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Advances in Electronic Commerce, Web Application and Communication

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Table of contents

1. Analysis of College Sports Consumption and the Sunshine Sports in China
Yan-qing Chen, Jian-min Qi, Ling-juan Shi

2. The Research on the Sports Consumption and the Development of Physical Fitness Industry
Yan-xia Zhang, Long Wang

2 Performance Index Robust Control of Arc Furnace Electrode Regulator System
XiaoHe Liu, Nan Gao, Yuan Gao

4. A Foreground Segmentation Scheme
Shilin Zhang, Heping Li, Shuwu Zhang

5. Research on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Rough Set Theory
XiangHui Li, KeNing Da

6. Research of Engine Department Team Based on Engine Room Resource Management
DeZhi Jiang

7. Trajectory Optimization and Analysis for Near Spacecraft’s Unpowered Gliding Phase
Yongyuan Li, Yi Jiang, Chunping Huang

8. New Stability of Markovian Jump Delayed Systems with Partially Unknown Transition Probabilities
Yanfang Zuo, Lianglin Xiong, Junhui Wang

9. Analysis on Audience’s Attitudes toward and Behaviors Caused by Product Placement
Yue Yang, Xianliang Wang, Hu Liu

10. Considerations on Strengthening Enterprise Financial Control
Jie Li, XuYing Jiang, JiChun Chen

11. Considerations on Strengthening State-Owned Asset Supervision and Administration
Jie Li, XuYing Jiang, JiChun Chen

12. On the Enterprise Human Capital Investment
XuYing Jiang, ZhenKai Xie, JiChun Chen

13. Strengthening Financial Centralized Management, Improving Enterprise Group Management Benefit
JiChun Chen, XuYing Jiang, ZhenKai Xie

14. Analysis of the Employment Effect of the CDM Forestation and Reforestation Project of Heilongjiang Province
PeiYan Yu, YingLi Huang

15. Analysis of the Game between Human Beings and Climatic Environment Based on Two-Stage Dynamic Chicken Game Model
Liu Mengqiao, Fu Xingxing, Zhu Bo, Huang Yingli

16. Von Mises Uniform Distribution Inference for CPI of Shaanxi Province from 2006 to 2010 in China
Yu Zheng, Juan Zhang, Zongke Hou

17. Research on Flexible Connection of Battery Pack
ChanMing Chen, ChengXi Luo, ZhenPo Wang

18. Labor Mobility and Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from China
JianBao Chen, Yang Chen

19. A Link Quality Assessment Model for WSNs Based on BDCT-SVM
Linlan Liu, Chao Zang, Jian Shu, Yangfan Ge, Yuhao Zhou

20. The Influence of Randomness on Network Formation
Yanjun Fang

21. An Empirical Research on the Correlation between Market Sentiment and Returns of Stocks
Jijiao Jiang, Tongtong Sun

22. Chinese OFDI Risk Analysis and Control
YuDuo Lu, DongYang Qiu, Qiao Song

23. Implementation of a Chaos-Based Encryption Software for Electroencephalogram Signals
Chin-Feng Lin, Chun-Yuan Chang

24. Analysis of County Economic Development Disparity in Guangdong Province Based on BP Artificial Neural Network
Qinglan Qian, Yingbiao Chen

25. Interference Suppression of Complex Pairing Access in CDMA System Based on Network Coding
Xiaoguang Zhang, Yonghua Li, Jiaru Lin, Li Guo

26. Motor Fault Diagnosis Based on Decision Tree-Bayesian Network Model
Yi-shan Gong, Yang Li

27. Design and Realization of an Intelligence Mobile Terminal on Emergency Response System for Sudden Affairs Based on Android
Zhiwen Nan, Qingping Meng, Kehao Wang, Houqin Su

28. Scale Development of Customer Psychological Contract
Yan Ma, Junye Deng, Jinjin Hao, Yong Wu

29. The Categorization and Consequences of Customer Misbehaviors
Yan Ma, Junye Deng, Guangwei Fan

30. Evolution Supporting Class-Cluster Data Model for PLM
Huawei Zhong, Guangrong Yan, Yi Lei

31. Quadtree-Based Gridfile: A New Grid for Spatial Data
ZhongJie Zhang, DePeng Zhao, DeQiang Wang

32. Research and Implementation of Application Server Compatible with IPv4 and IPv6
Qi Xiong, Yucai He

33. Student Achievement Databases Assist Teaching Improvement
Xinhui Wu, Junping Yang, Changhai Qin

34. Study on Development and Application of Online FAQ in Experimental Computer Courses
Shuzhen Li

35. The Research about Transmitting Mechanisms and Channel Models of Wireless Sensor Semantic Network
Gu Xiao Jun

36. Self-adapting Unified Software Test for Network Information Processing
Liu Fu Xiang

37. Exponential Stability of Numerical Solutions to Stochastic Competitive Population Equations with Markovian Switching
Hai-ming He, Qi-min Zhang

38. A Rough-Set Adaptive Interactive Multi-Modulus Algorithm Based on Neural Network
Jing Cao, WenShen Zhao, Ying Gao, WeiZheng Ren

39. Discussion on One Sought-after Skill in Web Development: CMS Themes Design
Jianhong Sun, Qun Cai, Yingjiang Li

40. Obtain Semi-definite Matrix Eigenvalue Based on LANCZOS Algorithm
Hong Shao, Zhiguo Wang, Wei Xu

41. The Management System Research Based on Information Technology
ZhongXuan Yang

42. Construction Research of the New Community Management Model Based on Virtual Organization
ZhongXuan Yang

43. Discussion on Web Development Technology Education from the Educational Philosophy View of Pragmatism
Jianhong Sun, Qun Cai, Yingfang Li

44. Analysis of Current Status of Self-defence Course in Colleges in Hubei Province from the Perspective of Course Reform
Ning Guo, Shanli Yi

45. On the Development of Leisure-Oriented Mass Sport in Yangtze Delta
Jianbo Li, Yuhua Ren

46. The Sports Dance Course in Constructing Harmonious Personality of College Students Study
Shanli Yi, Ning Guo

47. Design of Automobile Intelligence Security Control System Based on Microcontroller AT89C51
WeiSheng Zhong, YaPing Wang

48. Blind Separation of Noisy Mixed Images Based on Neural Network and Independent Component Analysis
Hongyan Li, Xueying Zhang

49. Improved RED Algorithm for Low-Rate DoS Attack
Li Ma, Jie Chen, Bo Zhang

50. OKN: A Presentation Method for Web Resource Based on Ontologies
Baolu Gao, Jingyu Sun, Xueli Yu

51. The Research of Network Educational Resources Managing Based on Virtual Synergistic Technology
Meifang Chen, Xiaoqiang Hu, Liang Zeng

52. A Brief Study on Exploration-Internalization Mode Based on Information Technology
Xianzhi Tian

53. The Research of Commercial Real Estate Development Problems and Countermeasures in China
LiYuan Liu, WenKuan Chen

54. Multi-pattern Finite Automation Based Regular Expression Matching
Zhanjie Wang, Wenjuan Qiu, Lijun Zhang

55. An Improved PID Tuning Algorithm for Mobile Robots
Wei Zhi, QingSheng Luo, JianFeng Liu

56. Study and Application of High-Speed Campus Network Model
Lianzhi Guo, Guo’an Zhang, Guangming Han

57. Similarity Detection Method Based on Assembly Language and String Matching
Shuqian Shan, Fengjuan Guo, Jiaxun Ren

58. Design and Implementation of ADI H.264 Encoding Library on BF561 Platform
Qinghui Wang, Guian Wu

59. Empirical Research on the Relationship between Chinese Inflation Level and Macroeconomic Variables
QiZhi He

60. On-Line Monitoring System Software Design Based on Energy-Efficient of Non-invasive Motor
Zhang Qingxin, Liu Chong, Li Haibin, Li Jin

61. Research on Mongolian Input Methods
S. Loglo, Sarula

62. Influence of Introduction of Stock Index Futures on Information Efficiency of Stock Market in the Hong Kong Capital Market
Hailiang Meng

63. Research and Application of License Plate Recognition System
Tao Zhang, Yong qi Qi

64. Applying BCH Error Correcting Code in Digital Watermark
Wei Wang

65. Extraction of Interest Association Rule in Web-Based Education
Yang Shen, Shangqin Yang, Kuanmin Lu, Yang Chang

66. A Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring System of Machine Tools
Qingqing Yang, Chunguang Han

67. The Design of Remote Automatic Meter-Reading System’s Communicational Reliability
BingYun Qian, Song Zhu

68. How to Balance the Motivators and Inhibitors for Consumers to Continue Using New Mobile Services
Mian Zhang

69. Public Sentiment Monitoring Method Based on the Combination of Semantic Network and Apriori Algorism
ChengQi Liu, Sui Luo, JianFeng Xu

70. An Efficient Relocation Algorithm in Mobile Sensor Network Based on Improved Artificial Bee Colony
Wei Zheng, Jian Shu

71. Research and Implementation of Information Systems about Digital Underground Engineering Based on 3D GIS
Yuliang Qiu, Man Huang, Zhu Wang, Xiaoyong Hu, Mingyi Zhou

72. Research on Human Resources Efficiency of Project Department Based on PCA-DEA Complex Model
WanQing Li, Yang Liu, WenQing Meng

73. Management of Empty Nester’s Caring System
QingYing Zhang, MengYa Zhang, Yan Chen

74. Internet of Things Applied in the Home-Based Caring System for the Aged
Qingying Zhang, Zhimin Chen, Peng Zhang

75. Text Clustering Method Based on K-medoids Social Evolutionary Programming
ZhanGang Hao

76. E-commerce Recommendation Algorithm Based on Multi-level Association Rules
ShuiYuan Huang, LongZhen Duan

77. Electroencephalograph Automatic Diagnosis Based on Kernel Principal Angle
Haikuan Liu, Xijuan Wang, Liangzhi Gan

78. The Category of the 4-Valued Fuzzy Sets
Xiaoshen Li, Hongjian Zhang, Xuehai Yuan

79. About a System of Periodic Signal Analysis
JingBo XU

80. Construction of Chaotic System Based on Parameter Searching and Application in the Spread Spectrum Communication
Shaoyong Zhang

81. An Improvement of ACL Match Based on Hash Structure
Weihua Hu, Jing Xu, Jia Lv

82. New Theta Function Wave Solutions to the EW Equation Using Symbolic Computation
Xiaoxia Yang, Junmin Wang

83. The Upper Bound of Lifetime on Fixed Energy Budget in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lisheng Ren, Fang Wang

84. An Automatic Initialization Method of Reference Model in Target Tracking
Junxiang Gao, Jingtao Xu

85. An Integration Method of Small Batch Data Transmission between Network DNC and PDM
Guangrong Yan, Fei Wang, Tao Ding

86. A Text Document Clustering Method Based on Topical Concept
Yi Ding, Xian Fu

87. Wireless Sensor Network Based on ZigBee in Aquaculture
Xingqiao Liu, Liqiang Cheng

88. Legal Protection of Network Virtual Property
Hui Chang, Yang Tang, Zhao-Jing Ma

89. Discussion on the Education of the Most Sought-after Skill in Web Development: Framework Knowledge
Jianhong Sun, Qun Cai, Yingjiang Li

90. Study on Full Text Retrieval of Spatial Data Based on Geocoding
Fan Gao, Feng Gao, Bingliang Cui

91. Analysis of Performance Optimization Principles and Models in Web
Xin Wang

92. Research on Saving Electric Energy of Practical Teaching in Colleges and Universities
Shuangguo Niu, Xinfa Dong

93. Prediction and Evaluation Methods of Mining Damage Based on Computer Simulation
Hong Ji, Xueyi Yu

94. Research and Application on Automatic Generation Technology of JavaScript Input Validation
Yongchang Ren, Jie Hu, Lisha Ning, Tao Xing

95. Research and Application on Representation Tools of Software Detailed Design
Yongchang Ren, Wei Cai, Lisha Ning, Tao Xing

96. Research on Support Vector Regression in the Stock Market Forecasting
Chun Cai, Qinghua Ma, Shuqiang Lv

97. Research on Teaching Evaluation System Model Based on Trusted Network
Wen Qin, Hai-ying Li, Wu Qin

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Business Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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