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Classification and Data Mining

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Table of contents

1. Robust Random Effects Models: A Diagnostic Approach Based on the Forward Search
Bruno Bertaccini, Roberta Varriale

2. Joint Correspondence Analysis Versus Multiple Correspondence Analysis: A Solution to an Undetected Problem
Sergio Camiz, Gastão Coelho Gomes

3. Inference on the CUB Model: An MCMC Approach
Laura Deldossi, Roberta Paroli

4. Robustness Versus Consistency in Ill-Posed Classification and Regression Problems
Robert Hable, Andreas Christmann

5. Issues on Clustering and Data Gridding
Jukka Heikkonen, Domenico Perrotta, Marco Riani, Francesca Torti

6. Dynamic Data Analysis of Evolving Association Patterns
Alfonso Iodice D’Enza, Francesco Palumbo

7. Classification of Data Chunks Using Proximal Vector Machines and Singular Value Decomposition
Antonio Irpino, Mario Rosario Guarracino, Rosanna Verde

8. Correspondence Analysis in the Case of Outliers
Anna Langovaya, Sonja Kuhnt, Hamdi Chouikha

9. Variable Selection in Cluster Analysis: An Approach Based on a New Index
Isabella Morlini, Sergio Zani

10. A Model for the Clustering of Variables Taking into Account External Data
Karin Sahmer

11. Calibration with Spatial Data Constraints
Ivan Arcangelo Sciascia

12. Clustering Data Streams by On-Line Proximity Updating
Antonio Balzanella, Yves Lechevallier, Rosanna Verde

13. Summarizing and Detecting Structural Drifts from Multiple Data Streams
Antonio Balzanella, Rosanna Verde

14. A Model-Based Approach for Qualitative Assessment in Opinion Mining
Maria Iannario, Domenico Piccolo

15. An Evaluation Measure for Learning from Imbalanced Data Based on Asymmetric Beta Distribution
Nguyen Thai-Nghe, Zeno Gantner, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

16. Outlier Detection for Geostatistical Functional Data: An Application to Sensor Data
Elvira Romano, Jorge Mateu

17. Graphical Models for Eliciting Structural Information
Federico M. Stefanini

18. Adaptive Spectral Clustering in Molecular Simulation
Marcus Weber

19. Spatial Data Mining for Clustering: An Application to the Florentine Metropolitan Area Using RedCap
Federico Benassi, Chiara Bocci, Alessandra Petrucci

20. Misspecification Resistant Model Selection Using Information Complexity with Applications
Hamparsum Bozdogan, J. Andrew Howe, Suman Katragadda, Caterina Liberati

21. A Clusterwise Regression Method for the Prediction of the Disposal Income in Municipalities
Paolo Chirico

22. A Continuous Time Mover-Stayer Model for Labor Market in a Northern Italian Area
Fabrizio Cipollini, Camilla Ferretti, Piero Ganugi, Mario Mezzanzanica

23. Model-Based Clustering of Multistate Data with Latent Change: An Application with DHS Data
José G. Dias

24. An Approach to Forecasting Beanplot Time Series
Carlo Drago, Germana Scepi

25. Shared Components Models in Joint Disease Mapping: A Comparison
Emanuela Dreassi

26. Piano and Guitar Tone Distinction Based on Extended Feature Analysis
Markus Eichhoff, Igor Vatolkin, Claus Weihs

27. Auralization of Auditory Models
Klaus Friedrichs, Claus Weihs

28. Visualisation and Analysis of Affiliation Networks as Tools to Describe Professional Profiles
Cristiana Martini

29. Graduation by Adaptive Discrete Beta Kernels
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo

30. Modelling Spatial Variations of Fertility Rate in Italy
Massimo Mucciardi, Pietro Bertuccelli

31. Visualisation of Cluster Analysis Results
Hans-Joachim Mucha, Hans-Georg Bartel, Carlos Morales-Merino

32. The Application of M-Function Analysis to the Geographical Distribution of Earthquake Sequence
Eugenia Nissi, Annalina Sarra, Sergio Palermi, Gaetano Luca

33. Energy Consumption – Gross Domestic Product Causal Relationship in the Italian Regions
Antonio Angelo Romano, Giuseppe Scandurra

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Database Management, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Publication year
Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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