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Treatment of Dry Skin Syndrome

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Table of contents

1. Moisturizers as Cosmetics, Medicines, or Medical Device? The Regulatory Demands in the European Union
Amy Sörensen, Peter Landvall, Marie Lodén

2. Design of Claims Support for Moisturizers
Judith K. Woodford

3. Educational Interventions for the Management of Children with Dry Skin
Steven J. Ersser, Noreen Heer Nicol

4. Dry Skin in Childhood and the Misery of Eczema and Its Treatments
Susan Lewis-Jones

5. Use of Moisturizers in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis
Kam Lun Ellis Hon, Alexander K. C. Leung

6. Sensory Systems of Epidermal Keratinocytes
Mitsuhiro Denda

7. Sensitive Skin: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributors
Miranda A. Farage, Michael K. Robinson

8. Electron Tomography of Skin
Lars Norlén

9. Filaggrin Gene Defects and Dry Skin Barrier Function
Martin Willy Meyer, Jacob P. Thyssen

10. Molecular Organization of the Lipid Matrix in Stratum Corneum and Its Relevance for the Protective Functions of Human Skin
Mila Boncheva

11. Desquamation: It Is Almost All About Proteases
Rainer Voegeli, Anthony V. Rawlings

12. Endogenous Retroviral-Like Aspartic Protease, SASPase as a Key Modulator of Skin Moisturization
Takeshi Matsui

13. Vernix Caseosa and Its Substitutes: Lipid Composition and Physicochemical Properties
Marty O. Visscher, Steven B. Hoath

14. The Role of Tight Junctions and Aquaporins in Skin Dryness
J. M. Brandner

15. Biomechanics of the Barrier Function of Human Stratum Corneum
Kemal Levi, Reinhold H. Dauskardt

16. Update on Atopic Eczema with Special Focus on Dryness and the Impact of Moisturizers
Eric Simpson

17. Update on Hand Eczema with Special Focus on the Impact of Moisturisers
Christina Williams, Mark Wilkinson

18. Update on Ichthyosis with Special Emphasis on Dryness and the Impact of Moisturizers
Johannes Wohlrab

19. Psoriasis and Dry Skin: The Impact of Moisturizers
Joachim W. Fluhr, Enzo Berardesca, Razvigor Darlenski

20. Update on Infant Skin with Special Focus on Dryness and the Impact of Moisturizers
Georgios N. Stamatas, Neena K. Tierney

21. The Composition and Development of Moisturizers
Steve Barton

22. Ungual Formulations: Topical Treatment of Nail Diseases
Kenneth A. Walters

23. Preservation of Moisturisers
D. Godfrey

24. Potential Allergens in Moisturizing Creams
Ana Rita Travassos, An Goossens

25. Formulating Moisturizers Using Natural Raw Materials
Swarnlata Saraf

26. Chemical and Physical Properties of Emollients
Jari T. Alander

27. Polyfunctional Vehicles by the Use of Vegetable Oils
Luigi Rigano, Chiara Andolfatto

28. The Effect of Natural Moisturizing Factors on the Interaction Between Water Molecules and Keratin
Noriaki Nakagawa

29. Impact of Stratum Corneum Damage on Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) in the Skin
Lisa M. Kroll, Douglas R. Hoffman, Corey Cunningham, David W. Koenig

30. Water and Minerals in the Treatment of Dryness
Ronni Wolf, Danny Wolf, Donald Rudikoff, Lawrence Charles Parish

31. Hyaluronan Inside and Outside of Skin
Aziza Wahby, Kathleen Daddario DiCaprio, Robert Stern

32. Glycerol as a Skin Barrier Influencing Humectant
Laurène Roussel, Nicolas Atrux-Tallau, Fabrice Pirot

33. The Use of Urea in the Treatment of Dry Skin
Marie Lodén

34. Urea and Skin: A Well-Known Molecule Revisited
Alessandra Marini, Jean Krutmann, Susanne Grether-Beck

35. The Influence of Climate on the Treatment of Dry Skin with Moisturizer
C. Stick, E. Proksch

36. Emollient Therapy and Skin Barrier Function
Majella E. Lane

37. Skin Barrier Responses to Moisturizers: Functional and Biochemical Changes
Izabela Buraczewska-Norin

38. Changes in Stratum Corneum Thickness, Water Gradients and Hydration by Moisturizers
Jonathan M. Crowther, Paul J. Matts, Joseph R. Kaczvinsky

39. Skin Moisture and Heat Transfer
Jerrold Scott Petrofsky, Lee Berk

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology, Medical Biochemistry

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