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Advances in Intelligent Systems

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Table of contents

1. Performance Analysis of Virtual Force Models in Node Deployment Algorithm of WSN
Ren Xiaoping, Cai Zixing, Li Zhao, Wang Wuyi

2. Design of WEB Video Monitoring Center Server
Jiang Xuehua

3. An Artificial Intelligence Central Air-Conditioning Controller
Chunhe Yu, Danping Zhang

4. Application of GMDH to Short-Term Load Forecasting
Hongya Xu, Yao Dong, Jie Wu, Weigang Zhao

5. Recognition of Control Chart Patterns Using Decision Tree of Multi-class SVM
Xiaobing Shao

6. Robust Adaptive Neural Network Control for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
Geng Ji

7. The Analysis of Thermal Field and Thermal Deformation of a Water-Cooling Radiator by Finite Element Simulation
Yang Lianfa, Wang Qin, Zhang Zhen

8. Incremental Mining Algorithm of Sequential Patterns Based on Sequence Tree
Jiaxin Liu, Shuting Yan, Yanyan Wang, Jiadong Ren

9. Micropower HF and SHF Operational Amplifiers
Sergey Krutchinsky, Vasiliy Bespyatov, Alexander Korolev, Eugeniy Zhebrun, Grigoriy Svizev

10. Influence of Irrigation Water-Saving on Groundwater Table in the Downstream Irrigation Districts of Yellow River
Zhou Zhen-min, Zhou Ke, Wang Xuechao

11. Chaining OWS Services with Graphic-Workflow
Zhang Jianbo, Liu Jiping, Wang Bei

12. Complex-Valued Neural Network Based Detector for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Kai Ma, Fengye Hu, Peng Zhang

13. Innovation System of Agricultural Industrial Cluster: A Perspective from Dynamical Structure Model
Xiaotao Li

14. Improved Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method and Its Simulation
Jinshan Lin

15. Regional Resource Allocation Algorithm and Simulation of the Adaptive Array Antenna
Cai Weihong, Liu Junhua, Lei Chaoyang, Wen Jiebin

16. Asymptotic Stabilization of Nonlinear DAE Subsystems Using Artificial Neural Networks with Application to Power Systems
Zang Qiang, Zhou Ying

17. Evaluation on the Efficiency for the Allocation of Science and Technology Resources in China Based on DEA Model
Wang Bei, Liu Wei-dong, Zhang Jian-bo

18. Research on Reform in the Teaching of Software Engineering Course
Jianjun Li, Xiaorong Wang

19. A Novel Charge Recycling Scheme in Power Gating Design
Huang Ping, Xing Zuocheng, Yang Xianju, Yan Peixiang, Jia Xiaomin

20. Research of Communication Platform of Intelligent Public Transportation System Based on GPRS
Dong Yongfeng, Guo Zhitao, Liu Peijun, He Min

21. The Research and Analysis on Digital Animation Courses Setup
Peng Shengze, Wen Yongge, Liu Zhibang

22. The Digitize of Traditional Chart Handles a Research
Yang Weijian

23. The Application of Network Simulation Software NS-2 Based on SVM
Wu Renjie

24. Discussion from the Contest to the Innovation Education
Xionghua Guo, Huixian Han, Bosen Zhang

25. Application of Interactive Interface Design as Teaching Materials in Chinese for Children
Lin Chien-Yu, Lin Chien-Chi, Lai Yichuan, Du Jie-Ru

26. Application of Virtual Interface of Interactive Teaching Materials for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Lin Chien-Yu, Wang Li-Chih, Lin Ho-Hsiu, Jen Yen-Huai, Te-Hsiung Chen, Chang Ling-Wei

27. Leaf Area Measurement Embeded in Smart Mobile Phone
Dianyuan Han, Fengqing Zhang

28. A Study and Design on Web Page Tamper-Proof Technology
Hu Hong-xin

29. ETD-MAC: An Event-Tracking Detecting MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Ping Liu, Yi Chen, Mingxi Li, Xiaoming Deng

30. The Research on the Network Switch Intelligent Management
Weichun Lv

31. Discussion on Computer Network Base Course Reform
Yin Tang

32. Economic Analysis and Realization of the Information Sharing in Supply Chain Production System
Wei Zhang, HuiFang Li

33. Experiment of Soil Thermal Properties Based on Thermal Probe Method
Yuanyuan Gao, Jun Zhao, Jiuchen Ma, Xinyang Song

34. The Precise Design of Bandpass Filter Miniaturization Using Microstrip SIR
Luo Hui, Li Weiping, Hu Rong

35. The Simulation, Optimization and Modeling of Mirostrip Filter Using ADS2008
Li Weiping, Luo Hui, Guan Xuehui

36. The Design of People Management System in the Campus Base on RFID
Hu Rong, Luo Hui, Li Weiping

37. Kernel PCA and Nonlinear ASM
Liu Fan, Xu Tao, Sun Tong

38. Impact on the Pace of the Game of Basketball Analysis of the Factors
Zhang Nan

39. Make a Preliminary Research and Analysis on the Psychological Conditions of the College Students in PE Department

40. Transient Impact Signal’s Detection Based on Wavelet Transformation
Xu Cao, Hua-xun Zhang

41. The Research of Log-Based Network Monitoring System
Li Zhang

42. Study on a Kind of Mobile Phone Signals Monitoring and Shielding System
Nian-feng Li, Meng Zhang, YongJi Yang, He Gu

43. Effects of Electron Donors on the TiO2 Photocatalytic Reduction of Heavy Metal Ions under Visible Light
Xin Zhang, Lin Song, Xiaolong Zeng, Mingyu Li

44. The Wireless Video Monitoring System Based on ARM / Linux
Zhiyan Sun, Li Yun

45. Medical Image Segmentation Based on Accelerated Dijkstra Algorithm
Dai Hong

46. Study on Composition and Key Technologies of Vehicle Instrumentation Switches Fatigue Life Detection System
Nian-feng Li, Ying-hong Dong, Ji-Ling Tang

47. Application of Neural Network in the Velocity Loop of a Gyro-Stabilized Platform
Shiqiang Ma, Yuan Ding

48. The Design for the Assembly Press of Side Ring for Trucks
Guangguo Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yuanzhi Tang

49. Web Service Composition Based on AXML
Junfu Zhao, Shengmei Ma

50. Design and Application of Remote Intelligent Monitoring System Based on CDMA
Xu Liang

51. Design and Application of LED Beam Display Based on LED Number Display Interface
Hong Deng, Xiuhui Chang, Yanling Zhang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Control, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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