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Advances in Electronic Commerce, Web Application and Communication

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Table of contents

1. Design of the Control System for High-Altitude Descent Control Device
Guangyou Yang, Xiaofei Liu

2. Graph Based Representations SAT Solving for Non-clausal Formulas
Ruiyun Xie, Benzhai Hai

3. Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Comprehensive Learning
HaiXia Long, XiuHong Zhang

4. Case Representation and Retrieval in the Intelligent RCM Analysis System
Zhonghua Cheng, Ling Chen, Xisheng Jia, Huiyan Zeng

5. A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach for Crowd Simulation
Meng Li, ShiLei Li, JiaHong Liang

6. Numerical Analysis for Stochastic Age-Dependent Population Equations with Diffusion
Jian He

7. An Improved Diagonal Loading Algorithm
Feng Wang, Jinkuan Wang, Xin Song

8. Trajectory Planning for Industrial Robot Based on MATLAB
Xiancheng Fu, Guojun Wen, Han Chen

9. Feedforward Compensation Based the Study of PID Controller
Shue Li, Feng Lv

10. The Application of Inventor Software in Design of Automatic Transplanting Robot
Xu Wen

11. Modeling and Solving Optimum Intercept on Moving Objects for Robot
Dengxiang Yang

12. Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Uncertain Knowledge for Dynamic Data Reconciliation
Jing Zhang, Congli Mei, Guohai Liu

13. An Approach Finding Multiple Roots of Nonlinear Equations or Polynomials
Junlong Peng, Zhezhao Zeng

14. A Path Planning Method to Robot Soccer Based on Dijkstra Algorithm
YunLong Yi, Ying Guan

15. A Novel Heuristic Search Algorithm Based on Hyperlink and Relevance Strategy for Web Search
Lili Yan, Wencai Du, Yingbin Wei, Henian Chen

16. Research of Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaotic Magic Square
YunPeng Zhang, Peng Xu, LinZong Xiang

17. Research on Lifetime Prediction Method of Tower Crane Based on Back Propagation Neural Network
Yang Yu, Yulin Tian, Naili Feng, Ming Lei

18. An Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Interesting Level
Yu Jin-ping, Zhou Chun-hong, Mei Hong-biao

19. A Cooperative Design Approach of Fault-Tolerant Controller and Observer for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems Based on T-S Model
Xuan Li, Xiaomao Huang, Xiaobei Wu

20. The Sharing Methods of Traffic Data from EMME to TRANSCAD
Junyou Zhang, Juanjuan Liu, Rui Tang

21. A Design of Practical Electronic Voting Protocol
ShiJie Guan

22. Design and Implementation of Simplified TCP/IP Stack Based on Embedded Network Interface
Lei Cheng, Jingchun Hu

23. Research on RFID Application in Home Appliance PLM Information Management
Qinghua Zhang, Ni Tang, Zhuan Wang, Guoquan Cheng

24. Support Vector Machine Wavelet Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Yecai Guo, Baoge Li, Kang Fan

25. The H
 ∞  Control for Time-Discrete Stochastic Systems Driven by Martingales
Rui Zhang

26. Outside Hospital Rehabilitation System for COPD Patients Based on GPRS Network
LiFeng Wei, ShaoChun Chen, Shanshan Tang

27. Moving Track Control System of Agriculture Oriented Mobile Robot
Qunfeng Zhu, Dengxiang Yang, Guangyao Zhu

28. A New Optimized Generator Maintenance Model and Solution
Xiangping Meng, Ye Yue, Zhongyu Shen, Minmin Li

29. Research on Evaluation Model of Harmonious Enterprise Based on AHP
Jinting Yang, Junqing Huo, Tao Wang

30. Smart Acoustic Control System
Rui Chen, Fangfang Peng, Mohammad Reza Asharif

31. A Study on the Technology of Intelligent Electric Lead Sealing Management System Based on RFID
Yong Pan, Kaihua Liu, Yi Gao

32. The Realization of Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Logistic Mapping
JunYing Sun, JiNing Feng

33. Color Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Angular Point Detection
Ying Tian, Xuesong Peng

34. The Modeling and Simulation of First-Order Inverted Pendulum Control System
Zhiming Dong, Lepeng Song, Huanhuan Chen

35. Based on Fuzzy PID Control of AC Induction Motor Vector Control System
Wang Yuhua, Miao Jianlin

36. Java Fault Emulation and a Preliminary Fault Injection Framework
Qiuhong Zheng

37. The Wireless Sensor Network Security Protocol Research in Internet of Things
John Lee, Hua Zhou, Zhihong Liang, Xiangcheng Wan, Yuhong Chen

38. NASL Based Vulnerability Detector Design and Implementation for Remote Computer
Feng Xu, Xiaoting Jin

39. A Filtering Algorithm for Point Cloud Data
Feng Zeng, Zhichu Zhong, Jianan Ye

40. Electronic Library Acceptance Research: Based on the Theory of Reasoned Action
DaQing Zheng

41. Database Design and Information Display of Three-Dimensional Wind Turbine Demonstration System
Guangwei Yan, Yanhui Xing, Fengjiao Dai

42. Collaborative WWW-Based CAI Software Achieved by Java
San-jun Liu, Zheng-jiang Yi

43. Research of Network Mass Storage Mode Based on SAN
San-jun Liu, Zheng-jiang Yi

44. The Degree Distribution of Random Attachment Networks
Qinggui Zhao

45. Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control Scheme for Inverse Response Processes with Time Delay
Jinggang Zhang, Zhichneg Zhao, Yuanyuan Qu

46. A Novel Security Evaluation Model for E-government Intranet Systems
Xiaoting Jin

47. Data Preprocessing for Web Data Mining
Wei Zhang, Tinggui Chen

48. Robust H
 ∞  Control for Itô Stochastic Systems with Markovian Switching and Probabilistic Sampling
Hua Yang, Huisheng Shu, Yan Che, Xiu Kan

49. Joint Channel and Synchronization Estimation Algorithm in FH-OFDM Systems
Yongmao Cheng, Jie Wang, Wenping Sheng, Yu Lin, Chunying Yang, Tingjun Li

50. Electronic Truck Scale Wireless Remote Control Cheating Monitoring System Using the Voltage Signal
Yanjun Zhao, Yang Pan

51. Optimal Design Based on Computer Simulation for Improving Thermal Comfort in the Passage Space around Arcade Buildings in a Hot and Humid Climate
Jin Wei, Fangsi Yu, Jiang He

52. Design of Controlling System for Linear Stepper Motor Based on DSP2407
HongMin Zheng, WenFeng Cui

53. Controlling Study of D-STATCOM Based on PSO-PID Algorithm
Qingxin Zhao, Hui Wang, Haijun Xu, Liang Zhao

54. Role-Based Access Control Technology for Digital Cultural Media Platform
Jingling Yuan, Jia Liu, Zhilong Liu, Hongxia Xia

55. On Level-2 Condition Number for Moore-Penrose Inverse
Shufan Wang, Zhihui Ma, Zizhen Li

56. Automatic Restoration Method Based on a Single Foggy Image
Huiying Dong, Dan Li, Xinwei Wang

57. Experiment Design of Coupled Water Tanks Based on Network Control System-4000
Lifeng Wei, Yuzhang Li, Xiaomei Liu, Mingzhe Yuan

58. Robotic Fish Wireless Communication and Positioning System Design Based on ZigBee
Qingsong Hu, Shuxin Zhou, Lihong Xu

59. Some of the Problems of Wireless Transmission and the Solutions
Zhenjie Chen, Chao Zhang, Wei Chen

60. A Color Management Method for Scanning Input Image Files
Hankun Ye

61. A Composite Drag and Drop Mechanism for Visual Programming in Control Educational Software
Zheng Fang, Jie Yang, Qichun Zhang

62. A Study on Man-Hour Calculation Model for Multi-station and Multi-fixture Machining Center
QiaoYing Dong, JianSha Lu, ShuLin Kan

63. Application of Genetic Algorithm in Polarization Radar Receiving System
Xi Su, Feifei Du, Peng Bai, Yanping Feng

64. Quality Assessment Model and Improvement Model for Screen Printing Process in Manufacturing of Touch Panels
Ching-Hsin Wang, Kuen-Suan Chen, Shun-Chieh Wu, Peng-Hsiang Chang

65. The Application of Web Mining Ontology System in E-Commerce Based on FCA
LiuJie He

66. Study of the Three-Dimensional Map about Rural Complicated Scene
Ronghua Gao, Huarui Wu, Haiying Ma

67. The Research of Search Engine System in e-Commerce Based on Formal Concept Analysis
XiuYing Sun

68. The Influence Mechanism and Principle by Studying Advertising on Consumer Psychology
Fan Yang

69. The Development of Intelligent Shopping System in e-Commerce by PHP and MYSQL
Jing Li, JianChen Wan

70. Review on Policy Risk in Developing Property in the Chinese Mainland
YuHong Pan, DongMei Zhang, JiaMei Pang

71. On Macro-control Mechanism of the Environmental Capacity Production Factor Market
Yanli Li, Lijun Li, Huijing Wang

72. On Establishing the Eco-compensation Mechanism in China’s Financial Policy
Yanli Li, Lijun Li, Tengfei Jia

73. Present Positions and Suggestions of Bilingual Education for High Education in China
Xin Luo

74. The Options of Financial Goal for Chinese Enterprises
Xin Luo

75. Enterprises’ Financial Security in Uncertain Operating Environment
Xin Luo

76. Simulation Designing Model of Kanban Production System for a Engine Assembly Workshop Based on Witness
Yan Xiao, Yunyun Li, Kangqu Zhou

77. A Compensatory Algorithm for High-Speed Visual Object Tracking Based on Markov Chain
Zhenzhong Song, Xiaoqing Peng, Huijun He, Gaoang Wang

78. A New Sample-Based Algorithm for Inpainting Used in Secrete Information Hiding
Yue Qin

79. The Factors Affecting the Attitude of University Students towards Online Shopping
Mengli Ma, Rui Ma

80. A Research on Cache Management for the Distributed Cache in P2P-CDN
Binjie Zhu, Zhiwei Shen

81. The Usage of Σ-ΔA/D in Langmuir Probe
Yifeng Zhu, Xu Yang, Lei Shi, Yanfu Li

82. Linear Cryptanalysis of Light-Weight Block Cipher ICEBERG
Yue Sun

83. The Ontology Recommendation System in E-Commerce Based on Data Mining and Web Mining Technology
TingZhong Wang

84. Design and Development of E-Learning Virtual Learning System Based on VRML and Java
Shaoliang Qi

85. Application of Pattern Recognizing Technique to Automatic Isolating Garbage Can
Zhongyan Hu, Zaihui Cao, Jinfa Shi

86. Apply IT Curriculum Objectives Ontology to Design Aided Teaching System
YanFei Li

87. On the Importance of Movie Appreciation in Multimedia Network Translation Teaching
Changhong Zhai

88. A Parallel CRC Algorithm Based on Symbolic Polynomial
Biying Zhang

89. Research on Intrusion Detection Based on Heuristic Genetic Neural Network
Biying Zhang

90. Bandwidth Prediction Scheme for Streaming Media Transmission
Kexin Zhang, Zongze Wu, Shengli Xie, Liangmou Feng

91. Slice Partition and Optimization Compilation Algorithm for Dataflow Multi-core Processor
Biying Zhang, Zhongchuan Fu, Yan Wang, Gang Cui

92. Processing and Stationarity Analyzing of Accelerometer Parameter Based on Cubic Spline Interpolation
Yan Liu, Yuan Zhao, Hongjie Cheng

93. Improving the Quality of the Personalized Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Approach Employing Folksonomy Method
Jianhua Liu

94. Research on Usage Control Model in Pervasive Computing System
Haiying Wu

95. A Personalized Information Filtering Method Based on Simple Bayesian Classifier
Jianhua Liu

96. Design and Implementation of the Digital Campus Network
Xiaomei Shang, Zheng Li, Zhijun Chen

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Business Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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