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Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations

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Table of contents

1. Separation of Gear and Bearing Fault Signals from a Wind Turbine Transmission under Varying Speed and Load
Robert B. Randall, Nader Sawalhi, Michael Coats

2. Object and Operation Factor Oriented Diagnostics
Walter Bartelmus

3. Rényi Entropy Based Statistical Complexity Analysis for Gear Fault Prognostics under Variable Load
Pavle Boškoski, Đani Juričić

4. Non Linear Transient Response of a Flexible Shaft Controlled by Electro-rheological Hydrostatic Squeeze Film Dampers
Ahmed Bouzidane, Marc Thomas

5. STFT Based Approach for Ball Bearing Fault Detection in a Varying Speed Motor
Marco Cocconcelli, Radoslaw Zimroz, Riccardo Rubini, Walter Bartelmus

6. Kurtosis over Energy Distribution Approach for STFT Enhancement in Ball Bearing Diagnostics
Marco Cocconcelli, Radoslaw Zimroz, Riccardo Rubini, Walter Bartelmus

7. Detecting AE Signals from Natural Degradation of Slow Speed Rolling Element Bearings
Mohamed Elforjani, David Mba

8. Leak Detection in Viscoelastic Pipe by Transient Analysis
Lamjed Hadj Taïeb, Lazhar Ayed, Ezzeddine Hadj Taïeb

9. Gear Fault Detection under Fluctuating Operating Conditions by Means of Discrepancy Analysis
Theo Heyns, Stephan Heyns

10. Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms with the Trace Criterion
Ridha Ziani, Rabah Zegadi, Ahmed Felkaoui, Mohammed Djouada

11. Using Parametric Dynamical Models to Determine Observability Requirements for Condition Monitoring Systems
Michael G. Lipsett

12. Impedance Method for Modeling and Locating Leak with Cylindrical Geometry
Lazhar Ayed, Lamjed Hadj Taïeb, Ezzeddine Hadj Taïeb

13. Influence of the Acyclism on the Dynamics of a Spur Gear System
Noussa Bouchaala, Mohamed Taoufik Khabou, Fakher Chaari, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar

14. Model Based Investigation on a Two Stages Gearbox Dynamics under Non-stationary Operations
Fakher Chaari, Radoslaw Zimroz, Walter Bartelmus, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar

15. Rotor Speed Identification Using Two Nonlinear Observers for Induction Motor Drive
Moulay Rachid Douiri, Mohamed Cherkaoui, Ahmed Essadki, Sidi Mohamed Douiri

16. Gear Transmission Dynamics Supported by Bearings Including Tooth Profile Deviations
Alfonso Fernandez Rincon, Fernando Viadero, Miguel Iglesias, Ana de-Juan, Pablo García

17. Effects of Gyroscopic Coupling on the Dynamics of a Wind Turbine Blade with Horizontal Axis
Hédi Hamdi, Charfeddine Mrad, Rachid Nasri

18. Eccentricity Incidence on the Nonlinear Behavior of a Helical Gear
Hentati Taissir, Abbes Mohamed Slim, Fakher Chaari, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar

19. A Maintenance Alarm for Alternators Based on Eigensolutions
Antoine Kuczkowiak, Scott Cogan, Morvan Ouisse, Emmanuel Foltête, Mathieu Corus

20. Multi-objective Discrete Rotor Design Optimization
Ibrahim M’laouhi, Najeh Ben Guedria, Hichem Smaoui

21. A Critical Speed Optimization of Rail Vehicle System Based on Safety Criterion
Mohamed Nejlaoui, Ajmi Houidi, Zouheir Affi, Lotfi Romdhane

22. Dynamic Behavior of an Aerodynamics Turbine Coupled to a Multiplier Helical Three-Stage Gear
Yassine Driss, Kamel Abboudi, Moez Bayaoui, Lassaad Walha, Mohamed Maatar, Mohamed Haddar

23. Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Wavelet Energy Spectral Analysis
Jin Zhang, Zhipeng Feng, Zhaoye Qin, Fulei Chu

24. Numerical Investigations on the Magnitude of Disturbance That Could Be Detected through IAS Monitoring
Bourdon Adeline, André Hugo, Rémond Didier

25. Time-Frequency Analysis Techniques Review and Their Application on Roller Bearings Prognostics
Mohamed Boufenar, Said Rechak, Mohamed Rezig

26. Reconstruction of Sound Sources of Gear Transmission Mechanism by Planar Near Field Acoustical Holography
Abbassia Derouiche, Nacer Hamzaoui, Taoufik Boukharouba

27. Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition for Impulsive Signal Extraction to Detect Bearing Damage – Industrial Case Study
Jacek Dybała, Radoslaw Zimroz

28. On the Use of Fourier-Bessel Series Expansion for Gear Diagnostics
Gianluca D’Elia, Simone Delvecchio, Giorgio Dalpiaz

29. Genetic Optimization of Decision Tree Choice for Fault Diagnosis in an Industrial Ventilator
Nour El Islem Karabadji, Ilyes Khelf, Hassina Seridi, Lakhdar Laouar

30. Combining RBF-PCA-ReliefF Filter for a Better Diagnosis Performance in Rotating Machines
Ilyes Khelf, Lakhdar Laouar, Hocine Bendjama, Abdelaziz Mahmoud Bouchelaghem

31. Acoustical Holography for Non-Stationary Sources Using Orthogonal-Like Fractional Octave Band Filters
Fedia Maalej, Jérôme Antoni, Mohamed Haddar, Tahar Fakhfakh

32. Application of Schur Filtering for Local Damage Detection in Gearboxes
Ryszard Makowski, Radoslaw Zimroz

33. Feature Selection for Diesel Engine Fault Classification
Ezzeddine Ftoutou, Mnaouar Chouchane, Noureddine Besbès

34. Gears and Bearings Combined Faults Detection Using Hilbert Transform and Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis
Issam Moumene, Nouredine Ouelaa

35. Artificial Immune System for Condition Monitoring Based on Euclidean Distance Minimization
Luca Montechiesi, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini

36. Conditioning of a Spectral Indicator for the Detection of Rotor Faults of an Induction Motor by Using the TSA Method
Nabil Ngote, Saïd Guedira, Mohamed Cherkaoui

37. Numerical Tool for Extraction of Modal Parameters Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform
Olivier Riou, Guy-Marie Rakoto Razafindrazato, Pierre-Olivier Logerais, Jean-Félix Durastanti

38. Integrated Modulation Intensity Distribution as a Practical Tool for Condition Monitoring – Part 1: Theoretical Investigation
Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Jerome Antoni

39. Integrated Modulation Intensity Distribution as a Practical Tool for Condition Monitoring – Part 2: Case Study of the Wind Turbine
Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Jerome Antoni

40. A Non-zero Padding Method in the Angle Domain to Improve the Order Spectrum Resolution of Computed Order Tracking
KeSheng Wang, Stephan Heyns

41. Fractal Based Signal Processing for Fault Detection in Ball-Bearings
Aleksandra Ziaja, Tomasz Barszcz, Wieslaw Staszewski

42. The Role of Condition Based Maintenance for Industrial Equipment and Cancer Screening
Andrew K. S. Jardine, Sharareh Taghipour, Bart Harvey, Anthony Miller, Dragan Banjevic, Neil Montgomery

43. Integration of Production Data in CM for Non-stationary Machinery: A Data Fusion Approach
Diego Galar, Amparo Morant

44. Instantaneous Angular Speed Monitoring of a 2MW WindTurbine Using a Parametrization Process
Hugo André, Adeline Bourdon, Didier Rémond

45. Application of Spectral Kurtosis to Acoustic Emission Signatures from Bearings
Babak Eftekharnejad, Mhmod Hamel, Abdulmajid Addali, David Mba

46. Diagnosing of Rotor Systems of Marine Gas Turbine Engines in Nonstationary States
Andrzej Grządziela

47. Robust Fragmentation of Vibration Signals for Comparative Analysis in Signal Validation
Adam Jablonski, Tomasz Barszcz

48. Application of Vibration Monitoring for Mining Machinery in Varying Operational Conditions
Paweł Kępski, Tomasz Barszcz

49. Application of Time Descriptors to the Modified Hilbert Transform of Empirical Mode Decomposition for Early Detection of Gear Defects
Thameur Kidar, Marc Thomas, Mohamed Elbadaoui, Raynald Guilbault

50. State Space Modeling Theory of Induction Motors for Sensorless Control and Motoring Purposes
Redha Meneceur, Abd-Razak Metatla, Noureddine Meneceur

51. Some Remarks on Using Condition Monitoring for Spatially Distributed Mechanical System Belt Conveyor Network in Underground Mine – A Case Study
Pawel Stefaniak, Radoslaw Zimroz, Robert Krol, Justyna Gorniak-Zimroz, Walter Bartelmus, Monika Hardygora

52. Statistical Data Processing for Wind Turbine Generator Bearing Diagnostics
Radoslaw Zimroz, Walter Bartelmus, Tomasz Barszcz, Jacek Urbanek

53. Seeded Damage Detection on Self-aligning Ball Bearings with Acoustic Emission
Sylvester A. Aye, Philippus S. Heyns, Coenraad J. H. Thiart

54. Effect of Uncertainties in Default Detection through the Wave Finite Elements
Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Mohamed Ichchou, Olivier Bareille, Mohamed Haddar

55. Centralized and Decentralized Adaptive FTC of Interconnected and Networked Control System
Amina Challouf, Adel Tellili, Christophe Aubrun, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim

56. Variable Drive Frequency Effect on Spindle Dynamic Behavior in High Speed Machining
Bechir Badri, Marc Thomas, Sadok Sassi

57. Experimental Non-obstructive Particles Damping Approach for Passive Vibration
Manel Ben Romdhane, Moez Trigui, Emmanuel Foltête, Mohamed Haddar, Noureddine Bouhaddi

58. The Application of a First-Principle Damper Model for Tracking the Variation of Eigenvalues under Non-stationary Road Excitation
Piotr Czop, Grzegorz Wszołek, Dawid Jakubowski, Wojciech Czaja

59. Adjustment of a Feedwater Heater Model in Bi-stationary Load Conditions
Piotr Czop, Tomasz Barszcz, Jarosław Bednarz

60. Iterative Method for the Remote Identification of Impact Forces at Multiple Clearance Supports Using Few Vibratory Measurements
Vincent Debut, José Antunes

61. Robust Optimization of Gear Tooth Modifications Using a Genetic Algorithm
Ghribi Dhafer, Bruyère Jérôme, Velex Philippe, Octrue Michel, Mohamed Haddar

62. Parametric Study on Energy Pumping of Mdof System Using Multiple Dynamic Absorbers
Kamel Khélifi, Mohamed-Lamjed Bouazizi, Emeline Sadoulet, Rachid Nasri, Noureddine Bouhaddi

63. Chatter Recognition in Band Sawing Based on Feature Extraction and Discriminant Analysis
Tilen Thaler, Primož Potočnik, Peter Mužič, Ivan Bric, Rudi Bric, Edvard Govekar

64. Damping in Bolted Structures
Aymen Tleilia, Rachid Nasri, Jamel Chakhari

65. Dynamic Analysis of an Offshore Wind Turbine Drivetrain on a Floating Support
Fernando Viadero, Alfonso Fernandez Rincon, Emilio Liaño, Miguel Angel Serna, Manuel Angel Diaz

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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