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Frontiers in Computer Education

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Table of contents

1. Personalized Recommendation System of Third-Party E-Commerce
Bai Juan, Zhao Wu

2. Application of Multimedia Technology in Mechanical Engineering Material Teaching of Vocational College
Maoquan Xue

3. Design and Auto Machining of Friction Disc Casting Die Cavity Based on MasterCAM
Maoquan Xue

4. The Expansibility Research of College Teachers, Educational Technology Ability under Information Environment
Jian-zhong Chen, Shui-lian Ge

5. A Study on Improving E-Learning in Higher Engineering Education
Jun Zhao, Guolong Zhao, Quanxing Wen, Lan Ma, Litao Zhang, Xinlan Mi, Shuo Yin, Xiangnan Wu

6. Basic CAD/CAM Engineering Education through Multimedia and Network Aid
Jun Zhao, Han Zhang, Lan Ma, Jiuchuan Chen, Quanxing Wen, Shuo Yin, Xiangnan Wu

7. Application of Multimedia in the PE Instruction of Special Schools in Hebei Province and Influencing Factors
Feng Xiuhua, Liang Zhansuo

8. Current Situations of Sports Consciousness and Training Strategies of Students in Special Education Schools in Hebei Province
Xiuhua Feng, Zhansuo Liang

9. Learning Software Engineering through Experience of ACM-ICPC Training and Practicing Exercises
Zhu Jie-ao, Sun Mian, Liu Xue, Li Hao

10. Action Rules Mining Triggered by Micro-actions and Its Application in Education
Yuan Liu, Xuemei Zhao, Yumei Zhang

11. Research on the Role of “Mobile Programming” Course in Teaching Curriculum Reform of Computer Science and Technology
Jia-lin Jiao, Zeng-gang Xiong, Xue-min Zhang, Jian-xin Chen

12. Research and Practice on Cooperative Education Pattern for Higher Vocational Colleges in China
Liu Changming

13. Lecturing and Reflections on the Fiber Heats of Sorption Part I
Yang Bin, Zhang Huapeng, Zhou Ying, Pan Xiaodan, Hu Guoliang

14. Lecturing and Reflections on the Fiber Heats of Sorption Part II
Yang Bin, Zhou Ying, Zhang Huapeng, Pan Xiaodan, Hu Guoliang

15. Innovation of Practice-Based Teaching Strategy in University via Web
Jiangyu Li, Shaogang Zhang

16. Study of Fieldbus System Scheduling Based on IEEE802.15.3a Standard
Jun Wang

17. Exploration of Practical-Oriented Teaching in Mechatronics Engineering Education
Yu Wang, Ying Yu, Nan Xie, Chun Xie, Xiao Feng

18. Construction and Application of the Merging Network Teaching Platform
Jianhua Han, Shanshan Du, Jikui Wen

19. Research on the Coupling Path and Mechanism of Double Certificates of the Major of Refrigeration and Cold Storage
Jixue Sui, Dan Zhou, Lili Zheng, Yunfang Li, Yanfang Wang

20. Innovate the College-Enterprise Alliance Mode and Promote the Development of Senior Vocational Education
Jixue Sui, Baojin Yang, Juanli Du, Zhaodi Li, Meizhu Dang

21. Research and Practice on Graduation Examination Mode for the Food Specialty in Higher Vocational College
Jixue Sui, Yiming Zhang, Xiangyang Sun, Xiuzhen Hao, Jianchun Wei

22. To Build a Development Strategy of Adult Education in the Course of Learning Society
Baozhu Zhao, Yongjun Liu, Jing Wang

23. The Information Interaction Platform Development of Sports Teaching Theory Course Based on Internet
Yukuo Wang, Yapin Ji, Lishu Dong

24. An Experimental Study of Teaching Effects in Grammar Class
Jing Qin, Guoyong Liu

25. Effects of Output Tasks on Students’ Perceptions Concerning Grammar Learning
Jing Qin, Guoyong Liu

26. M-Learning: The Practitioner of Low-Carbon Education
Sainan Li

27. Scalable Web-Based Learning Platform Based on Matlab Web Server for Communication Principles
Jiaqing Huang, Hang Luo, Jing Wang

28. The Design and Implement of Puzzle Kind Educational Game Software
Jing Zhang

29. A Study on Promoting the Autonomous Ability by Meta-cognitive Strategy in English Web-Based Environment
Li Zhang, Yuehong Wei

30. Mirror-Image Stereogram Theory and Application on Education
Keyin Wang, Chaoyong Guo, Haiying Huang

31. The Research and Practice of Creative Construction Design in Graphics Courses Teaching
Haiying Huang, Chaoyong Guo, Keyin Wang

32. Analysis and Development of the Locality Principle
Li Ping

33. Construction of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Platform and Application Study Based on Blog and QQ Group
Qi Liu, Pingguang Cheng

34. The Application of Social Software in the Integration of Information Technology and Curriculum
Qi Liu, Wei Ran

35. Case Analysis and Cultivation Measures of Mining Engineering Postgraduates Who Are Cross Major
Liu Shao-wei, Dong Shi-ju, Zhang wei-guang, Zheng xi-wang

36. The Practice and Innovation of the Classification Training Mode for Professional Degree Graduates
Jun Zhao, Jianqiang Wang, Junfeng Zhang, Huai Chen, Fei Xue

37. Web-Based Interactive Bilingual Teaching
Dan Huang, Wu Zhao, Hongbao Cui, Ying Wang, Xuefeng Guo

38. Chinese College Students’ Dynamic Perceptions of Communicative and Non-communicative Activities in English-as-a-Foreign-Language Class
Xiaoyan Zhang

39. A Construction and Accomplishment of ERP System for Coal Enterprises
Yaling Luo, Zhuang Chen, Ping Lin

40. Design of the High School Collaborative Learning System Based on Network Environment
Yue-ming Tang, Rui Guo, Hua-nan Zhang

41. The New Method of Managing Teaching Archives in High Learning School
Limei Liu, Weiming Gao, Litao Dong, Dongmei Yu, Jianhui Cao

42. Application of Heuristic Teaching Thought to Educational Game Development
Hui Liang, Minyong Shi

43. Campus Monitoring Network Based on Convergence of 3G Mobile Communication and Zigbee
Xiao Hu, Changhong Liu, Waixi Liu

44. Problems and Countermeasures of Teaching Application of Distance Education in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools
Bin Peng, LongBao Mei

45. Campus Network System Model and Its Analysis Based on Knowledge Management
Bin Peng, Longbao Mei, Zhongsheng Liu

46. Buy Back Contract Based on Quality Effort in Supply Chain
Xiao Di, Dai Wei, Hao Yun-hong

47. The Research-Based Teaching of Wood Drying Course: Exploration and Practice
Xianjun Li, Xingong Li, Yiqiang Wu

48. The Problem of Adult Animation Education in Teaching Quality and Corresponding Solutions
Xuesong Yin, Youju Qi

49. Investigation and Application on Appreciation Methods of Art among Students in Comprehensive Colleges and Universities
Lixia Shen

50. CALL in China and Its Trends
He Gaoda

51. Trust Model of Service Computing Based on Recommendation
Yongsheng Zhang, Xuewu Nie, Qin Luo

52. Dynamical Synchronous Control of Chaos Motor Systems in Complex Network with Small-World Topology
Zhaoyun Geng, Yuan Gao, Ning Zhao

53. Research on Full-Proxy Based TCP Congestion Control Strategy
Shanshan Wan, Zhifeng Ren

54. Multiple Gateways Deployment Based on Connecting-Probability for Wireless Mesh Networks
Wen-xiang Li, Hai-long Kuang, Qing-guo Xiong

55. Modeling Propagation of Active P2P Worm in Chord Network
Xuesong Wang, Jinglin Zhu, Huaizhong Lin, Xiaoming Su, Yuqian Jiang

56. Research on Semantic Integration across Heterogeneous Data Sources in Grid
Guofeng Liu, Shaobin Huang, Yuan Cheng

57. Study of the Oil Production Equipment Maintenance Information System Architecture
Ming Fang, Long Ma

58. Evaluation of Internal Model Controller in Time and Frequency Domain on Application to Wind Turbine
Faramarz Asharif, Shiro Tamaki, Tstomu Nagado, Nagata Tomokazu, Mohammad Reza Alsharif

59. Feature Extraction Method for Fault Diagnosis of Machine Unit Based on Wavelet Singularity Principle and Immunology Optimization Principle
Jian Cen, Yinbo Wu

60. A Method of Multiple-Marker Register and Application on Virtual Education
Tan Xiaohui, Fan Pengcheng, Luo Liming, Zhou Mingquan

61. The Parameters Reduction Algorithm and the Application in Decision-Making Based on the Bijective Soft Set
Bin Miao, Wei Wei, Tao Zhang

62. Design and Implementation of Wireless Local Area Network Videophone
Zhaohua Long, Xiaojie Song, Lin Zhang, Yu Xiao

63. The Design of Energy-Efficient Optimal Multipath Routing Protocol Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Guiquan Jiang, Bing Li, Zhaohua Long, Lin Zhang

64. Mathematical Modeling of Turbine as a Part of Flexible Energy System
Zdenek Machacek, Stepan Ozana, Martin Pies, Pavel Nevriva

65. Simulation of MIT Rule-Based Adaptive Controller of a Power Plant Superheater
Zdenek Machacek, Martin Pies, Stepan Ozana

66. Fuzzy Knowledge Adaptation Mechanism for PID Controllers Implemented in PLC S7-300/400
Jiri Kocian, Stepan Ozana, Jiri Koziorek

67. Application of Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Technology Units in Industrial Control
Jiri Kocian, Michal Tutsch, Stepan Ozana, Jiri Koziorek

68. The Research of Detecting SQL Injection Based on the Connectivity with Its Behavior
Hao Wang, Jinsong Wang, Jian Zhang, Sheng Lin, Chengyi Xia

69. One Kind of Design and Implementation of Web-Based SIP Call System with High Compatibility
Lin Zhang, Sunyun Liu, Zhaohua Long, Guiquan Jiang, Xiao Yu

70. New Location Techniques Based on Ray-Tracing for Increasing Airport Safety in Apron and Stand Areas
Antonio Corte, Oscar Gutiérrez, José Manual Gómez

71. QoS Supported Contention Performance in an Optical Buffer Applied Optical Burst-Switched Network
Rui Hou, Li Xu

72. A Novel Method for Origin-Destination Flow Computation Based on Distributed Network Monitoring
Peng Ou, Zhishu Li, Xun Lin

73. Multi-user Resource Allocation for the Data Transmission in the Internet
Youmao Bai

74. A Critical Comparison between GMM Classifier and Polynomial Classifier for Text-Independent Speaker Identification
Nirmalya Sen, T. K. Basu

75. Design of P-I Power System Stabilizers for Damping Inter-area Oscillation
P. Bera, T. K. Basu, D. Das

76. Novel Temporal and Spectral Features Derived from TEO for Classification Normal and Dysphonic Voices
Hemant A. Patil, Pallavi N. Baljekar, T. K. Basu

77. Text-Independent Speaker Identification in Emotional Environments: A Classifier Fusion Approach
N. P. Jawarkar, R. S. Holambe, T. K. Basu

78. Volume Interior Parameterization for Automated Unified Machining Process of Freeform Surfaces
Seung Ryong Han, Daniel C. H. Yang

79. Modelling of Fish Swimming Patterns Using an Enhanced Object Tracking Algorithm
Poh Lee Wong, Mohd Azam Osman, Abdullah Zawawi Talib, Khairun Yahya

80. Platform for Embedded Systems Design in the Smart Grid Framework
Isabel Moreno-García, Antonio Moreno-Muñoz, Víctor Pallarés-López, Rafael Real-Calvo

81. Control of a Knee Rehabilitation Machine Using a Virtual Prototype
A. Blanco Ortega, J. A. López Leyva, G. Vela Valdés, E. Chávez Conde

82. Bayesian Network Based Cooperative Area Coverage Searching for UAVs
Wenqiang Guo, Zoe Zhu, Yongyan Hou

83. The Application of EPS Module Concrete Framework Structure in Construction Engineering
Kun Qian, Tian Xia, Guohai Lin

84. Energy Efficient Massive Data Dissemination Protocols for the International Network of Things
Dandan Liu, Jian Zhang, Chunwu Yu

85. A Robust Control Strategy for VAV AHU Systems and Its Application
Shibai Cheng, Youming Chen, Cary H. K. Chan, Tony Lee, Ho Lam Chan, Jianying Qin, Qiang Zhou, Allan Cheung, Kenny Yu

86. Selection Best Starting Pitcher of the Chinese Professional Baseball League in 2010 Using AHP and TOPSIS Methods
Chih-Cheng Chen, Meng-Lung Lin, Yung-Tan Lee, Tien-Tze Chen, Chih-Lun Huang

87. Polynomial Neural Network Modeling for Sequential Processes of Silicon Solar Cell Fabrication
Seung-Soo Han, Intaek Kim, Cheolwoo You, Jinsoup Joung

88. Research of Rule Engines in Web Service Environment
Ziqin Yin, Xiaolin Li, Chaofan Wu, Gehao Lu

89. AndroBench: Benchmarking the Storage Performance of Android-Based Mobile Devices
Je-Min Kim, Jin-Soo Kim

90. A Service-Oriented Business Rules Designer Based on Rule Engine
Ziqin Yin, Chaofan Wu, Shijin Li, Xiaolin Li, Taixiang Liu

91. Active Histogram of Oriented Gradient Based Learning for Free Palm Tracking
Shuai Zhang, Xiang Chen, Kongqiao Wang, Jiangwei Li, Yanwei Pang, He Yan

92. Trace Element Characteristics of Ultramafic Xenoliths in Basaltic Rocks from Penghu Islands, Taiwan
Yung-Tan Lee, Kuen-Jang Lee, Ren-Yi Huang, Jyh-Yi Shih, Hsiao-Ling Yu, Yen-Tsui Hu, Chih-Cheng Chen, Chih-Lun Huang

93. An Improved TDMA Scheduling Algorithm for Swarms of AUVs Using Electromagnetic Communication
Lakshmi Muralidharan, Asokan Thondiyath

94. Evaluation of Suppression Methods Used for Reduction of Vibrations of the Active Composite Beam
Wojciech Jarzyna, Michał Augustyniak, Jerzy Warmiński, Marcin Bocheński

95. Parallel Architecture Implementation of Spectrum Sensing Based on Covariance in Cognitive Radio
Hongyu Li, Yading Chen, Yuchen Wang, Shaoqian Li

96. Crowd Parameter Extraction from Video at the Main Gates of Masjid al-Haram
Hasan S. M. Al-Khaffaf, Fazilah Haron, Siamak Sarmady, Abdullah Zawawi Talib, Ibtesam M. Abu-Sulyman

97. Video Manipulation Using Frames Estimation through Mosaic Creation
Kantilal Rane, Sunil Bhirud

98. Tuning the Ext4 Filesystem Performance for Android-Based Smartphones
Hyeong-Jun Kim, Jin-Soo Kim

99. Method and Implementation of Oil Spill Detection in SAR Image
Zhuowei Hu, Lai Wei, Meichen Guo

100. On Power Adaptation Strategies in Nakagami Fading Channels
Ye Hoon Lee, Dong Ho Kim

101. A Multicarrier CDMA Communication System with Adaptive Transmission Power Allocation
Ye Hoon Lee

102. A Method of Creating and Accessing Dynamical Database Table Based on Hibernate Framework
Fei Guo, Jingjing Liu, Xiao Luo

103. A Novel Authentication Scheme Using Polynomial for Multi-server Environments
Wei-Chen Wu

104. Research on Practical Implementation of Binary Arithmetic Coding with Forbidden Symbol for Error Resilience
Wei Zhang, Feng Cen, Fanglai Zhu

105. Load-Balanced Handover with Adaptive Hysteresis in a Femto-Cell System
Dong Ho Kim, Kwang-hyun Cho, Ye Hoon Lee

106. Analysis on the Failure of Distribution Network Loop
Xingchen Li, Li Lin, Wu Han

107. Collision-Proof Warning System for Sea-Cross Bridge
Hong-tao Chen, Hong-jun Pan, Xiao-qiu Yao

108. Summary of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter Technology
Linmang Wang, Pengzan Jiang, Dada Wang

109. Performance Comparison of Clustering Methods for Gene Family Data
Dan Wei, Qingshan Jiang

110. The Impact of Object-Oriented Order Picking System on Performance in a Supply Chain
Ming-Feng Yang, Hung-Jen Tu, Ming-Hung Wu

111. Research on Heterogeneous Resource Sharing and Dynamic Allocation Strategy in Campus Grid
Dejun Wang

112. Testing Phishing Detection Criteria and Methods
Carine G. Webber, Maria Fátima W. do Prado Lima, Felipe S. Hepp

113. An Improved Watermarking Algorithm for Video Security Protection Based on H.264/AVC
Peiming Zhang, Ying Wang

114. The Improved LU-Based Decomposition Algorithm for Sparse Matrix of LDPC Code
Junyang Hu, Kangming Jiang

115. Joint De-modulation Decoding Algorithm for LDPC-Coded BICM System
Ying Wang, Kangming Jiang

116. AGT4W: Automatic Generating Tests for Web Applications
Shengbo Chen, Huaikou Miao, Bo Song

117. Multicell Handoff in MIMO Cellular Systems
Sunghyun Cho, Ji-Woong Choi, Robert W. Heath

118. Feature Extraction Using Watershed Transformation
R. Latha, S. Senthilkumar

119. A Low Power LDO Design for Battery-Less TPMS
Wenli Yang, Liji Wu, Chen Jia, Xiangmin Zhang

120. A Lidar Receiver for Speed Measurement Based on Software Radio
Jiqiang Wang, Chang Wang, Tao Lei, Zhiqiang Song, Moyu Hou

121. The Study of Applying the Fuzzy PID Control to Improve the Stability of the Interstand Tension
Yanling Li, Hong Li

122. Efficient Hardware Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) Finalist - Skein
Kashif Latif, Muhammad Tariq, Arshad Aziz, Athar Mahboob

123. Comparative Study on Feature, Score and Decision Level Fusion Schemes for Robust Multibiometric Systems
Chia Chin Lip, Dzati Athiar Ramli

124. The Techniques of Eye Movement Operating System Based on Human Eye Movements Characteristics
Bo Lv, Hongbin Wang

125. Support Vector Machines Optimization Based Wavelet Transform Liner Equalizer and Decision Directed Combined Blind Equalization Algorithm
Yecai Guo, Wencai Xu, Tongying Ji, Jun Guo

126. Orthogonal Wavelet Transform Super-Exponential Iterative Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Optimization of Genetic Algorithm
Yecai Guo, Kan Fan, Juan Liao, Fang Xu

127. The Study and Development of Modern Wave Soldering Materials for 3C Products
Changhua Du, Chuntian Li, Tao Wang, Wenchao Huang

128. The Design and Realization of Wireless Video Monitoring System Based on DM6467
Hui Liu, Bu Pu, Hang-cheng Zeng

129. Research on the Application of E-Mail Classification Based on Support Vector Machine
Tiefeng Shi

130. Hubei Province CNC Machine Tool Industry Analysis and Countermeasures
Haibin Wang

131. Multi-cell Dynamic Interference Coordination Algorithm in LTE Uplink System
Tao Mi, Zhi Wang, Xue-Song Li

132. A Demand-Based Spectrum Allocation Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Networks
Yong Zhang, Xiaohong Chen, Lingsheng Fu

133. A High Precision Laser Spot Center Location Method Based on Multi-scale Image Analysis
Zhen Liu, Bang Kui Huang, Yan Na Shang, Guang Jun Zhang

134. Modeling and Testing of Automation Systems
Barath Kumar, Oliver Niggemann, Wilhelm Schaefer, Juergen Jasperneite

135. Improved ID-Binary Tree Stack Anti-collision Algorithm in RFID Systems
Shian Liu, Xiaojuan Peng

136. Design of MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Cross-Layer Optimization
Zhaohua Long, Jingzhong Li, Guiquan Jiang

137. Website Design for the Elaborate Course of PLC
Xin Wang, Wen-wen Liu

138. The Extraction Method of Fuzzy Rules in the Electromagnetic Design of Large-Scale Hydraulic Generator
Lin Lin

139. Study on Credit Risk Assessment Model of Commercial Banks Based on BP Neural Network
Haihong Shao, Xiaofeng Ju, Yukun Li, Jing Sun

140. Weight in Competitive K-Means Algorithm
TingTing Cui, XinBin Zhao, Zhe Wang, YinQian Zhang

141. Laser-Based Mobile Robot Map Building
Liu Yan, Tian Qi, Tang Wenjun

142. Generalized H2 Static Output Feedback Control for Continuous-Time Systems
Wang Zhaojian, Zhang Jianwei, Cao Shuang

143. Confirmation of Air Traffic Scenario Characteristic Parameters Based on BP Neural Network
Wei Yang, Hongyong Wang, Yifei Zhao

144. Research on the Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network Control of Mine Power Grid Chaotic Oscillation System
Xiangqun Li, Hailin Pu, Hao Liu, Jianfeng Liu, Shaowei Zhang, Shengqiang Shen

145. Self-controlling Structures Using Thermal Shape Memory Alloys
André Bucht, Iñaki Navarroy Sosa, Kenny Pagel, Tom Junker, Welf-Guntram Drossel

146. Simulating the Operation of Turbo Codes through the Monte Carlo Method, Comparison between MATLAB, C and C#
Horia Balta, Alexandru Isar, Dorina Isar, Maria Balta

147. From Enterprise Resource Planning, Industry-Oriented Enterprise Resource Planning to Entire Resource Planning
Shi Liang Wu, Wu He

148. A Novel Method for Online Measuring the Capacity of Distribution Transformers
Feng-Dan Lou, Yue-Zhong Wang, Wei He, Xia Li

149. A Distribution Transformer Open-Phase Fault Location System Based on VC++
Yue-zhong Wang, Feng-Dan Lou, Jun Ye, Zhen-hai Zhu, Chuan Jiang, Wei He

150. Research on QoS Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks
Chuyuan Wei, Xuhua Sun, Yongzhen Li

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computers and Education

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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