Sommer, Wolfgang H.

Behavioral Neurobiology of Alcohol Addiction

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Table of contents

1. Theoretical Frameworks and Mechanistic Aspects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction as a Reward Deficit Disorder
George F. Koob

2. Synaptic Effects Induced by Alcohol
David M. Lovinger, Marisa Roberto

3. Signaling Pathways Mediating Alcohol Effects
Dorit Ron, Robert O. Messing

4. Neurocircuitry Involved in the Development of Alcohol Addiction: The Dopamine System and its Access Points
Bo Söderpalm, Mia Ericson

5. What is in that Drink: The Biological Actions of Ethanol, Acetaldehyde, and Salsolinol
Gerald A. Deehan, Mark S. Brodie, Zachary A. Rodd

6. Modeling the Diagnostic Criteria for Alcohol Dependence with Genetic Animal Models
John C. Crabbe, Kenneth S. Kendler, Robert J. Hitzemann

7. Non-Human Primate Models of Alcohol-Related Phenotypes: The Influence of Genetic and Environmental Factors
Christina S. Barr

8. Genetically Selected Alcohol Preferring Rats to Model Human Alcoholism
Roberto Ciccocioppo

9. Advanced Transgenic Approaches to Understand Alcohol-Related Phenotypes in Animals
Ainhoa Bilbao

10. Modeling Alcohol Self-Administration in the Human Laboratory
Ulrich S. Zimmermann, Sean O’Connor, Vijay A. Ramchandani

11. Animal Models of Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Rodents
Howard C. Becker

12. Modeling Relapse Situations in the Human Laboratory
Rajita Sinha

13. Modeling Relapse in Animals
Rémi Martin-Fardon, Friedbert Weiss

14. Invertebrate Models of Alcoholism
Henrike Scholz, Julie A. Mustard

15. The Dopamine System in Mediating Alcohol Effects in Humans
K. Charlet, A. Beck, A. Heinz

16. Stimulant and Sedative Effects of Alcohol
Reuben A. Hendler, Vijay A. Ramchandani, Jodi Gilman, Daniel W. Hommer

17. Chronic Alcohol Consumption, Abstinence and Relapse: Brain Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies in Animals and Humans
Dieter J. Meyerhoff, Timothy C. Durazzo, Gabriele Ende

18. Translational Approaches to Medication Development
Selena Bartlett, Markus Heilig

19. New Pharmacological Treatment Strategies for Relapse Prevention
Rainer Spanagel, Valentina Vengeliene

20. The Challenge of Studying Parallel Behaviors in Humans and Animal Models
David N. Stephens, Hans S. Crombag, Theodora Duka

21. A Translational Approach to Novel Medication Development for Protracted Abstinence
Barbara J. Mason, Amanda E. Higley

22. New Approaches to Addiction Treatment Based on Learning and Memory
Falk Kiefer, Christina Dinter

Adolescent Substance Misuse: Neurobiology and Evidence-Based Interventions
Nicola C. Newton, Maeve O’Leary-Barrett, Patricia J. Conrod

24. Deep Brain Stimulation as a Therapy for Alcohol Addiction
Thomas F. Münte, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Veerle Visser-Vandewalle

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology

Publication year
Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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