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Table of contents

1. Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform
Ping Cheng

2. The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China
Pengyi Zhu

3. System Structure of Venture Capital Industry in Japan
Peng Liang, Yu Huang

4. Identification about Key Element of Urban Core Competitiveness Based on Structural Equation Model
Shui-ying Jin

5. Work-Integrated Learning at the Engineering School at Vongchavalitkul University
Sanguan Vongchavalitkul, Busaya Vongchavalitkul

6. An Analysis on the Forming Reason of Dominant Firms of China
Hongli Ji, Yanqiu Liu, Fanwen Wu

7. A Survey of Science Literacy Level for Senior High School Students in Taiwan
Chao Chih-Yang, Yang Shih-Chun, Yen Chia-Sung, Lin Yong Shun

8. Performance Evaluation of the Regional Innovation in the Integration of Production, Education and Research
Chaoyi Chen, Bo Wang, Luo Chen

9. Research on the Buffer Sizing Approach in Critical Chain Scheduling in Perspective of Flexible Management
Guofeng Ma, Lei Li, Zhiqin Chen

10. Research on the Society Security of the Landless Peasants of Henan Province
Guo Xiaoli

11. Nature of the Dynamics of Graphene
Zhang Yu-Qian, Li Yu-Chen, Zhu Shi-Xi

12. A L-stable Numerical Scheme for Option Pricing under Jump-Diffusion Models
Wei Li, Shengwu Zhou

13. Empirical Research on the Level and Quality of Gains from ST Stocks in China
Wenxiu Hu, Jing Niu, Qingbang Mu

14. Research on the Impact of Work Heterogeneity on Human Resource Development Needs
Yan Qin, Dan Mu

15. A Research of an Undergraduate Course "Exploratory" Closed Book Examinations Method -— The "Intermodal" Courses as an Example
Liu Mingwu, Zeng Haoran

16. Study on Strategic Choices of China’s Commercial Banks Based on SWOT Analysis
Yan-jing Bai, Zhi-feng Yin

17. The Characteristics and Implementation Strategy of Modern Hospital Knowledge Management
Zhi-guo Liu, Hai-bo Yang

18. Competitive Advantage in e-Commerce: The Case of Database Marketing
Teresa Guarda, Maria Augusto, Carlos Silva

19. The Impact of Credit Derivatives Issuance on Financial Institutions
Yang Xing, Zhong Yuqin

20. Empirical Analysis on Green Innovation of Chinese Paper Manufacturing
Haiying Liu, Zhiyong Zou

21. Overview of Change Management and Its Implementation
Reza Malek, Rashad Yazdanifard

22. Causes of American Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Its Enlightenment to China
Tao Song, Shi-chen Fan

23. Research on Traffic Circle Capacity
Chaonan Jiang, Jing Yin, Jialei Gao, Tao Huang

24. Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Resistance of Double Chevron Plate Heat Exchanges with Different Corrugation Pitch
ChunSheng Guo, WenJing Du, Lin Cheng

25. Perceived Risk in Marketing Strategy
Liu Tian-Que

26. Discussion of EV Virtual Value Calculation Method for Light Environment Test System and Influence Factors of Calibration Experiment under Skylight
Yuan Zou, Tianxing Shen

27. The Research on the Rectification System of Stereo Image Pairs
Qinyou Yang, Xiaoyan Yu

28. An Empirical Study on Industrial Homogeneity between Fujian and Taiwan Provinces by the Coefficient of Similarity and R/S
Suqiong Wei, Yanhua Chen, Jinghuan Geng, Liyun Zeng

29. The Relationship between Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Taiwan
Shu-Chen Chang, Cheng-Hsien Wu

30. Residential Location, Commute and Urban Transportation
Xiaoping Yu

31. An Online High-Speed Card Characters Recognition and Verification System Based on Multi-neural Network
Yongle Wang, Shuxin Xu

32. Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices: Empirical Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange, Pakistan
Muhammad Nauman Khan, Sharif Zaman

33. Research in Transaction Model of ERT Database Management System
Yongle Wang, Shuxin Xu

34. Study on the Learning Evaluation of Web-Based Learning Platform
Kejin Xu, Yang Du

35. Research of Public Service Units Performance Appraisal Based on Weight-Variable Theory
Zhou Xiaoshi, Jin Minli, Ling Ping

36. The Study on University Library Consortium Based on Cloud Computing
Hai-bo Yang, Ning Yu

37. Research on County Tourism Development in Hainan
Xiang-rui Chen, Fan-hua Meng, Lan Li, Shi-chen Fan

38. The Research of Human Resources Flexibility
Changna Qian, Wen Zhou, Liang Chen, Wenbing Zhang

39. A Developed System for Business Management
Sharly Joana Halder, Wooju Kim

40. Reliability Model Research on E-Business System Composited with Web Services
Yugen Du

41. Discuss in the Mission and the Curriculum Construction of Chinese College Physical Education in Transformation Period
Wu Jianjun, Zhang Anhong

42. Accounts Payable Analytics - Indispensable for Optimizing Cash Flow
Partho Bandopadhyay, Jaywardhan Semwal, Kumar Suneet, Tulika

43. Prospect and Business of Leapfrog Development of Hainan Rural Tourism against the Background of International Tourism Island
Shi-chen Fan, Tao Song

44. Spatial Economics Research on Formation Mechanism of Commercial Circle Based on Consumer Searching Cost
Juan Feng, Jian-Wei Wu

45. Study on the Construction of Hainan Theme Park under the Background of International Tourism Island
Fan-hua Meng, Xiang-rui Chen, Shi-chen Fan, Tao Song

46. Human Library: A New Way of Tacit Knowledge Sharing
Yong-hua Zhai, Ying Zhao, Rui-mei Wang

47. Strategies for Increasing the Key Capabilities of Organization Agility
Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Mohammad Zare, Sedigheh Asefi

48. Using Fuzzy Delphi Method and Fuzzy AHP for Evaluation Structure of the Appeal of Taiwan’s Coastal Wetlands Ecotourism
Chien-Chi Lin, Laurence Zsu-Hsin Chuang

49. Application of Support Vector Machine Regression in Stock Price Forecasting
Zhongxin Ding

50. Empirical Analysis of the Influence on the Sino-US Trade Balance by the RMB Real Exchange Rata
Bangyong Hu

51. Evaluation of the Influence of Selected Production Factors on Makespan for Different Routes in FJSP Problem
Tadeusz Witkowski, Arkadiusz Antczak, Paweł Antczak

52. Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impacts on the Build-Up of Sustainable Development Ability of Regional Economy
Junhua Chen

53. Research on the Optimization Strategy of Normal Students’ Teaching Behavior in Classroom
Junhua Chen, Yang Du

54. IT Outsourcing Business Process Model Innovation Based on the Theory of Change
Jing Mu, Yilei Pei

55. American Brand Development of Citrus Industry and the Enlightenment to China Three Gorges Reservoir Area Developments Based on SRCT
Jian-hua Zhao, Yu-heng Zhao, Si-ying Li

56. A Secure Machine to Machine-Based Framework for Service Provisioning in Cloud Computing Infrastructures
Giovanni Cagalaban, Jae Young Ahn, Seoksoo Kim

57. Study on 4-Step BASE Mechanism Vulnerability Analysis and Design of Evasion Attack Method for Smart Network
Sungmo Jung, Jong Hyun Kim, Seoksoo Kim

58. Dose Debt Financing Has Positive Governance Effect?
Chaonan Lin, Li Liu, Huayu Shen

59. A Study on the Recent Application of the Human Capital Theories in China
Liu Na, Qin Ying

60. An Introduction on Gary Becker’s “Human Capital Theories”
Liu Na

61. Coordinative Operations of Distributed Decision-Making Closed-Loop Supply Chain: A Review
Jiawang Xu, Yi Zhang, Bin Liu, Liqiang Zhao

62. Identification of Currency Crises: The Empirical Analysis Based on the Binary Regression Tree
Yin Yu

63. The Issues of Ideal Faith Education for Contemporary College Students and the Countermeasures
Lili Pan, Jia Guo

64. A Competence-Driven Staff Assignment Model Based on Stochastic Working Status
Li Du, Yu Zhang, Hua Li

65. Internal Marketing Establishes the Culture of Market Orientation
Yafang Tsai, Shih-Wang Wu, Sue-Ting Chang

66. CFD Modeling of the Mixing Process in a Fermentation Tank
Lou Peng, Chen Hui, Tian Bao Long

67. A Ranging Algorithm Based on Binocular Real-Time Video Monitoring
Ying Li, Liquan Mei

68. Operation Mode Selection of Fourth–Party Logistics in China
Liping Chen, Luming Yang, Baoquan Sun

69. A 1.2V Sample-and-Hold Circuit for 14-Bit 250MS/s Pipeline ADC in 65nm CMOS
Wang Xuan, Li Fule, Wu Bin

70. The Effect Evaluating System of VMS Information Guidance on Urban Road Network
Chengxiang Zhuge, Chunfu Shao, Changqing Zheng, Liang Qiao

71. A Transitive Trust Chain in Ad Hoc Network
Chongzheng Zhai, Jing Liu

72. The System Architecture of Intelligent Monitoring for Broadcasting TV Based on Web Services
Chunlai Zhou

73. A New Nonlinear Integrable Couplings of GJ Equations Hierarchy and Its Hamiltonian Structure
Dandan Liu, Tie-cheng Xia

74. Applied Research on Tower Crane Safety Supervising System Based on Internet of Things
Leqiang Bai, Yuejiao Sun, Xin Guo

75. An Enhanced Instruction Tracer for Malware Analysis
Zheyuan Liu

76. An Efficient Scan-to-Scan Integration/Correlation Algorithm for Sea Surveillance Radar
Byung-Doo Kim, Byung-Gil Lee

77. Frequency Conversion Control Module Design for Electric Cars Based on SVPWM
Wei Feng, Changán Di, Peng Bian, Deren Kong, Zhenwei Duan

78. Research and Design of Data Integration Architecture for Rural Planning
Weipeng Cheng, Wenxue Wei, Feng Zhang

79. The Design and Implementation of the Control and Monitoring System for a Multi-pot Reactor
Kai Zheng, Su Wang, Jun Zheng

80. Study on the Measurement Method of the Impact Force of Projectiles with High Kinetic Energy
Changán Di, Lilong Gao, Yanjuan Li, Deren Kong

81. An Efficient Method of License Plate Location Based on Structure Features
Fan Ye, Mei Xie

82. The Multithreading Parallel ACA Algorithm Based on OpenMP
Yulei Zhao, Chuangming Tong, Zhiqi Ju

83. Algorithms with Restrictive Input Constrains on Genome Exemplar Distance Caculation
Yehong Chen, Daming Zhu, Weifang Tang, Qi Chen, Jie Zhang

84. The Research Based on Self-adaptive Filter and Kalman Filter on Multi-robot
Lidan Gao, Zhonghua Huang, Nu Zhang, Shunhua Li, Yan Feng

85. Research on the Trunk Line’s Transmission Performance of Multi-hop WMN Based on 802.11n
Zhu Quan, Jiang Xinhua, Zou Fumin

86. Application of Geographic Information System in Orienteering Sports
Xiaozhi He

87. Formal Specification for Compiler Based Test Case Generation of Embedded Real-Time System
Yong Chen, Yanxiang He, Chao Xu, Wei Wu, Jianbo Liu

88. Fair Video Streaming over Wireless with Network Coding
Xiaoqiao He, Rui Wang, Depei Qian

89. The Functional Semantic for Home Service
Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu, Xinjun Song

90. Research on DICOM Compliant Medical Image Interactive Visualization on Android Platform
S. H. Zheng, J. Chen, C. Y. Xu, L. Yu

91. Using a Single-Layer Neural Network to Generate a FIR Filter That Improves Digital Images Using a Convolution Operation
Jakub Peksinski, Grzegorz Mikolajczak

92. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application to Global Optimization for Complex Function
Jing Zhang, Ze Zhang

93. A Distributed Estimation Algorithm in Binary Sensor Network for Tracking Moving Target
Zixi Jia, Mo Chen, Chengdong Wu

94. A Method of Image Segmentation Based on Adaptive Bidirectional Balloon Force Model
Jinyao Yang, Yugui Xu, Boling Zheng, Haihong Shen, Minfen Shen

95. Variable Step-Size Algorithm on Feedback and Feed-Forward Coefficients for Modified Decision Feedback Equalizer Turbo Code DS/CDMA System
T. Udomsripaiboon, C. Benjangkaprasert

96. Research of a Ubiquitous-Computing Enabled Service Pattern in Converged Network
Xiao-Yan Yu, Rong-Heng Lin, Peng-Cheng Huang

97. A Service Model Based on Stochastic Network Calculus in Wireless Mesh Networks
Gaocai Wang, Nao Wang, Mingxing Lai

98. The Recent Condition and Relevant Algorithms of the Study on Sensor Network Deployment
Wu Yi

99. Mobile Book Management Application Using Camera of Smart Phone
MyoungBeom Chung, IlJu Ko

100. Modeling Nonfunctional Requirements in Software Product Line
Sun Lianshan, Wang Jinyu

101. A Case Study on High Trustworthy Environment Construction for Smart Home Applications
Xinyan Gao, Xianlu Luo, Ning Zhou, Dakui Li

102. A Modbus Protocol Stack Compatible with RTU/TCP Frames and Embedded Application
Jian Kuang, Guibao Wang, Jiali Bian

103. Intelligent Education Services Based on Context Mediator in Pervasive Computing
Taijong Kim, Mincheol Kim, DoHyeun Kim

104. On-Line Error Detection and Off-Line Test Design in Polynomial Basis Multiplier over GF(2m) Using Irreducible Trinomials
Chi Hsiang Chang, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Che Wun Chiou

105. Design of the Low Cost Scalar Multiplier-on-Chip for 163bits Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Chi Hsiang Chang, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Guo-Ming Sung, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Xi-Yan Wu

106. Research on Interference Rejection of TT&C in Formation Flying of Small Satellite
Pan Xi, Chen Ming

107. Research on Robust Image Perceptual Hashing Technology Based on Discrete Cosine Transform
Liang Chang, Wen-Gang Yan, Wen-De Wang

108. A Message Driven Mechanism Based Distributed IDS Using Developed CUSUM Algorithm
Yingxuan Wang, Shuzhen Yao, Huobin Tan, He Huang

109. High-Quality Resolution Reduction Method for Halftone Image
Kaoru Ishito, Kazuki Katagishi, Kazuo Toraichi

110. Resource Pool-Oriented Resource Management for Cloud Computing
Zhang Hengxi, Li Chunlin, Shi Zhengjun, Zhang Xiaoqing

111. The Application of Visual Speech Synthesis in Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training
Yanyan Chen, Hao Li

112. Microstrip Antenna Design Based on Left-Handed Materials
Song Chengtian, Song Zhiliang, Pan Xi

113. Measurement and Control System Development of Performance Research Test Bench for Diesel Engine Injector Based on Labview
Suyun Luo, Yuanming Gong

114. Modeling the IEEE 802.11 DCF with Hidden Stations
Jielin Fu, Zheng Zhou, Lin Zheng, Zhenghong Liu

115. Study of EMC Testing Tools
Bo Yuan, Zhiwei Wang

116. A Hybrid Routing Tree to Avoid the Energy Hole Problem in Wireless Sensor Network
Yuhua Liu, Wenwen Dai, Kaihua Xu, Meirong Zheng

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Business/Management Science, general, Business Information Systems

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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