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Table of contents

1. Improvement Model of Business Continuity Management on E-Learning
Gang Chen

2. Using Computer Simulation to Improve Teaching and Learning Effectiveness on DC/DC Converter
LiPing Fan

3. The Improved Diagonal-Matrix-Weight IMM Algorithm Based on LDU Factorization
Liang Gao, Jianping Xing, Fan Shi, Zhenliang Ma, Junchen Sha, Juan Sun

4. Performance Analysis of VCN and IVCN Localization Algorithms in WSN
Yang Liu, Jianping Xing, Hua Wu, Xiaoming Wu, Yingbing Zhou

5. Impact Analysis of Environment Factors on Iterative Calculation of Secondary Grid Division (ICSGD) Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yuxin Ren, Jianping Xing, Yang Liu, Can Sun

6. Research on Data-Driven in Business Workflow System Design
ChuanSheng Zhou

7. Research on XML Data-Driven Based Web Page Design
ChuanSheng Zhou

8. Research and Application of Data-Driven in Web System Design
ChuanSheng Zhou

9. Cogitation of Information Technology Construction in University Library
Ning Xu

10. Study on E-Commerce Application in Manufacturing Enterprises: A Case Study of Ruijie Network Co., Ltd.
Ling Tian, Xiaohong Wang, Liwei Li

11. Discussion on Occupation Moral Education in Higher Vocational Colleges
Jushun Li

12. Dynamic Analysis and System Design Based on Diluted Asymmetric Discrete-Time Hopfield Network
Li Tu, Chi Zhang

13. Evaluation Method on the Scientific Research of Local University
Xiaomin Huang

14. A Random Endogenous Economic Growth Model and Equilibrium Analysis
Zhongcheng Zhang

15. Try to Talk about the Background of the Information Network Moral Construction
LiYan Yang

16. Construction of Library Information Resources Depending on Internet Environment
LiYan Yang

17. A General Fuzzified CMAC and Its Function Approximation
Zhipeng Shen, Chen Guo

18. Discussion on Young Teachers’ Teaching Method
Peng Qin, Yinghua Wang, Zhihai Qin

19. Reform of Basic Computer Teaching in Universities and Its Measures under New Circumstances
Jianguo Yu, Shuanghong Liu

20. Exploration of the Building Model about Theme_Based Learning and Shared Community Based Python Add Django
Xiang Li, Mei Zhu, Xuan Zhan

21. Principles and Methods in Teaching English with Multimedia
YiFei Zhu

22. Research on the Difference of Attitudinal Changes between Ambivalent Consumers
Minxue Huang, Xiaoliang Feng, Chao Wang

23. Study on Chinese Error Checking
Chongwen Wang, Bo Yuan

24. Double-Sources Dijkstra Algorithm within Typical Urban Road Networks
Shiming Wang, Jianping Xing, Yong Wu, Yubing Wu, Wei Xu, Xiangzhan Meng, Liang Gao

25. Development and Practice of Knowledge Service Platform Based on DSpace
Lu Han, Yi Ding

26. Application of Hopfield Network in Grayscale Image Recognition
Li Tu, Zhiping Liao, Chi Zhang

27. Design of Mobile Learning-Recommendation Services Supporting Small-Screen Display Interfaces
Hong-Ren Chen

28. The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Work Engagement: A Case Study Analysis
TingJun Kou

29. Web-Based Data Mining in Computer Culture Basic Course in College Using an Improved GA
Jianxin Bi

30. Teaching Mode Innovation and Practice of ”Foundation of Computer Programming”
Yaqing Shi, Meijuan Wang, Cheng Hu, Hongyan Wei, Jinyao Jiang

31. MBR Phrase Scoring and Pruning for SMT
Nan Duan

32. Application of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) in English Teaching for Non-English-Major Postgraduates Based on Constructivism
Xueyao Chen

33. Discussion on Digital Storytelling in Comprehensive Practice Courses Application
JiangYan Zheng, Hao Zhang, Liang Hong, HongHui Wang, ChunPing Zhang

34. GCM Data Analysis Using Dimensionality Reduction
Zuoling Li, Guirong Weng

35. Application of the BP Neural Network PID Algorithm in Heat Transfer Station Control
Yang Yu, Dongmei Yin

36. The Influence of Human Resource Management Information System on Human Resource Management
Yan-Hong Yu

37. The Empirical Study of Investment Opportunities in the Value-Relevance of Accounting Earnings
Yuanyang Fu, He Guo, Danping Wang, Wanlin Zhang

38. On Software Professional Studio Construction in Higher Vocational Schools and Its Meaning
ShuYan Yu

39. The Research on Teaching Ideas of ”Data Structure and Algorithm” in Non-computer Major
Zhao Wang

40. Application-Oriented Intercultural Engineering Education in Automotive Engineering and Service
Yanfen Mao, Ming Chen, Hans Wiedmann

41. Research of Private Courier Enterprise Based on E-Commerce
Bo Zhang

42. The Considering about Chinese Enterprises to Establish E-Training Platform
Jianlin Qiu

43. Empirical Study on Undergraduate Employability and Training Mechanism in Chinese Independent Institutes
Yong Chen

44. Research and Practice on the Open Teaching for the Authentication of AutoCAD Senior Application Engineers
Qibing Wang

45. The Application Research on Determination Method of Poor University Students Based on the Interval Density Cluster
Huang Zhenzhen

46. Course Design and Practices of Teaching Undergraduate’s Database System
Hongji Wang, Qingqin Yan

47. The Impact of Use Context on Mobile Payment Acceptance: An Empirical Study in China
Luzhuang Wang, Yongzheng Yi

48. An Empirical Research on Correlation of Communication Companies’ Compensation Gap with Enterprise’s Performance
Luzhuang Wang, Hui Yu

49. On the Principles of College Chinese Textbooks Compilation
Zhonghua Li

50. The Secondary Hash MM Algorithm Based on Probability Factor
Yan Niu, Lele Huan

51. An Optimal Model of Selecting Players for Mathematics Competition
Ying Wei

52. Gestalt Psychology Theory Based Design of User’s Experience on Online Trade Websites
Peng Bian, Nairen Zhang

53. Exploration and Practice on Construction of Curriculum Group of Numerical Analysis
Datian Niu, Xuegang Yuan, Jia Jiao, Wei Zhao

54. College Chinese and Humanities Education
Zhonghua Li

55. Distributed Detecting and Real-Time Advertising System of Equipment Failure Based on MANET
Xia Qin, Tian Yi

56. Strengthen Study Motivations of College Students via Learning Environment Improvement
Xin Zhang, Libo Huang

57. The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Efficiency on the Relationship between Human Resource Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
ChunLi Liu, HongLi Wang

58. M-Learning Activity Design for College English Courses
Lin Hu, Honghua Xu, Shuying Zhuang, Xiaohan Zhang

59. A Novel Approach to Online Image Education Resource Retrieval by Semantic Network and Interactive Filtering
Xianlin Peng, Ling Gao, Yuwen Ning

60. A Study on the Establishment of Interpretation Teaching Model Based on Multi-media Network
JinBao Cai, Jing Xiao, Ying Lin

61. Inter-domain Communication Mechanism Design and Implementation for High Performance
Tan Jie, Huang Wei

62. The Study on College Library Electronic Resources Integration Based on Internet
Min Ren

63. A Multimedia Based Natural Forest Park for Ecological Education
Zhen Liu, YanJie Chai

64. Web-Based Interactive Animation for Children’s Safety Education: From 2D to 3D
Zhen Liu, YanJie Chai

65. The Evaluation on Ideological and Political Teachers’ Competency
Yongfang Liu

66. The Application of Set Pair Analysis in College Ideological and Political Education
Yongfang Liu, Zhikai Yun

67. The Improvement of Enterprise-Oriented Scale-Free Network Model
Yongxian Chen, Dichong Wu, Canlin Mo, Dongfang Zhao, Renwang Li

68. Research on Model of Ontology-Based Semantic Information Retrieval
Yu Cheng, Ying Xiong

69. Research of ICE-Based Unified Identity Authentication Model
Yue Zhang, BingBing Xia

70. Research of Key Technologies in Development in Thesis Management System
Huadong Wang

71. The Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Distance Clustering
Xiaohui Chen, Jinpeng Chen, Bangjun Lei

72. Research and Analysis of the Social Access to College Sports Venues in Wuhan
Han Jiang

73. Prediction of Zenith Tropospheric Delay Based on BP Neural Network
Yong Wang, Lihui Zhang, Jing Yang

74. Advance in Scence Change-Based H.264 Rate Control Methods
Feifei Lu, Xiao Chen

75. Optimizing the Network Topology in Gnutella P2P Networks
Jin Bo

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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