Bergh, Sylvia I.

Migration, Gender and Social Justice

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. 1 Migration, Gender, Social Justice, and Human Insecurity
Thanh-Dam Truong, Des Gasper, Jeff Handmaker

Part II. Transformation of Social Reproduction Systems and Migration: Local-Global Interactions

2. 2 From Breaking the Silence to Breaking the Chain of Social Injustice: Indonesian Women Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates
Sulistyowati Irianto, Thanh-Dam Truong

3. 3 From Temporary Work in Agriculture to Irregular Status in Domestic Service: The Transition and Experiences of Senegalese Migrant Women in Spain
Aly Tandian, Sylvia I. Bergh

4. 4 Burmese Female Migrant Workers in Thailand: Managing Productive and Reproductive Responsibilities
Kyoko Kusakabe, Ruth Pearson

5. 5 Transnational Marriage Migration and the East Asian Family-Based Welfare Model: Social Reproduction in Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea
Duong Bach Le, Thanh-Dam Truong, Thu Hong Khuat

6. 6 Masculinity at Work: Intersectionality and Identity Constructions of Migrant Domestic Workers in the Netherlands
Aster Georgo Haile, Karin Astrid Siegmann

Part III. The State and Female Internal Migration: Rights and Livelihood Security

7. 7 Traversing Myriad Trails: Tracking Gender and Labour Migration across India
Indrani Mazumdar, Indu Agnihotri

8. 8 From ‘Integration into Cities’ to ‘An Integrated Society’: Women Migrants’ Needs and Rights in Fujian Province, China
Yu Zhu, Liyue Lin

9. 9 Migration, Woodcarving, and Engendered Identities in San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
Serena Eréndira Serrano Oswald

10. 10 Strategic Invisibility as Everyday Politics for a Life with Dignity: Guatemalan Women Migrants’ Experiences of Insecurity at Mexico’s Southern Border
Martha Luz Rojas-Wiesner, Maria DeVargas

Part IV. Complexity of Gender: Embodiment and Intersectionality

11. 11 Masculinities and Intersectionality in Migration: Transnational Wolof Migrants Negotiating Manhood and Gendered Family Roles
Giulia Sinatti

12. 12 Intersectionality, Structural Vulnerability, and Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Qatar
Thanh-Dam Truong, Amara Quesada-Bondad

13. 13 Sub-Saharan Migrants’ Masculinities: An Intersectional Analysis of Media Representations during the Libyan War 2011
Maria DeVargas, Stefania Donzelli

14. 14 Complexity of Gender and Age in Precarious Lives: Malian Men, Women, and Girls in Communities of Blind Beggars in Senegal
Codou Bop, Thanh-Dam Truong

Part V. Liminal Legality, Citizenship and Migrant Rights Mobilization

15. 15 Migrants’ Citizenship and Rights: Limits and Potential for NGOs’ Advocacy in Chile
Claudia Mora, Jeff Handmaker

16. 16 Diminished Civil Citizenship of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
Antoinette Vlieger

17. 17 The Right to Education for Migrant Children in Thailand: Liminal Legality and the Educational Experience of Migrant Children in Samut Sakhon
Kamowan Petchot

18. 18 Challenges of Recognition, Participation, and Representation for the Legally Liminal: A Comment
Cecilia Menjívar, Susan Bibler Coutin

Part VI. Migration Regimes, Gender Norms, and Public Action

19. 19 Gender, Masculinity, and Safety in the Changing Lao-Thai Migration Landscape
Roy Huijsmans

20. 20 Public Social Science at Work: Contesting Hostility Towards Nicaraguan Migrants in Costa Rica
Carlos Sandoval-García

Part VII. Conclusion

21. 21 ‘Women in Motion’ in a World of Nation-States, Market Forces, and Gender Power Relations
Des Gasper, Thanh-Dam Truong

Keywords: Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Migration, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Human Rights, Anthropology, Public Law

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Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace
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