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Table of contents

1. An Exploration on the Cultivating Mechanism for Economics and Management Innovative Talents
Shi Ronghui, Guo Xiaojing, Yao Yang

2. Current Situations and Suggestions about Bilingual Education in Chinese High Education
Xin Luo

3. Training Innovation Ability of Students in Practical Teaching of Regional Planning
Wei Yali, He Yuxiao, Gao Xuesong, Gan Wenzhi

4. Simulation System of Examination Score Analysis Based on an Improved Apriori Algorithm
Li Xiang

5. Practice of Flexible Talents Training Mode “2+0.5+0.5” for Surveying and Mapping Major for Higher Vocational Education
Xiaoning Liu

6. The Construction of Entrepreneurial Practice Platform System for College Students
Yang Huanchun, Liu Kailian, Xu Shu, Zhang Xiutin, Zhou Fei, Huang Xingli

7. Construction of Practical Teaching System for Network Engineering Specialty in Local Undergraduate University—A Case Study of Chuzhou University
Guilin Chen, Guangshun Yao, Chuanjian Yang, Huibin Wang, Shenghui Zhao

8. Construction of Ecological Curriculum Resource System for “Biology Pedagogy”
Tu Min, Song Zhiyong, Cui Hong

9. Deepening “4E” Talents Cultivation Model and Exploring “4331” Systematic Operation Mechanism
Jiding Zhu, Rongrong Sun

10. A Perspective on Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Sen Cong, Xiaomei Wang

11. Development of Mineral Processing Engineering Education in China University of Mining and Technology
Haifeng Wang, Yaqun He, Chenlong Duan, Yuemin Zhao, Youjun Tao, Cuiling Ye

12. The Application of Multimedia Technology in Foreign Language Teaching
Zhang Zhi-feng

13. The Research of Cultivation of Innovatory Spirit and Engineering Ability for the Students of the Specialty of Engineering Management
Ruiling Wang, Jianhui Wang

14. The Tentative Ideas for Solving the Difficult Problem about Residents to Buy Housing
Wang Xiaoyan, Zhang Rui

15. The Cost Control in the Exploitation of Real Estate
Wang Xiao-yan, Zhang Rui

16. Bibliometric Analysis on E-Sports in China
Zhang Guorui

17. Experimental Investigations on the Performance of a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine with Hydrogen and LPG as Secondary Fuels
D. B. Lata, Ashok Misra

18. A Graph Design for Nine Graphs with Six Vertices and Nine Edges
Caihua Wang

19. Positive Solutions for Singular Systems of Three-Point Boundary Value Problems
Caihua Wang

20. Study on the Integration of College Sports Network Education Resource under Modern Distance Education Background
Liu Huaijin, Zheng Weitao

21. The Effect of Production-Study-Research Cooperation Mode to the Employment of Social Sports Major Graduates
Zhou Ci-bao, Liu Huaijin

22. Research and Design Based on Distributed Firewall Log Server
Lu Chang, Xu Guangming

23. Research and Implementation of File Encryption and Decryption
Lu Chang, Xu GuangMing

24. Performance and Application of Computer Technology in Interior Design
Chunmi Zhang, Jiaying Hu

25. Embedded System Design for Speed Measurement and Timing of Vehicles
Cao Yong, Zhang Yu, Shao Si Jie, Xiong Wei

26. Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions in the Light of the Value Chain Optimization
Congzhi Di, Fusheng Yu

27. Research on Fire Distance Education and Training System Based on Multi-Agent
Wang Wei

28. NoC Router Power Macro-modeling at High Level
Fang Zhou, Ning Wu, Ying Zhang, Xin Ge

29. Research on Customer Relationship Management Based on Web Mining
Wei Jianping

30. Improved Delay-Dependent Stability Criteria for Systems with Interval Delay
Dongsheng Xu, Junkang Tian

31. Numerical Simulation Investigation on Flow Field of Axial Blood Pump
Lu Zhang, Yuemei Jia, Wei Zhang, Yuxuan Wang, Qiuxia Zhao

32. Design and Implementation for the Node of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Zigbee Protocol
Dai Chen, Shihui Jin, Yong Zhou, Runtong Geng

33. The Improved Location Algorithm of Apit Based on Midline Segmentation for Wireless Sensor Network
Fanrong Meng, Xiaocui Li, Yong Zhou

34. Research on Computer Simulation of Mining Subsidence Mechanism with FLAC
Ji Hong, Yu Xueyi

35. Existence of Solution for Boundary Value Problem of Impulsive Differential Equations in Banach Spaces
Dehong Ji, Weigao Ge

36. Intelligent Optimal Control in Aluminum Electrolytic
Chengliang Wang, Juanjuan Chen, Lianwei Wang

37. Mathematical Model Study of Porous Media with Multi-branched Wells
Xiaoqing Wu, Xiao Guo, Yi Zhang, Lijuan Wang

38. The Study on Mathematical Model for Double Porosity Medium with Well of Curves
Rao Xiaotong, Xiaoqing Wu, Xiangjun Liu, Fang Yang

39. Research on Individual Tourism Service System Based on Web Mining
Liu Xiuhua

40. A Static-Error-Less Phase Detector for Delay Locked Loops
Gang Luo, Xianjun Zeng

41. Semipermeable Membrane Mass Transfer in Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Process
Yonghua You, Suyi Huang, Yi Yang, Chao Liu, Zhilin Wu, Xiangfei Yu

42. A Fast Learning Algorithm of the Perception
Li Jinling

43. Analysis and Nonlinear Regression on Cyanobacteria Growth of Guishui Lake in Beijing Suburb
Weidong Li, Yan Meng, Lequan Min, Aijun Gong, Hai Yan

44. The Analysis on Mechanical and Thermal Property of Poly(Acrylic Acid)-Graft-Polypropylene Membrane Prepared by UV-Irradiation
Yanjun Liu, Chunying Lv, Jia Yang

45. Extracting River Networks of Lianyungang City from SRTM Data
Hongchun Peng, Haiying Li

46. Segmentation of LiDAR Point Cloud Based on Similarity Measures in Multi-dimension Euclidean Space
Qingming Zhan, Liang Yu

47. Study on Soil Erosion in Zuli River Basin Using RS and GIS
Han Hui, E. Youhao

48. Predicted Effects of Nonuniform Beam Filling on Rainfall Retrieval for the Geostaionary Doppler Weather Radar
Xuehua Li, Jianxin He, Zhao Si, Xu Wang

49. AOT Retrieval Based on CR Algorithm Integrated with BRDF Model in Urban
Lin Sun, Feifei Xu

50. The BRDF Model Construction and Application in Urban Areas
Feifei Xu, Lin Sun

51. Spatial Distribution of Residential Prices Basing on RS and GIS in Harbin
Zhang Xinle, Liu Huanjun

52. Based on NetLogo Simulation for Credit Risk Management
Minrui Zheng

53. A Transmission Mechanism Analysis of Inflation’s Affecting Stock Returns
Xiangdong Xu, Chaoyang Shi, Xinbo Yu

54. Privacy Preserving Association Rules by Using Branch-and-Bound Algorithm
Chieh-Ming Wu, Yin-Fu Huang

55. The Analysis of the SMEs Survival Strategy Based on the Ecological Niche Theory
Gu Lijuan, Wang Min

56. Comparative Cost Model of Clothing Industry Transfer
Xiuchen Wang, Zhe Liu

57. Differential Analysis of National Economic Competitive Advantage between China and US Based on National Economic Security
Siyi Qin, Genhua Hu

58. The Technology Selection for Realizing the Campus E-Commerce System
Zhaochuan Qi, Qianghua Li, Shuoling Dong

59. Analysis for Innovation Performance of the Enterprise in Industrial Cluster Based on the Network
Min Cui, Xiujian Wei

60. The Impact of Humanities on Science Education
Yanmin Wu

61. Game Behavior between Institutional and Individual Investors in Chinese Stock Market
Zheng Yan, Rukai Gong

62. Industry Stock Price Effect and Its Influencing Factors of Cash Dividend Distribution: Based on Chinese Real Estat Listed Companies
Rongcheng Yan, Chi Xie

63. Low Carbon Economy and New Energy Applications in China
Liming Gong, Qiang Wu, Wanbin Bi

64. Interactive Mechanism of Agricultural Growth and Urbanization in China
Qiang Wu, Liming Gong, Wanbin Bi

65. The Study on the Effects of Bank Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Politics to Job Performance
Shouming Zhang, Yanmei Yang

66. Research on Resource Integration of New Venture
Chenglin Rong

67. Efficacy Coefficient and Fuzzy Triangular Based on the Performance Evaluation of Science and Technology of Scientific Research Institutes in the Energy and Chemical Industry
Ling Li, Lixiang Zhang, Jinsuo Zhang

68. Study on the Transformation Strategy for Resource-Exhausted Cities in View of Sustainable Development
Haifei Wang

69. On the Coordinated Development of Regional Economy in Gansu Province
Haifei Wang, Weixin Kong

70. Empirical Study on the Trans-regional Financial Flows between Northwest and Eastern in China
Zhang Qiuliang, Bai Yongping, Wang Peian

71. Research on Protection and Renovation of Historic Streets of YuQuan District in Hohhot City
Zhang Qiuliang, Bai Yongping, Zhao Xiuqing

72. The Property Tax Mechanism Analysis from the Perspective of Economics
Chaoyang Shi, Xiangdong Xu, Dan Wang

73. The Research on Impact of International Trade on China’s Economic
Aiqin Xu

74. Influence of New Accounting Standard to Reserve for Property Insurance Companies
Yongming He, Xinguo Xi

75. Study of Influencing Mechanism of Waste Clothing Recycling
Zhe Liu, Xiuchen Wang

76. Research on the Factors Affecting Consumers’ Willingness to the Use of Mobile Payment
Chenggang Li, Miaomiao Zhang

77. Principles of Emergency Management
Weihai Yuan

78. A Design of the Third Party Payment for Reducing the Risk of the Remittances
Yaping Li

79. The Evolution of Enterprise Profit-Making Paradigms
Yong Wu

80. Hedging or Speculation?-—From Intensive Derivative Users of CHINA Listed Companies
Weiying Jia, Min Li

81. A Method of the Cloud Computing Security Management Risk Assessment
Hongbing Wang, Feng Liu, Heng Liu

82. Research on Logistics Outsourcing of Retail Chain Enterprise Based on Fit between Supply and Demand
Yuan Xu, Qiong Yao

83. The Public Crisis Management in Micro-bloging Environment: Take the Case of Dealing with Governmental Affairs via Micro-blogs in China
Zhengyu Xia, Qian Yu, Li Wang, Zhan Xu

84. Long-Term Memory Properties in Oil Future Market and Its Fluctuation
Lu Deng

85. The Development and Countermeasures of Circular Economy in Gansu Province
Wang Si-yuan, Dong Yuan

86. Using the Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) to Analysis the Tourist Value of Zhangye Danxia Landform
Wang Si-yuan, Xu Zhong Min

87. The Research in the Path on Cultivating the Cultural Identity of Hong Kong and Macau Students: According to the Analysis of Jinan University’s Individual Case Survey
Ying Hong, Yuexiong Huang, Xiujun Wu

88. Study on Chinese Culture Recognition of Students from Hong Kong, Macau– Analysis Based on Case Investigation in Jinan University
Ying Hong, Xuefeng Wang, Yuhuan Sun

89. Brain Drains or Brain Gains in Physicians Emigration? Evidence from MENA and East European Countries
Ahmed Driouchi, Cristina Boboc, Molk Kadiri, Emilia Ţiţan, Nada Zouag

90. A New Probe into the Essence of Teaching
Zhiyuan Lü, Zhiping Huang

91. Empirical Study on the Long-Memory Components in Asset Returns
Yang Chun-xia, Zhang Ying-chao, Wu Hong-fa

92. Strategies of Small Apparel Suppliers’ Upgrading in China: Analysis Based on Global Commodity Chain
Pan Mingtao

93. Evolution of Shanghai as an International Financial Centre with Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Huibin Du, Qiongqiong Xia, Linxue Wei

94. Chinese Agricultural Growth in Post-reform Era
Mengquan Xu

95. Research on Course Quality Evaluation Method of University Bilingual Education
Min Qi, Helin Cui, Yangyu Fan, Guiqing He

96. Discussion on the Bilingual Teaching Methods of Chinese University
Min Qi, Jiajun Zhou, Helin Cui, Yangyu Fan, Guiqing He

97. A Study on Intellectual Capital-Driven Mechanism of Growth in Technology-Based New Ventures
Yiyang Fan, Minghui Xue

98. Study on Professional Ability Improvement for Non-professional Librarians in University Library
Tianfeng Zhao, Jianbo Cao

99. Research and Analysis of the Forming Mechanism of the Financing Difficulty of Wenzhou’s Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises
Xuwei Chen

100. The Relationship between Product Quality and Transfer Price in the Downstream of Pig Supply Chain
Kai Hu, Xiao-qing Gan

101. Empirical Study on China’s Agricultural Productivity under the Binding of Environment
Yi Chen, Huijun Liu

102. The Study on the Follow-Up Audit in China
Che Gui-juan

103. Discussion about Early Patent Warming Mechanism of Chinese Wind Power Enterprises
Peng Yuanyuan, Nie Ying

104. The Legalization of Policy Discretion and Its Realization Path
Liang Zhiming

105. The Sustainable Development of the Sports Industry in China
Liu Na, Liu Kun

106. On the Innovation in the Scientific Research Administration and Evaluation under the Modern University System
Su Junhong, Li Gaohong, Yu Xiaoning

107. Numerical Simulation on Distribution Characteristics of Particle Distribution Uniformity in a Radial Style Diesel Particulate Filter
Gong Jinke, Tian Chan, Wu Gang

108. Edge Detection from Remote Sensing Images Based on Canny Operator and Hough Transform
Jing Xi, Ji-Zhong Zhang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computing Methodologies

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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