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Table of contents

1. A Survey of Geologic Resources
Jennifer Edmunson, Douglas L. Rickman

2. Helium Isotopes in the Lunar Regolith – Measuring Helium Isotope Diffusivity in Lunar Analogs
Kimberly R. Kuhlman, Gerald L. Kulcinski

3. Water on the Moon: What Is Derived from the Observations?
Larissa Starukhina

4. Theoretical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Retrievals from Chang’E-1 Data for Microwave Exploration of Lunar Surface/Subsurface
Ya-Qiu Jin

5. Lunar Minerals and Their Resource Utilization with Particular Reference to Solar Power Satellites and Potential Roles for Humic Substances for Lunar Agriculture
Yuuki Yazawa, Akira Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Takeda

6. Lunar Holes and Lava Tubes as Resources for Lunar Science and Exploration
Junichi Haruyama, Tomokatsu Morota, Shingo Kobayashi, Shujiro Sawai, Paul G. Lucey, Motomaro Shirao, Masaki N. Nishino

7. Oxygen from Lunar Regolith
Carsten Schwandt, James A. Hamilton, Derek J. Fray, Ian A. Crawford

8. In-Situ Water Production by Reducing Ilmenite
Yang Li, Xiongyao Li, Shijie Wang, Hong Tang, Hong Gan, Shijie Li, Guangfei Wei, Yongchun Zheng, Kang T. Tsang, Ziyuan Ouyang

9. Potential ISRU of Lunar Regolith for Planetary Habitation Applications
Eric J. Faierson, Kathryn V. Logan

10. Lunar Drilling, Excavation and Mining in Support of Science, Exploration, Construction, and In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
Kris Zacny

11. Challenges in Transporting, Handling and Processing Regolith in the Lunar Environment
Otis Walton

12. Power System Options for Lunar Surface Exploration: Past, Present and Future
Simon D. Fraser

13. The Use of Lunar Resources for Energy Generation on the Moon
Alex Ignatiev, Alexandre Freundlich

14. Perpetual Sunshine, Moderate Temperatures and Perpetual Cold as Lunar Polar Resources
James D. Burke

15. Condition of Solar Radiation on the Moon
Xiongyao Li, Wen Yu, Shijie Wang, Shijie Li, Hong Tang, Yang Li, Yongchun Zheng, Kang T. Tsang, Ziyuan Ouyang

16. Photovoltaic Power Generation on the Moon: Problems and Prospects
T. E. Girish, S. Aranya

17. Fuel Cell Power System Options for Lunar Surface Exploration Applications
Simon D. Fraser

18. Theory and Applications of Cooling Systems in Lunar Surface Exploration
Simon D. Fraser

19. Principles of Efficient Usage of Thermal Resources for Heating on Moon
Viorel Badescu

20. Deployable Lunar Habitation Design
S. Haeuplik-Meusburger, K. Ozdemir

21. Curing of Composite Materials for an Inflatable Construction on the Moon
Alexey Kondyurin

22. Natural Resources of the Moon and Legal Regulation
Lotta Viikari

23. The Property Status of Lunar Resources
Virgiliu Pop

24. Telecommunication and Navigation Services in Support of Lunar Exploration and Exploitation
Marco Cenzon, Dragoş Alexandru Păun

25. A Laser Power Beaming Architecture for Supplying Power to the Lunar Surface
Henry W. Brandhorst

26. Building the First Lunar Base – Construction, Transport, Assembly
Werner Grandl

27. Advanced Systems Concept for Autonomous Construction and Self-repair of Lunar Surface ISRU Structures
H. Benaroya, S. Indyk, S. Mottaghi

28. Moon Dune – Bacillithic Cratertecture
Magnus Larsson, Alex Kaiser

29. Fundamentals of Modern Lunar Management: Private Sector Considerations
Mike H. Ryan, Ida Kutschera

30. Highlights of Solar System Development on the 200th Anniversary of Men on the Moon
Yerah Timoshenko

Keywords: Engineering, Energy Technology, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Planetology

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