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Fluid Dynamics in Physics, Engineering and Environmental Applications

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Table of contents

1. Applied Fluid Mechanics in the Environment, Technology and Health
J. Klapp, L. Di G. Sigalotti, L. Trujillo, C. Stern

2. Waves and Instabilities in Rotating and Stratified Flows
Patrice Le Gal

3. The Sloshing-Induced Motion of Free Containers
Patrick D. Weidman, Andrzej Herczynski

4. Experimental Investigation of the North Brazil Current Rings During Their Interaction with the Lesser Antilles
Raúl C. Cruz Gómez

5. Physical Processes of Interstellar Turbulence
Enrique Vázquez-Semadeni

6. Assessing Significant Phenomena in 1D Linear Perturbation Multiphase Flows
Alberto Soria, Elizabeth Salinas-Rodríguez

7. Critical and Granular Casimir Forces: A Methodological Convergence from Nano to Macroscopic Scales
Y. Nahmad-Molinari, G. M. Rodríguez-Liñán, J. F. Reyes-Tendilla, G. Pérez-Ángel

8. High Speed Shadowgraphy for the Study of Liquid Drops
José Rafael Castrejón-Pita, Rafael Castrejón-García, Ian Michael Hutchings

9. Formation of Coherent Structures in a Class of Realistic 3D Unsteady Flows
Michel F. M. Speetjens, Herman J. H. Clercx

10. Jets in Symbiotic Stars: The R Aqr Case
Silvana G. Navarro, Luis J. Corral

11. Granular Hydrodynamics
L. Trujillo, L. Di G. Sigalotti, J. Klapp

12. Efficient Neighborhood Search in SPH
Juan Pablo Cruz Pérez, José Antonio González Cervera

13. On the Film Thickness Between a Bubble and the Wall in Liquids in Vertical Tubes
Abel López-Villa, Abraham Medina Ovando

14. Mathematical Model for “Bubble Gas-Stratified Oil” Flow in Horizontal Pipes
C. Centeno-Reyes, O. Cazarez-Candia

15. Pseudoturbulence in Bubbly and Transition Flow Regimes
Santos Mendez-Diaz, Roberto Zenit, Sergio Chiva Vicent, José Luis Muñoz-Cobo, Arturo Morales-Fuentes

16. Single- and Two-Phase Flow Models for Concentric Casing Underbalanced Drilling
J. Omar Flores-León, Octavio Cazarez-Candia, Rubén Nicolás-López

17. Study of Structural Properties in Complex Fluids by Addition of Surfactants Using DPD Simulation
Estela Mayoral, Eduardo Nahmad-Achar, José Manuel Martínez-Magadán, Alejandro Ortega, Ismael Soto

18. Study of Slug Flow in Horizontal, Inclined, and Vertical Pipes
Omar C. Benítez-Centeno, Octavio Cazarez Candia

19. Modeling of Water-Steam Slug Flow in Inclined Pipes Undergoing a Heating Process
P. Mendoza-Maya, O. Cazarez-Candia, S. L. Moya-Acosta

20. Crystal-Liquid Transition in Binary Mixtures of Charged Colloidal Particles
Catalina Haro-Pérez, Gualberto Ojeda-Mendoza, Carlos A. Vargas, Eduardo Basurto-Uribe, Luis F. Rojas-Ochoa

21. On the Mass Flow Rate of Granular Material in Silos with Lateral Exit Holes
Abraham Medina, G. Juliana Gutiérrez-Paredes, Satyan Chowdary, Anoop Kumar, K. Kesava Rao

22. Traction Force Due to Aqueous Foam Flow Rising in a Vertical Pipe
A. Pérez Terrazo, V. S. Álvarez Salazar, I. Carvajal Mariscal, F. Sánchez Silva, A. Medina

23. A Discrete Model for Simulating Gas Displacement in Fractured Porous Media
S. Pérez-Morales, A. Méndez-Ancona, M. Ortega-Rocha, R. Islas-Juárez, R. Herrera-Solís, G. Domínguez-Zacarías

24. Profile Deformation of a Non Cohesive Granular Material in an Accelerated Box
V. S. Álvarez Salazar, A. Pérez Terrazo, A. Medina, C. A. Vargas

25. Experimental and Computational Modeling of Venlo Type Greenhouse
Abraham Rojano, Raquel Salazar, Jorge Flores, Irineo López, Uwe Schmidt, Abraham Medina.

26. Numerical Simulation of an Open Cavity with Heating in the Bottom Wall
Guillermo E. Ovando-Chacon, Sandy L. Ovando-Chacon, Juan C. Prince-Avelino, Eslí Vázquez-Nava, José A. Ortiz-Martínez

27. Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in a Large Aspect Ratio Cavity with Walls of Finite Thickness
D. Pastrana, J. C. Cajas, C. Treviño

28. Spectral Analysis of Chaos Transition in a Dynamic System: Application to Backward Facing Step Flow in Mixed Convection
Héctor Barrios-Piña, Stéphane Viazzo, Claude Rey, Hermilo Ramírez-León

29. Turbulence Model Validation in Vegetated Flows
R. González-López, H. Ramírez-León, H. Barrios-Piña, C. Rodríguez-Cuevas

30. CFD on Graphic Cards
C. Málaga, J. Becerra, C. Echeverría, F. Mandujano

31. Vortex in the Wakes of Airplanes
David Flores-García, Tiburcio Fernández-Roque, Jorge Hernández-Tamayo

32. The Activity of La Bufadora, A Natural Marine Spout in Northwestern Mexico
Oscar Velasco Fuentes

33. A CNC Machine for Stationary Drop Deposition and Coalescence in Liquid–Liquid Systems
F. Peña-Polo, L. Trujillo, J. Klapp, L. Di G. Sigalotti

34. Numerical Study of Wind Field Adjustment with Radial Basis Functions
Rafael Reséndiz, L. Héctor Juárez, Pedro González-Casanova, Daniel A. Cervantes, Christian Gout

35. Dispersion of Air Pollutants in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone
Hermes Ulises Ramírez-Sánchez, Mario Enrique García-Guadalupe

36. Modeling of Funnel and Gate Systems for Remediation of Contaminated Sediment
Fei Yan, Danny D. Reible

37. Analysis of Transport Parameters for a Cr(VI) Contaminated Aquifer in México
Lázaro Raymundo Reyes-Gutiérrez, Ramiro Rodríguez-Castillo, Elizabeth Teresita Romero-Guzmán, José Alfredo Ramos-Leal

38. Numerical Simulation of Dispersion and Sorption of Se(IV) Through Packed Columns with Non-Living Biomass: Experimental and Numerical Results
Carlos E. Alvarado-Rodríguez, Jaime Klapp-Escribano, Elizabeth T. Romero-Guzmán, Zayre I. González-Acevedo, Ricardo Duarte-Pérez

39. Tridimensional Analysis of Migration of 226Ra Through a Saturated Porous Media
N. Perez-Quezadas, E. Mayoral, J. Klapp, E. la Cruz, R. González

40. Evaluation of a Temporary Repository of Radioactive Waste
Roberto González-Galán, Eduardo de la Cruz-Sánchez, Jaime Klapp-Escribano, Estela Mayoral-Villa, Nora Pérez-Quezadas, Salvador Galindo Uribarri

41. Friction Coefficient in Plastic Pipelines
E. A. Padilla, O. Begovich, A. Pizano-Moreno

42. Super Free Fall in Concentric Pipes
C. Treviño, S. Peralta, Carlos A. Vargas, A. Medina

43. Super Accelerated Flow in Diverging Conical Pipes
A. Torres, F. J. Higuera, A. Medina

44. Analysis of the Blasius’ Formula and the Navier–Stokes Fractional Equation
J. R. Mercado, E. P. Guido, A. J. Sánchez-Sesma, M. Íñiguez, A. González

45. Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Dynamics of Accretion Disks Around Black Holes
Juan Carlos Degollado, Claudia Moreno

46. Low-Re μUAV Rotor Design
Oscar Rubio, Fidel Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Zuñiga, Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi

47. Oscillation Characteristics of a Vertical Soft Pipe Conveying Air Flow
Héctor Manuel La Rosa Zambrano, Anne Cros

48. Capillary Rise in a Convergent Hele-Shaw Cell
C. A. Vargas, A. Medina, F. Aragón

49. Manufacturing of Polymeric Micro-Lenses by Drip Injection
Miguel Ortega, Abel López-Villa, Guadalupe Juliana Gutiérrez, Carlos A. Vargas

50. Visualization of Flow Inside a Ranque-Hilsch Tube
David Porta Zepeda, Carlos Echeverría Arjonilla, Catalina Elizabeth Stern Forgach, Marcos Ley Koo

51. Splashing of Solid Spheres Impinging in Various Fluids
Sergio Valente Gutierrez Quijada, Martha Yadira Salazar Romero, Catalina Elizabeth Stern Forgach

52. Bubbles in Isotropic Homogeneous Turbulence
Ernesto Mancilla, Roberto Zenit, Gabriel Ascanio, Enrique Soto

53. CDF on Graphic Cards
C. Malaga, J. Becerra, C. Echeverría, F. Mandujano

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Physics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Geophysics/Geodesy

Publication year
Environmental Science and Engineering
Page amount
25 pages
Natural Sciences

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