Gaol, Ford Lumban

Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science

Gaol, Ford Lumban - Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Novel Approach for Extracting Nociceptive-Related Time-Frequency Features in Event-Related Potentials
Li Hu, Weiwei Peng, Yong Hu

2. Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Francis Turbine Runner
Hu Ying, Hu Ji

3. Learning Is a Team Sport ... Analysis of a Model for Interactions in Computer Science Education
Leila Goosen

4. Static Power Optimization for Homogeneous Multiple GPUs Based on Task Partition
Yisong Lin, Tao Tang, Guibin Wang

5. A Dynamic Structure of Counting Bloom Filter
Jianhua Gu, Xingshe Zhou

6. Draft Line Detection Based on Image Processing for Ship Draft Survey
Xin Ran, Chaojian Shi, Jinbiao Chen, Shijun Ying, Keping Guan

7. High Throughput Computing Application to Transport Modeling
Mahmoud Mesbah, Majid Sarvi, Jefferson Tan, Fateme Karimirad

8. Towards an Organic PLM Approach Providing a Semantic Engineering Desktop
Detlef Gerhard

9. Parameterized Path Based Randomized Oblivious Minimal Path Routing with Fault Tolerance in 2D Mesh Network on Chip
Mushtaq Ahmed, Vijay Laxmi, M. S. Gaur, Yogesh Meena

10. Radiation Study of SEE in ASIC Fabricated in 0.18μm Technology
Pan Dong, Long Fan, Suge Yue, Hongchao Zheng, Shougang Du

11. Optimal Task Scheduling Algorithm for Parallel Processing
Hiroki Shioda, Katsumi Konishi, Seiichi Shin

12. Null Convention Logic Circuits Using Balanced Ternary on SOI
Sameh Andrawes, Paul Beckett

13. Application of Computer Capacity to Evaluation of Intel x86 Processors
Andrey Fionov, Yury Polyakov, Boris Ryabko

14. Channel Height Estimation for VLSI Design
Yuannian Liu

15. High Speed BCD Adder
C. Sundaresan, C. V. S. Chaitanya, P. R. Venkateswaran, Somashekara Bhat, J. Mohan Kumar

16. Research on Handover Algorithm for LEO Satellite Network
Ye XiaoGuo, Wang RuChuan, Sun LiJuan

17. Mobility Support in IPv4/v6 Network
Zheng Xiang, Zhengming Ma

18. Finding Security Vulnerabilities in Java Web Applications with Test Generation and Dynamic Taint Analysis
Yu-Yu Huang, Kung Chen, Shang-Lung Chiang

19. A Scalable Distributed Multimedia Service Management Architecture Using XMPP
Xianli Jin

20. Sensor-Level Real-Time Support for XBee-Based Wireless Communication
Mihai V. Micea, Valentin Stangaciu, Cristina Stangaciu, Constantin Filote

21. An Ontology Based Personalizing Search Measure with the Protection of Original Engine Integrity
Xiao-dong Wang, Qiang (Patrick) Qiang

22. A Study on QoS Routing Scheme for Tactical Ad-Hoc Network
Taehun Kang, Jaiyong Lee

23. Business Process Execution Based on Map Reduce Architecture
Chenni Wu, Wei Zhang

24. Developing Village Knowledge Sharing Capability in Supporting E-Village at Cipadu Village, Tangerang Region
Dian Anubhakti, Basuki Hari Prasetyo, Teddy Mantoro, Nazir Harjanto

25. A State Oriented Buffer Control Mechanism for the Priority-Based Congestion Control Algorithm in WSNs
Jeongseok On, Yoonpil Sung, Jaiyong Lee

26. Survey on P2P Traffic Managements
Yingru Luo

27. Solution of Collision Caused by Unidirectional Link in MANET on the Navy Ships
Jungseung Lee, Jaiyong Lee

28. Fast and Memory Efficient Conflict Detection for Multidimensional Packet Filters
Chun-Liang Lee, Guan-Yu Lin, Yaw-Chung Chen

29. Hierarchical Codes in Bandwidth-Limited Distributed Storage Systems
Zhen Huang, Lixia Liu, Yuxing Peng, Shoufu Xue

30. Middleware-Based Distributed Data Acquisition and Control in Smart Home Networks
Yaohui Wu, Pengfei Shao

31. Improving the Efficiency and Accuracy of SIFT Image Matching
Daw-Tung Lin, Chin-Hui Hsu

32. Morphological Characteristics of Cervical Cells for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis
Rahmadwati, Golshah Naghdy, Montse Ros, Catherine Todd

33. A Study on a Method of Effective Memory Utilization on GPU Applied for Neighboring Filter on Image Processing
Yoshio Yanagihara, Yuki Minamiura

34. A New Design for Digital Audio Effect of Flange Based on Subband Decomposition
Jianping Chen, Xiaodong Ji, JianliSn Qiu, Tianyi Chen

35. A Robust Algorithm for Arabic Video Text Detection
Ashraf M. A. Ahmad, Ahlam Alqutami, Jalal Atoum

36. Detection of Lip Area and Smile Analysis for Self Smile Training
Won-Chang Song, Sun-Kyung Kang, Jin-Keun Dong, Sung-Tae Jung

37. Algorithm for the Vertex-Distinguishing Total Coloring of Complete Graph
Li Jingwen, Xu Xiaoqing, Yan Guanghui

38. A Comparison of Local Linear Feature Extraction
Hou Guo-qiang, Fu Xiao-ning, He Tian-xiang

39. Reducing X-Ray Exposure of 3D Hepatic MDCT Images by Applying an Optimized Feature Preserving Strategy
Jiehang Deng, Min Qian, Guoqing Qiao, Yuanlie He, Zheng Li

40. Quickly Creating Illumination-Controllable Point-Based Models from Photographs
Weihua An

41. Development on Insole 3D Plantar Pressure Measurement System Based on Zigbee Technology
Yemin Guo, Lanmei Wang

42. A Study of Software Architecture for Real-Time Image and Graphic Processing for Time-Sequenced 3-D CT Images
Yoshio Yanagihara

43. Entropy Application in Partial Discharge Analysis with Non-intrusive Measurement
Guomin Luo, Daming Zhang

44. Three-Dimensional Imaging of a Human Body Using an Array of Ultrasonic Sensors and a Camera
Hideo Furuhashi, Yuta Kuzuya, Chen Gal, Masatoshi Shimizu

45. A Parallel Adaptive Block FSAI Preconditioner for Finite Element Geomechanical Models
Carlo Janna, Massimiliano Ferronato, Giuseppe Gambolati

46. An Effective Inductive Learning Algorithm for Extracting Rules
Rein Kuusik, Grete Lind

47. Computational Knowledge Modeling in Cardiovascular Clinical Information Systems
Nan-Chen Hsieh, Jui-Fa Chen, Hsin-Che Tsai, Fan Su

48. Automatic Extraction and Categorization of Lung Abnormalities from HRCT Data in MDR/XDR TB Patients
Saher Lahouar, Clifton E. Barry, Praveen Paripati, Sandeep Somaiya, Yentram Huyen, Alexander Rosenthal, Michael Tartakovsky

49. DNA Algorithm Based on K-Armed Molecule and Sticker Model for Shortest Path Problem
Hong Zheng, Zhili Pei, Qing’an Yao, QingHu Wang, Yanchun Liang

50. Smith Normal Form Using Scaled Extended Integer ABS Algorithms
Effat Golpar-Raboky, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri

51. The Characteristics of Flat-Topped and Pinnacle Building on SAR Image
Wang Min, Zhou Shu-dao, Liu Zhi-hua, Huang Feng, Bai Heng

52. Haar Wavelet Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Burgers’ Equation
Miaomiao Wang, Fengqun Zhao

53. A Summarization Strategy of Chinese News Discourse
Deliang Wang

54. A Neuron Model Based on Hamilton Principle and Energy Coding
Yan Chuankui

55. Formation of Bonded Exciplex in the Excited States of Dicyanoanthracene-Pyridine System: Time Dependent Density Functional Theory Study
Dani Setiawan, Daniel Sethio, Muhamad Abdulkadir Martoprawiro, Michael Filatov

56. Simulation of a Cockpit Display System under the Sunlight
Wei Heng-yang, Zhuang Da-min, Wan-yan Xiao-ru

57. Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Elasticity Microbeam with Electromechanical Couping
Yang Liu, Peng Jian-she, Xie Gang, Luo Guang-bing

58. Continuous Analysis Based on Profile Information for Vectorization Optimization
Yuan Yao, Rong-cai Zhao

59. A New Three-Dimensional Spherical Terrain Rendering Method Based on Network Environment
X. F. Dai, H. J. Xiong, X. W. Zheng

60. Combining Probabilistic Dependency Models and Particle Swarm Optimization for Parameter Inference in Stochastic Biological Systems
Michele Forlin, Debora Slanzi, Irene Poli

61. Neuro-aided H2 Controller Design for Aircraft under Actuator Failure
Zhifeng Wang, Guangcai Xiong

62. Transcriptome to Reactome Deterministic Modeling: Validation of in Silico Simulations of Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Signaling in MG63 Osteosarcoma Cells, TTR Deterministic Modeling
Clyde F. Phelix, Bethaney Watson, Richard G. LeBaron, Greg Villareal, Dawnlee Roberson

63. Advanced Co-phase Traction Power Supply Simulation Based on Multilevel Converter
Zeliang Shu, Xifeng Xie, Yongzhi Jing

64. Exponential Convergence of a Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm with Relaxation
Yong Cai, Yang Zhao, Yuchao Tang

65. The Experiment and Simulation Study of Respiration on the Dose Distribution in Radiotherapy
Xiao Xu, Keqiang Wang

66. Level Based Flooding for Node Search in Wireless Sensor Network
Yanhong Ding, Tie Qiu, Honglian Ma, Naigao Jin

67. Numerical and Experimental Study of Hydrogen Release from a High-Pressure Vessel
Sang Heon Han, Daejun Chang

68. SIMD Computer Using 16 Processing Elements for Multi-Access Memory System
Jea-Hee Kim, Kyung-Sik Ko, Jong Won Park

69. Detection of Broken Rotor Bars in Induction Motors Using Unscented Kalman Filters
Damian Mazur

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Applications

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Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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