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Living in a Seasonal World

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Table of contents

1. A Single Origin of Heterothermy in Mammals
Barry G. Lovegrove

2. Afrotropical Heterothermy: A Continuum of Possibilities
Kathrin H. Dausmann, Julia Nowack, Susanne Kobbe, Nomakwezi Mzilikazi

3. Tropical Heterothermy: Does the Exception Prove the Rule or Force a Re-Definition?
Cindy I. Canale, Danielle L. Levesque, Barry G. Lovegrove

4. Hibernation in Free-Ranging African Woodland Dormice, Graphiurus murinus

Nomakwezi Mzilikazi, Zimkitha Madikiza, Rebecca Oelkrug, Roderick M. Baxter

5. Evolutionary Ecology of Mammalian Hibernation Phenology
Jeffrey E. Lane

6. Interrelationships Among Timing of Hibernation, Reproduction, and Warming Soil in Free-Living Female Arctic Ground Squirrels
Cory T. Williams, Michael J. Sheriff, Franziska Kohl, Brian M. Barnes, C. Loren Buck

7. Assessing the Effect of Climate Change on Hibernating Mammals Using Nonlinear Mixed Effects Method
István Németh

8. Impact of Climatic Variation on the Hibernation Physiology of Muscardinus avellanarius

Iris Pretzlaff, Kathrin H. Dausmann

9. Comparison of Variables of Torpor Between Populations of a Hibernating Subtropical/Tropical Bat at Different Latitudes
Clare Stawski

10. The Other Functions of Torpor
Fritz Geiser, R. Mark Brigham

11. Survival, Aging, and Life-History Tactics in Mammalian Hibernators
Thomas Ruf, Claudia Bieber, Christopher Turbill

12. Does Age Matter? Effects of Age on Hibernation Patterns in Edible Dormice (Glis glis)
Claudia Bieber, Thomas Ruf

13. Sex and Seasonality: Reproduction in the Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)

Stewart C. Nicol, Gemma E. Morrow

14. Sex Differences in Foraging Behaviour, Body Fat and Hibernation Patterns of Free-Ranging Common Hamsters
Carina Siutz, Marc Pluch, Thomas Ruf, Eva Millesi

15. Summer Torpor and Sexual Segregation in the Subtropical Bat Rhinopoma microphyllum

Eran Levin, Amos Ar, Yoram Yom-Tov, Noga Kronfeld-Schor

16. Heterothermy in Caprimulgid Birds: A Review of Inter- and Intraspecific Variation in Free-Ranging Populations
R. M. Brigham, A. E. McKechnie, L. I. Doucette, F. Geiser

17. The Brain at Low Temperature: Tau Hyperphosphorylation Dynamics in Hibernation Torpor
A. S. Boerema, J. N. Keijser, H. R. Bouma, E. A. Zee, A. M. Strijkstra

18. The Hibernation-Related Peptide TSKY Acts as a Neuroprotector in Cultured Pond Snail Neurons
Ludmila I. Kramarova, Natalya A. Ivlicheva, Rustam H. Ziganshin, Alexey A. Andreev, Edith N. Gakhova

19. The Torpor-Arousal Cycle is Controlled by an Endogenous Clock
André Malan

20. Ultradian Episodes of Thermogenesis in Mammals: Implications for the Timing of Torpor Entry and Arousal
Carola W. Meyer, William Blessing, Gerhard Heldmaier

21. Spontaneous Daily Torpor Versus Fasting-Induced Torpor in the Djungarian Hamster (Phodopus sungorus): Two Sides of a Medal or Distinct Phenomena?
Victoria Diedrich, Stephan Steinlechner

22. Does the Road Traveled Matter? Natural Versus Prematurely Induced Arousal from Torpor
Jenifer C. Utz, Frank Breukelen

23. The Hibernating Immune System
Hjalmar R. Bouma, Arjen M. Strijkstra, Fatimeh Talaei, Rob H. Henning, Hannah V. Carey, Frans G. M. Kroese

24. The Relationship Between White Nose Syndrome and Dietary PUFA Levels in Bats
Craig L. Frank, Patricia M. Diaz, Thomas H. Kunz

25. Impact of Hibernation on Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Barrier Function in Ground Squirrels
Hannah V. Carey, Amanda C. Pike, Christopher R. Weber, Jerrold R. Turner, Annie Visser, Silvia C. Beijer-Liefers, Hjalmar R. Bouma, Frans G. M. Kroese

26. Cardiac Electrical Alternans and Ventricular Fibrillation During Hypothermia in Non-Hibernating Versus Hibernating Animals: Role of Propagation Velocity and Dispersion of Repolarization
Alexey V. Glukhov, Yuriy V. Egorov, Igor R. Efimov, Leonid V. Rosenshtraukh

27. Neonatal Deep Hypothermia: Heart Function and Metabolism
Richard W. Hill, Jacob J. Manteuffel

28. Seasonal Changes in Thermoregulatory Strategies of Tegu Lizards
William K. Milsom, Colin Sanders, Cleo Leite, Augusto S. Abe, Denis V. Andrade, Glenn Tattersall

29. Phylogenetic Background of Hibernation and Hibernation-Specific Proteins in Sciuridae
Tsuneo Sekijima, Hiroko Ishiniwa, Noriaki Kondo

30. Adenosine, AMP, and Daily Torpor
Steven J. Swoap, Benjamin Iliff, Son Le

31. On the Dissimilarity of 5′-AMP Induced Hypothermia and Torpor in Mice
Arjen M. Strijkstra, Tim Koopmans, Hjalmar R. Bouma, Sietse F. Boer, Roelof A. Hut, Ate S. Boerema

32. Potential Mechanisms of Metabolic SuppressionDownstream of Central A1AR Activation During Onset of Torpor

Tulasi R. Jinka, Zachary A. Barrickman, Lori K. Bogren, Trixie N. Lee, Jasmine M. Olson, Melanie M. Richter, Brady M. Salli, Timothy J. Stevenson, Øivind Tøien, C. Loren Buck, Kelly L. Drew

33. Fast In, Slow Out: Patterns and Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Suppression in Hibernation
James F. Staples

34. Adjustments of Mitochondrial Energy Transduction in Response to Physiological and Environmental Challenge
Martin Jastroch

35. Redox Metabolism During Tropical Diapause in a Lepidoptera Larva
Daniel Carneiro Moreira, Débora Pires Paula, Marcelo Hermes-Lima

36. Biochemical Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism in Hibernating Bats
Kenneth B. Storey

37. Theme and Variation: Proteomic Changes Across Three Organs in Hibernation Cycles of the 13-Lined Ground Squirrel
Katharine R. Grabek, Sandra L. Martin

38. Putting the Brakes on Protein Synthesis in Mammalian Hibernation
Frank Breukelen, Jenifer C. Utz, Michael Treat, Peipei Pan

39. Brown Adipose Tissue: A Seasonal Tissue in Mammals, Including Humans?
Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon

40. Systematic Screening for Mutant Mouse Lines with Defects in Body Temperature Regulation
M. Willershäuser, N. Ehrhardt, R. Elvert, E. K. Wirth, U. Schweizer, V. Gailus-Durner, H. Fuchs, M. Hrabě de Angelis, J. Rozman, M. Klingenspor

41. Diurnal Changes in Metabolic Rate in Pygmy Marmosets: Implications for Sleep, Torpor, and Basal Metabolism in Primates

Glenn J. Tattersall

42. Torpor Use and Body Mass Gain During Pre-Hibernation in Late-Born Juvenile Garden Dormice Exposed to Food Shortage
Sylvain Giroud, Christopher Turbill, Thomas Ruf

43. Seasonal Variations in Energy Turnover and Body Temperature in Free-Living Edible Dormice, Glis glis

Joanna Fietz, Jutta Schmid, John R. Speakman

44. The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Body Mass, Torpor, Food Intake, and Leptin Levels: Implications on the Regulation of Food Intake in Mammalian Hibernators
Gregory L. Florant, Melanie M. Richter, Susan K. Fried

45. Ghrelin, Leptin, and Fatty Acids in Free-Living Callospermophilus lateralis (Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels)
Jessica E. Healy, Gregory L. Florant

46. Seasonal Variation in Brain Prostaglandin D2 and E2 of Marmots and n-6 Fatty Acid Availability
Walter Arnold, Paul Y. Kim, Kenneth G. D. Allen, Gregory L. Florant

47. Expression of Orexigenic and Anorexigenic Neuropeptides Before and During Hibernation in the Daurian Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus dauricus)
Xin Xing, Ming-Yue Sun, Xia Peng, Shi-Yi Song, Ming Yang

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Physiology, Animal Ecology, Animal Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Evolutionary Biology

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