M’Sirdi, Nacer

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

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Table of contents

1. Variable Speed Drive of Wind Turbine Based on Synchronous Generator
Ahmed Tahour, Abdel Ghani Aissaoui, Najib Essounbouli, Frederick Nollet

2. Control of the Output Voltage of Asynchronous Wind Turbine with Variable Speed Using a Static VAR Compensator (SVC)
T. Ouchbel, S. Zouggar, M. Sedik, M. Oukili, M. Elhafyani, A. Rabhi

3. Fuzzy Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Stand-Alone System
Huynh Quang Minh, Nollet Frédéric, Essounbouli Najib, Hamzaoui Abdelaziz

4. Academic Development as a Vehicle to Deliver Sustainability Education
Sarah Holdsworth, Ian Thomas

5. Exploring the complexity of understanding, managing and marketing codes for sustainability in the current economic climate – issues for the small builder
Erik Geelhoed, Andy Morrell, Praminda Caleb-Solly, Ming Sun

6. A Sustainable Housing Unit for Emergency Areas
Martina Basciu, Claudia Loggia, Vittorio Tramontin, Cristina Pusceddu

7. Market Responses to the Sustainability and Energy Performance of Commercial Property
A. T. Parkinson, A. J. Cooke

8. Is the Recession Jeopardizing the 2016 Zero Carbon Homes Agenda in England?
Mohamed Osmani, Naomi Gordon

9. Evaluation of Wireless Home Automation Technologies for Smart Mining Camps in Remote Western Australia
A. J. Dinusha Rathnayaka, Vidyasagar M. Podar, Samitha J. Kuruppu

10. Investigation on the Excitation Capacitor for a Wind Pumping Plant Using Induction Generator
Manel Ouali, Mohamed Ben Ali Kamoun, Maher Chaabene

11. Battery Models for Estimation of State of Charge by Sliding Mode Observer
Nacer K. M’Sirdi, Ahmed Belhani, Aziz Naamane

12. Control for a Variable Speed Wind Turbine Equipped with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG)
Johanna Salazar, Fernando Tadeo, Kritchai Witheephanich, Martin Hayes, Cesar Prada

13. H ∞  Tracking Observer-Based Control of the Buck Power Converters
Rabhi, M. Chadli, N. K. M’Sirdi

14. Energy Management Strategy for Commercial Buildings Integrating PV and Storage Systems
He Zhang, Arnaud Davigny, Jonathan Sprooten, Benoit Robyns, Frederic Colas, Yvan Poste

15. A Triple-Cell Concentrator PV System with No Current-Matching and No Lattice-Matching Constrains
Alaeddine Mokri, Mahieddine Emziane

16. Performance Evaluation of a Flywheel Energy-Storage System Associated to a Variable-Speed Wind Generator
Mohamed Mansour, M. N. Mansouri, M. F. Mimouni

17. Neural Control of the Self-Excited Induction Generator for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Generation
S. Zouggar, Y. Zidani, M. L. ELhafyani, T. Ouchbel, M. Seddik, M. Oukili

18. Synchronization of a Renewable Energy Inverter with the Grid
Nader Anani, Omar Al-Kharji ALAli, P. Ponnapalli, Saleh AL-Araji, Mahmoud Al-Qutayri

19. An Intelligent System for Real Time Fault Detection in PV Plants
Anna Ciampi, Annalisa Appice, Donato Malerba, Angelo Muolo

20. Sustainable Housing in Australia: Monitored Trends in Energy Consumption
W. Y. Saman, L. Mudge, D. Whaley, E. Halawa

Solar Community Model: A Smart Strategy for Historic Centres Sustainable Renovation
Michele Argiolas, Claudia Loggia

22. An Emergency Response System for Intelligent Buildings
Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis, Erol Gelenbe

23. Adaptive Buildings for Sustainable Architecture
Vittorio Tramontin, Claudia Loggia, Martina Basciu, Manuel Saddi

24. A Simple Way to Assess and Compare the Thermal Efficacy in Elongated Building Designs
Alberto J. Fernández de Trocóniz y Revuelta, Miguel Ángel Gálvez Huerta, Tomás Gil López

25. The Low-Carbon Retrofit of a UK Conservation Area Terrace: Introducing a Pattern Book of Energy-Saving Details
Jon Moorhouse, John Littlewood

26. In-Construction Testing of the Thermal Performance of Dwellings Using Thermography
Tim Taylor, John Littlewood, Steve Goodhew, Andrew Geens, John Counsell, Joanne Hopper, Tim Blanch, David Sharp

27. New Concepts of Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Utilizing BIM Benchmarking Techniques and Sensing Devices
Paul Coates, Yusuf Arayici, Zafer Ozturk

28. The Monitoring and Assessment of Indoor Environment and Domestic Electricity Use in a Preliminary Post-occupancy Case Study
Jia Cui, Steve Goodhew, John Chilton

29. Post Occupancy Evaluation of Decentralised Energy Systems
Oliver Martin-Du Pan, Dino Bouchlaghem, Philip Eames, Alasdair Young, Zachary M. Gill

30. Sustainability and Heritage Conservation: Assessment of Environmental Performance and Energy Management for Historic Churches
Magdalini Makrodimitri, James W. P. Campbell, Koen Steemers

31. Modelling and PID Control of HVAC System According to Energy Efficiency and Comfort Criteria
Carlos Blasco, Javier Monreal, Ignacio Benítez, Andrés Lluna

32. Is Sustainability in the Commercial Property Industry Just Best Practice Management?
Georgia Warren-Myers

33. Sustainability Patterns in the Traditional Residential Fabric of Tabriz
Shahram Nassehzadeh Tabriz, Fariborz Mahdavi Tabatabaei Fard, Fagan Aliyev

34. Energy Resource Management in Smart Home: State of the Art and Challenges Ahead
A. J. Dinusha Rathnayaka, Vidyasagar M. Potdar, Samitha J. Kuruppu

35. Supervisory Control of Indoor Environment Systems to Minimise the Carbon Footprint of Airport Terminal Buildings – A Review
Abdulhameed Danjuma Mambo, Mahroo Efthekhari

36. Analysis of an Airport Ecosystem from Emissions Perspective
Yee Wen Lo, Vidyasagar Potdar, Angela Wardell-Johnson

37. Mapping Occupants Thermal Discomfort Responses in Households Using SenseCam
Stephanie Gauthier

38. Investigating the Effects of Incorporating Seasonal Variation in a Domestic Active Occupancy Model
Amir Fazeli, Mark Gillott, Mark Johnson, Mark Sumner

39. From People Activity to Smart Buildings
Fernando Martínez Reyes, Chris Greenhalgh

40. Using a RTL System Based on RFID Technology for Monitoring Occupants Domestic Energy Use and Behaviour
Catalina Spataru, Mark Gillott

41. A Framework for Intelligent Information System – Reengineering Energy Consumption in Buildings to Reduce Carbon Footprint
T. E. Butt, J. P. Hudson, M. Ghassemian, D. Jai-Persad, K. G. Jones

42. Fault Tolerant Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Subject to Sensor Faults
Elkhatib Kamal, Abdel Aitouche, Mireille Bayart

43. Transformerless 3-Phase PV Inverter Simulation for Efficient Building Installations
P. Fetfatzis, P. Kofinas, M. Kallousis, C. Alafodimos, C. Stergiou

44. Real-Time Implementation Control for Multi-source Energy System
Adil Mehdary, Aziz Naamane, Nacer M’sirdi

45. A Proposed Methodology for Estimating the Performance of Small Wind Turbines in Urban Areas
A. Gagliano, F. Patania, A. Capizzi, F. Nocera, A. Galesi

46. RF Front-End Receiver with Tunable Image Reject Filter for Smart Grid Applications
W. Rahajandraibe, F. Haddad, O. Frioui, R. Laffont, R. Bouchakour

47. Calcium Ion-Exchanged Zeolite 13X: Properties Measurement and Potential Usage in Solar Adsorption Cooling Systems
K. C. Chan, Christopher Y. H. Chao

48. Effect of the Thickness of the Air Gap between the Glass and the Absorber on Convective Heat Transfer in Thermal Solar Collector
F. Z. Ferahta, S. Bougoul, C. Abid

49. Review of Common-Mode Voltage in Transformerless Inverter Topologies for PV Systems
Tarak Salmi, Mounir Bouzguenda, Adel Gastli, Ahmed Masmoudi

50. Optimization of the Photovoltaic Installation Structure
Lafi Al-otaibi, Frederic Nollet, Najib Essounbouli

51. BIPV Applications in the GCC Region: A Comparative Study on the Key Parameters
Ali Asghar, Mahieddine Emziane

52. A Solar Drainpipe for Water Heating
Gilles Notton, Christian Cristofari, Fabrice Motte, Jean-Louis Canaletti

53. P/N/P Double-Junction GaAs/Ge Solar Cell Devices for PV and CPV
Adam Sleiman, Mahieddine Emziane

54. Prospect of Hybrid Wind and Solar System in the Region of Batna, Algeria
Aksas Mounir, Gama Omar, Naamane Aziz

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Efficiency (incl. Buildings), Sustainable Development, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Civil Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy

Publication year
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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