Mellert, Manfred Schultz-von Glahn, Joachim Peinke

26. Aerodynamic Sound Generation by Turbulence in Shear Flows
G. Khujadze, G. Chagelishvili, M. Oberlack, A. Tevzadze, G. Bodo

27. Exact Coherent State with Travelling Hairpin Vortex in Plane Couette Flow
K. Deguchi, M. Nagata

28. Travelling Wave Solutions in Square Duct Flow
Shinya Okino, Masato Nagata, Håkan Wedin, Alessandro Bottaro

29. Main Instabilities of Coaxial Jets
A. Segalini, A. Talamelli

30. Set-Up of Anisotropy in a Spanwise Rotating Channel
S. Tardu, J. Baerenzung

31. Streamwise and Radial Decomposition of a Turbulent Axisymmetric Jet
Maja Wänström, William K. George, K. E. Meyer

32. The Turbulent Flow in the Close-Up Region of Fractal Grids
Stefan Weitemeyer, Robert Stresing, Michael Hölling, Joachim Peinke

33. Statistical Characteristics of a 3 × 3 Neutrally Stratified Wind Turbine Array Boundary Layer
Raúl Bayoán Cal, Max Gibson

34. Enhancing the Simulation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Richard J. Foreman, Stefan Emeis

35. Numerical Modeling of a WECs Power Performance under the Influence of Atmospheric and Synthetic Wind Fields
Tanja Mücke, Matthias Wächter, Patick Milan, Joachim Peinke

36. ABL-Flow over Hills: A Review of Theory and Wind Tunnel Studies
Graciana Petersen, Bernd Leitl, Michael Schatzmann

37. Application of Meteorological Data in Computational Modelling of Wind over Real Terrain Topography
K. Wędołowski, K. Bajer

38. A New Way to Determine the Wall Position and Friction Velocity in Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows
P. H. Alfredsson, R. Örlü

39. DNS of Turbulent Boundary Layers Subjected to Adverse Pressure Gradients
Guillermo Araya, Luciano Castillo

40. Do Flexible Surface-Hairs Manipulate Near-Wall Turbulence?
Christoph Brücker

41. Analysis of Development of Vortical Structures in a Turbulent Boundary Layer under Adverse Pressure Gradient Based on VITA Method
Artur Drozdz, Witold Elsner, Stanislaw Drobniak

42. New Insights into Adverse Pressure Gradient Boundary Layers
W. K. George, M. Stanislas, J. -P. Laval

43. Flat Plate Boundary Layer By-Pass Transition by Joint Action of Surface Roughness and External Turbulence
O. Hladík, P. Jonáš, O. Mazur, V. Uruba

44. Low Speed Streaks Instability of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows with Adverse Pressure Gradient
J. -P. Laval, M. Marquillie, U. Ehrenstein

45. Turbulent Boundary-Layer Flow: Comparing Experiments with DNS
R. Örlü, P. Schlatter

46. Identifying an Artificial Turbulent Spot in the Boundary Layer
Brendan Rehill, E. J. Walsh, Luca Brandt, Phillip Schlatter, Tamer A. Zaki

47. Comparison between Wind Tunnel and Field Experiments on Wind Turbine Wake Meandering
S. Aubrun, T. F. Tchouaké, G. España, G. Larsen, J. Mann, F. Bingöl

48. Is the Actuator Disc Concept Sufficient to Model the Far-Wake of a Wind Turbine?
S. Aubrun, G. España, S. Loyer, P. Hayden, P. Hancock

49. Turbulent Wind Turbine Wakes in a Wind Farm
Arno J. Brand, Jan Willem Wagenaar

50. Characterization and Stochastic Modeling of Wind Speed Sequences
Calif, Emilion

51. Wind Turbines in ABL-Flow: A Review on Wind Tunnel Studies
F. Cuzzola, B. Leitl, M. Schatzmann

52. Intermittent Fingerprints in Wind-Turbine Interactions
Emil Hedevang, Klaus Biß, Jochen Cleve, Martin Greiner

53. The Relevance of Turbulence for Wind Energy Related Research
M. Hölling, A. Morales, J. Schneemann, T. Mücke, M. Wächter, J. Peinke

54. The Influence of Turbulence and Vertical Wind Profile in Wind Turbine Power Curve
A. Honrubia, A. Vigueras-Rodríguez, E. Gómez-Lázaro

55. DNS of Actuator Disk Arrays in Ekman Boundary Layers: Preliminary Results
R. Johnstone, P. R. Spalart, G. N. Coleman

56. An Attempt to Characterize the Structure of Wake Turbulence Using a Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach
Gunner C. Larsen, K. S. Hansen, Niels Troldborg, Jakob Mann, Karen Enevoldsen, Ferhat Bingöl

57. Lidar Turbulence Measurements for Wind Energy
Jakob Mann, Ameya Sathe, Julia Gottschall, Mike Courtney

58. Statistical Characteristics of Gusty Wind Conditionally Sampled with an Array of Ultrasonic Anemometers
K. Taniwaki, K. Sassa, T. Hayashi, Y. Hono, K. Adachi

59. Free-Stream Turbulence Effects on the Flow around an S809 Wind Turbine Airfoil
Sheilla Torres-Nieves, Víctor Maldonado, José Lebrón, Hyung-Suk Kang, Charles Meneveau, Luciano Castillo

60. 3-d Measurements of the Velocity in the Boundary Layer of Turbulent Convection
L. Li, R. Puits

61. Experimental Study of the Near Wall Region of a Natural Convection Driven Flow Next to a Vertical Cylinder
Abolfazl Shiri, William K. George

62. Direct Numerical Simulations of Indoor Ventilation
Olga Shishkina, Claus Wagner

63. Application of 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry in Convection
A. Wegfrass, E. Lobutova, C. Resagk

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Complexity, Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Partial Differential Equations

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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