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Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

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Table of contents

1. Study on Detection Technology of Load Waveform Based on Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
Xiao Li Wang, Wei Wu, Lei Yu

2. On the Analysis of Speciality Construction and Development in Independent Institute
Zhuoya Wang

3. EVA and DEA, Which Is Better in Reflecting the Capital Efficiency?
Yadong Shi

4. Research on the Impact of VAT Transformation on Investment in Fixed Assets and the Performance of Listed Companies in Northeast China
Lan Fengyun, Wang Chunhua

5. Design and Implementation of Tracking System for Dish Solar Thermal Energy Based on Embedded System
Jian Kuang, Wei Zhang

6. An Alternating Simultaneously Minimizing Diagonal Matrix Error and Covariant Matrix Error Trilinear Decomposition Algorithm for Second-Order Calibration
Jianqi Sun

7. Indoor Comfortable Environment Self-adjust System Based on Microchip EM78F668N
Jingjing Li, Renjie Zhang, Jun Fang

8. High-Gain Stacked Minkowski Fractal Patch Antenna with Superstrate for 60GHz Communications
Yabing Shi, Wenjun Zhang

9. Embedded Control System for Atomic Clock
Wei Deng, Peter Yun, Yi Zhang, Jiehua Chen, Sihong Gu

10. Green Supply Chain: Comparative Research on the Waste Printing Plate of the Computer
Jing Zhang, Lei Su

11. Tree-Mesh Based P2P Streaming Data Distribution Scheme
Jianming Zhao, Nianmin Yao, Shaobin Cai, Xiang Li

12. The Transform of the National Geographic Grids for China Based on the Axial Minimum Enclosing Rectangle
Quanfu Bao, Zhengguo Li, Xiaochong Tong, Caijiao Jin

13. A Dual-Decomposition-Based Resource Allocation for the Data Transmission in the Internet
Youmao Bai

14. Distributed Electronic Evidence Forensics Laboratory Design and Practice That Based on High-Speed 3G and Cloud Computing Model
Qingyi Tian, Peiyun Luo, Qingjun Liu

15. Research on Indoor Positioning Technology Based on RFID
Huaichang Du

16. Virtual Polarization Technology in Adaptive Polarization Radar System
Xi Su, Feifei Du, Peng Bai, Yanping Feng

17. Applying Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations and Contrast Enhancement to Fluorescence Microscopic Image Denoising
Yu Wang, Hong Xue

18. Design of Programmable Laser Receiver Signal Simulator
Mingang Wang, Chuanxin Sun

19. Fault Current Limit (FCL) Technology (Magnetic Valve Controlled Reactor-Type Fault Current Limiter Principle and Simulation)
Chunzhe Shi

20. The Scattering from an Object below 2D Rough Surface
Huang Xue-Yu, Tong Chuang-Ming

21. Moving Target Localization Based on Multi-sensor Distance Estimation
Zhao Wang, Chao Zhang, Zhong Chen

22. A Wavelet Transform Based Structural Similarity Model for Semi-structured Texts
Jie Su, Junpeng Bao

23. Performance of Adaptive Modulation with Space-Time Block Coding and Imperfect Channel State Information over Rayleigh Fading Channel
Xiangbin Yu, Yuyu Xin, Xiaoshuai Liu, Xiaomin Chen

24. A Spectrum Allocation System Model of Internet of Things Based on Cognitive Radio
Liguo Qu, Yourui Huang, Ming Shi, Chaoli Tang

25. Low Cost Dual-Basis Multiplier over GF(2
) Using Multiplexer Approach
Hung Wei Chang, Wen-Yew Liang, Che Wun Chiou

26. Multi-precision Indoor Location System Based on Ultrasonic and ZigBee
Lei Zhang, Yang Tian, Xiaomei Yu

27. A Trust-Third-Party Based Key Management Protocol for Secure Mobile RFID Service Based on the Internet of Things
Tao Yan, Qiaoyan Wen

28. The Smart Home System Design Based on i.MX51 Platform
Haibin Sun

29. Study of Self-optimizing Load Balancing in LTE-Advanced Networks
Zhengrong Xiao, Yaoxu Zhang, Zhaobiao Lv

30. Research on the Methods of Similarity Measures between Vague Sets
Jun-min Li, Hu Li

31. A Signal Processing Scheme for CPT Atomic Clock
Yi Zhang, Wei Deng, Yuan Tian, Sihong Gu

32. Mobile Application of Land Law Enforcement and Supervision
Zhirong Chen, Tianhe Yin

33. A New Mechanism of EAB in RCS
Peng Zhao, Qun Wei, Hailun Xia, Zhimin Zeng

34. Design of Security Solution to Mobile Cloud Storage
Xiaojun Yu, Qiaoyan Wen

35. A Study on Usability of Finger’s Moving Direction in Direct Touch Environment
Feng Wang, Hui Deng, Kaifan Ji, Lipeng Yang

36. Double R-Tree and Double Indexing for Mobile Objects
Ye Liang

37. Activity Recognition in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Tao Lu, Xin Wang, Shaokun Zhang

38. Circuit Diagram Design for DAS Based on Single Chip Microcosm
Xiaolin Lu

39. Network Management System for Employment Service and Social Insurance Application
Xiaolin Lu

40. CSCW Based Labor and Social Security and Employment Information System
Wei Zhou, Dong Zhang

41. XML Based Asynchronous Communication for Labor and Social Security Systems
Jian Yu

42. Research on Grain Moisture Curve Fitting Based on Support Vector Machine Regression
Cheng-shi Luo

43. Optimized Location Planning of Logistics Park Based on Implicit Enumeration
Liu Xiaohui, Zhao Xueyu, Xue Yapei, Zhu Cuijuan

44. Preliminary Study on Remote Sensing Teaching in Environmental Engineering Specialty
Jinxiang Yang, Xiaolong Li, Wenjuan Liu

45. Architectural Study on Undergraduate Teaching System of Hydrology and Water Resources Major
Xiaolong Li, Jinxiang Yang, Xiaojun Zhang

46. Exploration of Data Structure Experiment Teaching
WenJuan Liu, JinXiang Yang, XiaoLong Li, DiLin Pan

47. Survey of Job Happiness of College Students in Enterprise
Xiujuan Yan, Shanshan Liu, Jianfeng Hu

48. Study on the Physical Education Reform of Colleges and Universities Based on the Regulation on National Fitness

Liying Ren, Xueming Yang, Xiaoping Xia, Jinliang Shi

49. A Study on Problems and Countermeasures of China’s Higher Vocational Education
Xiaozheng Liu

50. Research on Cost Accounting Informatization
Ping Cheng, Xiongyu Zhou

51. Analysis of Factors Affecting Audit Charge in China’s Listed Companies
Juan Wang, Jingya Zhao

52. The Research of Workflow Management System in Teaching Procedures
Qiongjie Kou, Quanyou Zhang

53. The Master of Engineering Program in Integrated Circuits and Systems: A Case Study in Tsinghua University
Hong Chen, Zhihua Wang, Yangdong Deng

54. Research on Risk Management of Project Schedule
Jinling Liu

55. Seizing the Big and Freeing the Small in Program Design Teaching
JunRui Liu, XueFeng Jiang

56. The Research of Teaching Mode in Basic Computer Courses
XueFeng Jiang, JunRui Liu

57. Web Service Registry and Load Balance of Invocation Based on JXTA
Chenni Wu, Wei Zhang, Shuangshuang Zhou

58. Improved Dynamic Frame Slotted ALOHA Algorithm for Anti-collision in RFID Systems
Shian Liu, Xiaojuan Peng

59. NC Skill Cultivation for Students with Specialty of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
Xueguang Li, Shuren Zhang

60. Research and Application of Heterogeneous Network Topology Discovery Algorithm Based on Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Dancheng Li, Chen Zheng, Chunyan Han, Yixian Liu

61. Research of Photoelectric Position Acquisition System
Haima Yang, Siyong Fu, Yihua Hu, Jin Liu, Jianyu Wang

62. An Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm Based on Cultural Algorithm for Constrained Optimization
Lina Wang, Cuiwen Cao, Zhenhao Xu, Xingsheng Gu

63. The Comparison of Program Implementations of the Acquisition of Vibration Data Based on LabVIEW
Wen Li, Changjing Wu, Huimin Zhao

64. Study the Social Adaptability of University Students and the Relationship with Mental Health and Personality
Bingwei Wang, Qiuping Guo, Qiuyun Liu, Jia Gao, Shuangfeng Wei

65. The Study and Analysis on Psychological Commissioners’ Mental Health and Personality
Bingwei Wang, Li Guo, Qiuyun Liu, Yongduo Wang, Shuangfeng Wei

66. Queueing Analysis of the Decoding Process for Intra-session Network Coding with Random Linear Codes
Yuan Yuan, Zhen Huang, Shengyun Liu, Yuxing Peng

67. The Teaching Reform and Practice of the Improvement of the Application Ability of Mechanical and Electrical Transmission Control
Yunlong Yuan, Weimin Zhao, Jie Hu

68. An Analysis of the Application of Granular Computing in Private Data Protection
Zhuqing Yang

69. P Systems with Proteins Working in the Minimally Parallel Mode
Chun Lu, Xiao-jie Chen, Xiao-long Shi

70. Interactive Research of Traditional Aesthetics and Teaching of Art and Design
Jinxiang Ma, Xuguang Yang, Mingyu Gao

71. The Analysis of "BRAND" Image and Performance Tendencies in Space Design
Jinxiang Ma, Jun Liu, Mingyu Gao

72. Application of Regression Analysis in Data Processing of Physical Experiment of College
Jianxin Peng, Yigang Lu

73. Importance and Challenges of Digital Construction for Academic Library
Mingfeng Xu

74. The Research on Physical Education Teaching in Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
Baoling Ma, Xiangdong Wang, Qiang Li

75. Using EDA Technology to Design Comprehensive Experiments of Digital Circuit Course
Shimin Du, Xiangsheng Yang, Runping Yang

76. Improve Practice Engineering Teaching Ability of Young Teachers by School-Enterprise Cooperation
Dong Guo, Lei Mao, Huilan Sun, Bo Wang, Xuezheng Zhang, Yunfeng Yao

77. On Countermeasures and Dilemma for Higher Engineering Education Infiltrating Humane Education in China
Xiaoping Li, Yan Gao, Huilin Chen, Lifang Cheng

78. Discussion on Training of Engineering Students’ Ability of Professional English Application
Yufeng Duan, Zhaoxia Fu

79. The Construction of the Secondary Vocational Teachers Training System Based on ‘Cooperation between School and Enterprise’
Chen Lidong, Ma Shuying, Shi Lei, Li Guofang, Zhang Liang, Zheng Lixin

80. Research on High-Precision Time Synchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
Chunxiang Zheng, Jiadong Dong

81. The Social Value and Development Strategies of Modern Distance Education Based on Humanistic Utility
Shurong Yan, Min Gao

82. Research on Cultivation Mechanism of Enterprise Ability for Undergraduates on the View of Employment
Shurong Yan

83. Teaching Reform Exploration of Automobile Examination and Diagnosis Based on Ability Training
Liang Zhang, Shuzhen Li, Lei Shi, Guofang Li, Lidong Chen, Shuying Ma, Lixin Zheng

84. Research on Teaching Reform of Mechanism and Machine Theory
Xiulong Chen, Xiuli Qi, Suyu Wang

85. Research on Cultivation Model to Full-Time Postgraduate of Engineering Major
Xiulong Chen, Yu Deng, Xiuli Qi, Suyu Wang

86. Discussion on Measures of Training Innovative Talents in Science and Technology in Regional Colleges
Zhaoxia Fu, Yufeng Duan, Chen Wang

87. Construction of the Training System in Ascendant Helix for the Computer Application Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges
Qiming Tian

88. On Sino-foreign Investment College PE Curriculum Setting from the Perspective of International View
Shujuan Yuan, Zhanguo Fu, Hongwu Yang, Yu Xi

89. Automatic Summarization of Web Page Based on Statistics and Structure
Shuangyi Zheng, Junyang Yu

90. Design and Application of New Structure of Prefabricating Multi-Column Wall
Yu Rui, Cheng Ming

91. Discussion on Six-Step Approach of Programming Courses in Vocational Colleges
Shaojie Du, Xiaoju Zhang

92. Inspiration of Cooperation between School and Enterprise in Germany and USA to China
Shaojie Du, Shan Su

93. Building Computer Graphics into an Independent Sub-discipline
Wei Haitao, Lu Hanrong, Xiong Jiajun, Gao Yan, Hu Jinsheng, Wu Caihua

94. New Design for Water Quality Early Warning System
Tian Jing, Zheng Shuyin, Zhang Guangxin, Hou Dibo, Huang Pingjie, Zhang Jian

95. Sliding Window Calculating Method of Time Synchronization Based on Information Fusion
Chunxiang Zheng, Jiadong Dong

96. Study on Evaluation Method of University Library Website
Jian-shan Gao, Yan-ling Zheng

97. The Construction of Online Video Resource Library with Streaming Media
Tongming Wang

98. Scheduling Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Cluster Head Based on Multi-dimensional QoS
Wuqi Gao, Fengju Kang

99. An Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Tang Hongcheng

100. Determinants of Financial Restatements in the Listed Companies in China
Guiling Zhang

101. The Effects of Exercise on IL-2/sIL-2R
Liqiang Su

102. The Influence of Sports about Internet Addiction on Teenagers’ Health in Different Dimensions
Wei Zhang

103. A Unified Frame of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithm
Chen Jia-zhao, Zhang Yu-xiang, Luo Yin-sheng

104. The Innate Problems and Suggestions on Inquiry Learning under Network Environment
Yangli Zhang, Qiong Wu

105. Finding Maximum Noncrossing Subset of Nets Using Longest Increasing Subsequence
Xinguo Deng, Rui Zhong

106. An Optimization Algorithm for Minimizing Weight of the Composite Beam
Peng-yu Jiang, Zhu-ming, Lin Jin Xu

107. Optimal Filtering for Stochastic Singular Systems with Uncertain Observations
Wang Huiying

108. Centralized Fusion White Noise Estimator for Multi-sensor Systems with Missing Measurements
Wang Huiying

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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