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Handbook of Social Media Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Social Media Management Chain, How Social Media Influences Traditional Media
Mike Friedrichsen, Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus

Part II. Management with Social Media

2. Traditional Media Companies in the U.S. and Social Media: What’s the Strategy?
Alan B. Albarran, Terry Moellinger

3. Social Media in Companies. Integrated Approach for a Social Media Strategy
Mike Friedrichsen

4. Some Economics of New Media Content Production and Consumption, and Strategic Implication for Media Companies
Marco Gambaro

5. How (Social) Media Can Change “Change” in Organizations
Holger Sievert, Astrid Nelke

6. Employees’ Conceptions of How Management Can Operationalize Employee Involvement
Stavros Georgiades

7. Book Industry Business, Concentration, Internet and Social Media of Management and Marketing
Paulo Faustino

8. New Venture Creation in Social Media Platform; Towards a Framework for Media Entrepreneurship
Datis Khajeheian

9. New Marketing Communication in Social Media Business
Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus

10. Social Networks as Marketing Tools for Media Companies
Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Julián Villanueva, José Luis Orihuela

11. Managing New(s) Conversations: The Role of Social Media in News Provision and Participation
François Nel, Oscar Westlund

12. Social Media: Managerial and Economic Opportunities and Challenges
Francisco J. Pérez-Latrel, George Tsourvakas

Part III. New Value Chain with Social Media

13. Social Media, Aggregation and the Refashioning of Media Business Models
Charles Brown

14. How Media Companies Should Create Value: Innovation Centered Business Models and Dynamic Capabilities
Hans Kranenburg, Gerrit Willem Ziggers

15. Media Management and Social Media Business: New Forms of Value Creation in the Context of Increasingly Interconnected Media Applications
Reinhard Kunz, Stefan Werning

16. Managing Social Media Value Networks: From Publisher (Broadcast) to User-Centric (Broadband-Narrowcast) Business Models
Zvezdan Vukanovic

17. Two Faces of Growth: Linking Customer Engagement to Revenue Streams
Biser Zlatanov

18. Keys to Monetize Social Media in the Audiovisual Business
Mónica Herrero, Mercedes Medina

19. Digital Hollywood: How Internet and Social Media Are Changing the Movie Business
Alejandro Pardo

20. Distributing Audiovisual Contents in the New Digital Scenario: Multiplatform Strategies of the Main Spanish TV Networks
Enrique Guerrero, Patricia Diego, Alejandro Pardo

21. Facebook: A Business Perspective on the Power of Intelligent Networking and Social Media
Richard A. Gershon

22. Multimedia Strategies for FM Radio Stations in Moscow
Elena Vartanova, Mikhail Makeenko, Andrei Vyrkovsky

23. Social Media in Russia: Its Features and Business Models
Marianna Blinova

24. China’s Media Industry: Landscape and Development
Min Hang

Part IV. Forms and Content of Social Media

25. Social Media Strategies and Practices of Integrated Media Companies
Piet Bakker, Sanne Hille, Marco Kerkhoven

26. “Telekom hilft”: Customer Service in the Social Web
Andreas H. Bock

27. Online Radio: A Social Media Business?
Paul Dwyer

28. Platform Leadership in Online Broadcasting Markets
Tom Evens

29. Ad Addressability and Personalized Content in IPTV Markets
Christoph Fritsch

30. The Social Media War: Is Google+ the David to Facebook’s Goliath?
Richard Ganahl

31. Applications for the Media Sector to Leverage Content in Social Networks
Jochen Spangenberg, Birgit Gray

32. Star Management of Talent Agencies and Social Media in Korea
Moonhaeng Lee

33. Predicting the Future of Investor Sentiment with Social Media in Stock Exchange Investments: A Basic Framework for the DAX Performance Index
Artur Lugmayr

34. Branding with Social Media at RTS
Stéphane Matteo, Giulia Spolaor, Cinzia Dal Zotto

35. Social Television, Creative Collaboration and Television Production: The Case of the BBC’s ‘The Virtual Revolution’
Nicholas Nicoli

36. Evolution of Strategy and Commercial Relationships for Social Media Platforms: The Case of YouTube
Sonya Yan Song, Steven S. Wildman

Part V. Social Media: Impact and Users

37. Social Media and New Audiences as a New Challenge for Traditional and New Media Industries
Germán Arango-Forero, Sergio Roncallo-Dow

38. Towards a Typology of Strategies for User Involvement
Arne H. Krumsvik

39. Social Media Monitoring Tools as Instruments of Strategic Issues Management
Johanna Grüblbauer, Peter Haric

40. Social Networks: The Question on Efficiency Remains
Harald Rau

41. How to Engage the Audience? A Study on Using Twitter to Engage Newspaper Readers
Aldo Weezel, Cristóbal Benavides

42. Blogs and Social Media: The New Word of Mouth and its Impact on the Reputation of Banks and on their Profitability
Eleftheria (Roila) Christakou, George-Michael Klimis

43. Social Networks and Media Brands: Exploring the Effect of Media Brands’ Perceived Social Network Usage on Audience Relationship
Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Moonhee Cho, Mark Yi-Cheon Yim

44. Social Media Involvement Among College Students and General Population: Implications to Media Management
Louisa Ha, Xiao Hu

45. Customer Integration and Web Interactivity. A Literature Review and Analysis of the Role of Transaction Costs in Building Value Webs
Paul Murschetz

46. All Businesses are Media Business: The Impact of Social Media on the Healthcare Market
Alexander Schachinger

47. The Impact of Facebook on News Consumption
Agnes Urban, Tamas Bodoky

48. The Usage and Advertising Effects of Social Media in China
Li-Chuan Evelyn Mai

Part VI. Conclusion

49. What Social Media Are Doing and Where They Are Taking Us
Robert G. Picard

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Media Management, Communication Studies, Marketing, Media Research, Public Relations

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