Broekmans, Maarten A.T.M.

Proceedings of the 10th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM)

Broekmans, Maarten A.T.M. - Proceedings of the 10th International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Iodine K-Edge Exafs Spectroscopy of Iodine-Bearing AFm-(Cl2, CO3, SO4)
Laure Aimoz, Erich Wieland, Christine Taviot-Guého, Marika Vespa, Rainer Dähn

2. Prediction of Mineral Processing Behavior of Bauxite Ores by XRD Cluster Analysis
Juliana Lívi Antoniassi, Henrique Kahn, Carina Ulsen, Maria Manuela M. L. Tassinari

3. Metallogeny Of Culampajá Gold District, Argentina
Julio C. Avila, José E. Lazarte

4. Systematic REE Partitioning in Cubo-Dodecahedral Fluorite from Belgium Revealed by Cathodoluminescence Spectral Imaging and Laser Ablation-ICP-MS
Jean-Marc Baele, Laurence Monin, Jacques Navez, Luc André

5. Geochemical Characteristics of the Aligudarz Granite Intrusion and Its Mineralization Potential
Siyamak Bagheriyan

6. Occurrences and Petrographical Variations among the Glauconite Deposits from Egypt
Hassan M. Baioumy, Sabah N. Boulis, Mervat S. Hassan

7. Investigation of an Old Problem: Optimisation and Cost Effectiveness
Robin N.J. Baldwin, Michael A. Eden

8. Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Magnetite–Hematite Transformation Via EBSD Technique
Paola F. Barbosa, Leonardo E. Lagoeiro, Leonardo M. Graça, Ricardo A. Scholz

9. Effect of Alteration on the Mineralogy and Flotation Performance of PPM Platinum Ore
Megan Becker, Mpho Ramonotsi, Jochen Petersen

10. The Role of Process Mineralogy in Identifying the Cause of the Low Recovery of Chalcopyrite at KUCC
Dee J. Bradshaw, Brett Triffett, Dave Kashuba

11. Petrographic Crystallography in Solving Problems of Applied Mineralogy
R. L. Brodskaya, E. L. Kotova

12. Monomineralic Aggregates in Mortars: Examples From Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Roberto Bugini, Luisa Folli

13. Assessment of Individual ASR-Aggregate Particles by XRD
Nélia Castro, Bjørn E. Sorensen, Maarten A. T. M. Broekmans

14. Grain Size Analysis of Quartz in Potentially Alkali-Reactive Aggregates for Concrete: A Comparison Between Image Analysis and Point-Counting
Nélia Castro, Børge J. Wigum

15. Effect of Farm Manure on Dissolution of Underlying Carbonate Rocks and Atmospheric CO2 Source/Sink
Liu Changli, Zhang Yun, Song Chao, Hou Hongbing, Jiang Jianmei, Wang Jingjing, Pei Lixin

16. High Voltage Selective Fragmentation for Detailed Mineralogical and Analytical Information, Case Study: Oiva’s Gold-Quartz-Dyke in the Lapland Granulite Belt, Laanila, Northern Finland
Tegist Chernet

17. The Use of 3D X-Ray Computed Tomography for Gold Location in Exploration Drill Cores
Deshenthree Chetty, Wilma Clark, Charles Bushell, Tlou Piet Sebola, Jakobus Hoffman, Robert Nshimirimana, Frikkie Beer

18. Crandallite Formation in Archaeological Potteries Found in the Amazonian Dark Earth Soils
Marcondes L. Costa, Suyanne F. S. Rodrigues, Glayce J. S. Silva, Herbert Pöllmann

19. Bioleaching of Metals from Tail-Serpentine by Aspergillus niger

Faqin Dong, Yuan Tan, Wei Yang, Wei Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhou

20. Chemical Composition and Age of Uraninite of the Zhovta Richka Uranium Deposit (Ukraine)
Alexander Emetz, Michel Cuney, Julien Mercadier, Yuriy Velikanov

21. Metasomatic Formation and Replacement of Apatite (Bamble Sector, South Norway)
Ane K. Engvik, Håkon Austrheim, Peter Ihlen, Are Korneliussen, Andrew Putnis

22. REE Mobilization in Complex Hydrothermal–Metasomatic Systems: Fluid Chemistry Evidence of Albitite And Chlorite-Talc Mineralisations in Central Sardinia, Italy
Sandro Fadda, Maddalena Fiori, Silvana Maria Grillo, Walter Prochaska

23. Synthesis of Intermetallic Ni–Al Nanoparticles by Wet Chemistry Synthesis of Niacac2 and Alcl3 Precursors
Nor Akmal Fadil, Hideki Abe, Hideyuki Murakami, Saravanan Govindachetty, Kazuhiko Noda

24. Building Façades of Oporto City Covered with Glazed Tiles. Guidelines of Haracterisation for Preservation
Luis Mariz Ferreira, João Coroado, Ana Luisa Velosa

25. Advanced Discrimination of Hematite and Magnetite by Automated Mineralogy
German Figueroa, Kurt Moeller, Michael Buhot, Gerda Gloy, David Haberla

26. The Discovery of a New Metallogenic Province in Sardinia (Italy): Au–Ag Mineralisations of Tertiary Age
Sandro Fadda, Maddalena Fiori, Silvana Maria Grillo

27. The Formation of Oxalate Patina on the Surface of Carbonate Rocks Under the Influence of Microorganisms
Olga Frank-Kamemetskaya, Alexey Rusakov, Ekaterina Barinova, Marina Zelenskaya, Dmitrij Vlasov

28. Paralava from Coal-Dump Combustion in Upper Silesia, Poland: Melt Separation Leaving a Cordierite-Rich Restite.
Aleksandra Gawęda, Mirosław Kierepka, Janusz Janeczek, Alicja Mazur-Cuber

29. Vein Type Mineralization and Related Alterations of Narigun Polymetallic Deposit, East of Yazd, Central Iran
Mehdi Gharesi, Mehrdad Karimi

30. The Roman Bridge of Sant’antioco (Sardinia, Italy): The Analysis of Masonries and Characterization of Materials
Caterina Giannattasio, Silvana Maria Grillo

31. Traditional Masonry Techniques and Characterization of Materials: The Mezzaspiaggia Tower (Cagliari, Sardinia)
Caterina Giannattasio, Silvana Maria Grillo

32. Morphological Characterization of Natural and Artificial Sands Through Image Analysis
Otávio da Fonseca Martins Gomes, Paulo Roberto Lopes Lima, Ariella Vianna Fontes

33. Sem-Eds-Based Protocol for Subsurface Drilling Mineral Identification and Petrological Classification
David Haberlah, Michael Owen, Pieter W.S.K. Botha, Paul Gottlieb

34. Petrological Reconstruction of the Subsurface Based on PDC Drill Cuttings: An Advanced Rock Typing Approach
David Haberlah, Pieter W.S.K. Botha, Nicole Dobrzinski, Alan R. Butcher, John G. Kaldi

35. Reflected Light Microscopy of Industrial Minerals
Richard D. Hagni

36. The Replacement of Carbonatite and Marble by Fluorspar Ores and Its Relationship to Beneficiation Problems at Okorusu, Namibia
Richard D. Hagni

37. Ore Microscopic Study of Copper Losses from Mining of Bornite Ores in the Sweetwater Mine, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri
Richard D. Hagni

38. Integration and Analysis of Optical and Sem-Based Microscopy for Automated Mineralogical Characterisation
Richard Hartner, Steve G. Walters, Ron Berry

39. Apatite–Biotite–Carbonatite (Stjernøy, N-Norway): Potential and Obstacles Regarding a Multinutrient Rock-Fertilizer
Michael Heim, Maria H. Hillersøy, Marina A. Bleken, Håvard Gautneb, Elin L. Gjengedal

40. Quantitative Mineral Characterization of Granitic Pegmatite Using Topas Rietveld XRD Refinement
Kristin Husebø Hestnes, Bjørn Eske Sørensen

41. Formation of Calcium Oxalates in the Human Body
Alina R. Izatulina, Yuriy O. Punin

42. Halloysite from the Eucla Basin, South Australia – Comparison of Physical Properties for Potential New Uses
John L. Keeling, Pooria Pasbakhsh, G. Jock Churchman

43. Geochemical Variations During Alteration of an Andesite-Basalt to Bentonite, In Khur, East of Isfahan, Iran
Mahmoud Khalili, Forough Malekmahmoudi

44. Assessment of Engineering Properties of Clay Soils as Brick and Tiles Materials in Hamedan, West Of Iran
G. R. Khanlari, A. Namazi, Y. Abdi Lor

45. Advances in Quantitative X-Ray Mineralogy: Mixed Crystals in Bauxite
Karsten Knorr, Reiner Neumann

46. Quantitative XRD for Ore, Sinter, and Slag Characterization in the Steel Industry
Uwe König, Luciano Gobbo, Celeste Reiss

47. Effect of Ground Glass Fineness on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Aleksandrs Korjakins, Genadij Shakhmenko, Diana Bajare, Girts Bumanis

48. Assessment of Quartzite Crystallinity Index by Ft-Ir
Michael V. Korovkin, Lyudmila G. Ananieva, Anastasia A. Antsiferova

49. New Sample Preparation Developments to Minimize Mineral Segregation in Process Mineralogy
Rogerio Kwitko-Ribeiro

50. Learnings From Five Years of On-Site Mla at Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation: (Myth Busters Through Quantitative Evidence…)
Michael MacDonald, Ben Adair, Dee Bradshaw, Mick Dunn, Dewetia Latti

51. Mineralogical Assessment of the Metamorphosed Broken Hill Sulfide Deposit, South Africa: Implications for Processing Complex Orebodies
Craig R. McClung, Fanus Viljoen

52. Deterioration of Concrete: Application of Stable Isotopes
Florian Mittermayr, Dietmar Klammer, Daniel Höllen, Stephan Köhler, Michael Böttcher, Albrecht Leis, Martin Dietzel

53. Trace Elements of Pegmatitic Quartz and Their Regional Distribution in two Pegmatite Fields of Southern Norway
Axel Müller, Peter M. Ihlen

54. Trace Element Content and Optical Cathodoluminescence of Kyanite
Axel Müller, Alfons M. den Kerhof, Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans

55. Weathering of Pyrrhotite to Szomolnokite
Alexander G. Nikiforov, Victor V. Onufrienok, Anatoly M. Sazonov, Alena V. Terehova

56. Radioactive Elements in Bone Tissue From Freshwater Fish
Anton Nikolaev, Olga Frank-Kamenetskaya, Michael Zuykov, Elena Rosseeva

57. Comparing the Mineralogical Characterisation of Iron Ore by Using Qemscan and Pta
Pejman Oghazi, Bertil I. Pålsson

58. Influence of the Phase Composition of Pyrrhotites on Gold Content in Rocks
Victor V. Onufrienok, Anatoly M. Sazonov, Alena V. Terehova

59. Application of Rapid X-Ray Diffraction (Xrd) and Cluster Analysis to Grade Control of Iron Ores
Mark Paine, Uwe König, Emma Staples

60. Sulfide Oxidation and Mobilization of Arsenic in the Ketza River Mine Tailings
Dogan Paktunc, Yves Thibault, Chris Weisener

61. Development of a Textural Acid Rock Drainage Index for Classifying Acid Formation
Anita Parbhakar-Fox, Mansour Edraki, Dee Bradshaw, Steve Walters

62. Detection of the Deep Approach Fluid Channels in the Oil-and-Gas Basins Using the Geomagnetic Data (North and Norwegian Seas)
A. Petrova, I. Demina, M. Petrishchev

63. Rare-Earth Element and Thorium Potential of Heavy Mineral Deposits Along the West Coast of South Africa With Special Reference to the Namakwa Sands Deposit
Carlo Philander, Abraham Rozendaal

64. Influencing the Morphology of Gypsum
Christian Pritzel, Reinhard Trettin

65. Co2 Sequestration During Interactions Between Fluid and Mafic to Intermediate Intrusive Rocks on Vannøya Island, West Troms Basement Complex, North Norway
Nadezhda S. Priyatkina, Kåre Kullerud, Steffen G. Bergh, Paul E. B. Armitage, Erling J. K. Ravna

66. Synthesis and Hydration of High Reactive Brownmillerites Ca2(Fe2−X

Bastian Raab, Herbert Pöllmann

67. Mineralization of Iron Deposits from Dehbid Area, Fars Province, South Iran: Geochemical and Mineralogical Data
M. A. Rajabzadeh, S. Rasti

68. Hyperspectral Imaging of Iron Ores
Erick R. Ramanaidou, Martin A. Wells

69. Investigation on Microhardpan Texture using µ-CT and MLA
Dieter Rammlmair, Wiete Huebner, Maria Sitnikova

70. Understanding Micro-Environment Development in Mine Tailings Using MLA and Image Analysis
Mostafa Redwan, Dieter Rammlmair

71. Application of Edxrf Handheld to Optimize Exploration Strategies
Dieter Rammlmair, Mostafa Redwan, Samson A. Oke

72. Rare Earth Element Mineralogy and its Recovery from the Neoproterozoic Riviera W–Mo Deposit, South Africa
Abraham Rozendaa, René Boshoff

73. Process Mineralogy Delivering Significant Value at Anglo Platinum Concentrator Operations
Chris Rule, Robert P. Schouwstra

74. Natural Carbon Nanostructuring Materials
Victor V. Ryabov, Victor A. Ponomarchuk, Anatoliy T. Titov, Dina V. Semenova

75. Kinetic Studies of Hydration-Dehydration in Nano-Scale Interlayer Spaces for Smectite Clay Minerals
Kiminori Sato, Koichiro Fujimoto

76. Olivine and Climate Change
R. D. Schuiling

77. Staining of an Indoor Carrara Marble Floor at the Opera House Oslo Norway
Rune S. Selbekk, Elen Roaldset, Hans-Jørgen Berg

78. Medieval Kirschsteinite-Bearing Iron Slags of the Develi-Yahyali Area (Kayseri), Turkey
W. E. Sharp, Steven K. Mittwede

79. Högbomite Associated with Vanadiferous–Titaniferous Magnetite Bands at Bhaktarhalli, Nuggihalli Schist Belt, Western Dharwar Craton, Karnataka, India
P. V. Sunder Raju, R. K. W. Merkle

80. Mineralogical Studies in Assisting Beneficiation of Rare Earth Element Minerals from Carbonatite Deposits
Wendy Thompson, Annegret Lombard, Eunice Santiago, Ashma Singh

81. The Effect of Granulated Nickel Converter Matte Mineralogy on Phase-Specific Hardness and Associated Breakage Characteristics
Elton L. Thyse, Guven Akdogan, Jan H. Neethling, Ezra J. Olivier, William E. Goosen, Jacques J Eksteen

82. Nanostructure of Biomineral Apatite of Modern Oceanic Phosphorites
Anatoly T. Titov, Gleb N. Baturin, Vladimir I. Zaikovskii

83. Physicochemical Model of Calcium Phosphate Mineralization in Human Organism
Anatoly T. Titov, Piter M. Larionov

84. Immobilisation of Uraniumvi in Cementitious Materials: Evidence for Structural Incorporation in Calcium–Silicate–Hydrates and Solid Solution Formation
J. Tits, X. Gaona, N. Macé, D. Kulik, T. Stumpf, C. Walther, G. Geipel, E. Wieland

85. Characterization of the Network Structure of Alkali-Activated Aluminosilicate Binders by Single- and Double-Resonance 29si {27al} Mas Nmr Experiments
T. T. Tran, S. A. Bernal, D. Herfort, J. Skibsted

86. Medieval Kirschsteinite-Bearing Iron Slags of the Develi-Yahyali Area (Kayseri), Turkey
W. E. Sharp, Steven K. Mittwede

87. Microstructural Characterization of Fine Recycled Aggregates by Sem-Mla
Carina Ulsen, Henrique Kahn, Rafael Ribeiro França, Daniel Uliana, Freud Seigfreid Campbell

88. The Hötting Breccia: A Quaternary Building Stone: Its Formation, Quarries, Use and Material Technical Properties
Michael Unterwurzacher, Ulrich Obojes

89. Timan Bauxites: Distribution, Composition, Industrial Application (Komi Republic, Russia)
AV Vakhrushev, OB Kotova

90. A New Cladding System Using Low Strength Sandstone in Precast Concrete Panels for Building Façades
Carmen Vielba-Cuerpo, Francisco Hernández-Olivares, Benito Lauret-Aguirregabiria

91. Application of a Field Emission Mineral Liberation Analyser to the in Situ Study of Platinum-Group Element Mineralisation in the Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Fanus Viljoen, Mike Knoper, Hariharan Rajesh, Derek Rose, Tiaan Greeff

92. Spectroscopic Studies of the Influence of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on the Hydration of Tricalcium Silicate and Microstructure of Calcium Silicate Hydrate Phases
B. Weitzel, M. R. Hansen, T. L. Kowald, T. Müller, H. W. Spiess, H. F. R. Trettin

93. Petrological and Mineralogical Studies of the Sibin Bian-Stone, a Material for Making Acupuncture Tools in Ancient China
Xiande Xie, Fuya Wang, Zhenya Sun, Pui Leung Lo, Kit Chee Kong, Nanzhu Xie

94. Mineralogy of Iron-Rich Sediments of Benavi Area in Kurdistan Region—Northern Iraq
Ali Taha Yassin, Mudhafar M. Mahmoud

95. Sorption Capacity of Clay Minerals for Oil and Oil Products from Water Areas
Halyna Zadvernyuk

96. Compare the Microstructure and Microenvironment of Dry and Wet Organic Montmorillonites
J. X. Zhu, Y. H. Ma, J. M. Wei, R. L. Zhu, P. Yuan, H. P. He

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Mineralogy, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Methods, Mineral Resources, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Metallic Materials, Cultural Heritage

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