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Ambient Assisted Living

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Table of contents

1. Application-Oriented Fusion and Aggregation of Sensor Data
Gee Fung Sit, Chenbin Shen, Holger Storf, Cristian Hofmann

2. An Ambient Assisted Living Monitoring System for Activity Recognition – Results from the First Evaluation Stages
Sebastian Chiriac, Bruno Rosales

3. Automatic Recognition of Emergencies with the Help of Optical and Acoustic Sensors
Marius Pflüger, Julia Kroll, Barbara Steiner

4. Work Life in the Light of the Demographic Change: Case Study Force Assistive Device for Craftsmen
Steffen Petereit, Amos Albert, Nidhal Jeridi, Richard Schoenleber, Christof Rebmann, Heike Vallery

5. Criteria for Quality and Safety while Performing Unobtrusive Domestic Mobility Assessments Using Mobile Service Robots
Thomas Frenken, Melvin Isken, Nils Volkening, Melina Brell, Andreas Hein

6. User Acceptance of a Mobile LED Projector on a Socially Assistive Robot
Paul Panek, Georg Edelmayer, Peter Mayer, Christian Beck, Marjo Rauhala

7. Different sADL Day Patterns Recorded by an Interaction-System Based on Radio Modules
Jakob Neuhaeuser, Moritz Wilkening, Janine Diehl-Schmid, Tim C. Lueth

8. Smart Meter: Detect and Individualize ADLs
Jana Clement, Joern Ploennigs, Klaus Kabitzsch

9. A Novel Indoor Localization Approach Using Dynamic Changes in Ultrasonic Echoes
Enno-Edzard Steen, Marco Eichelberg, Wolfgang Nebel, Andreas Hein

10. Unobtrusive Fall Detection Using 3D Images of a Gaming Console: Concept and First Results
Christian Marzahl, Peter Penndorf, Ilvio Bruder, Martin Staemmler

11. Rule-Based Approach for Simulating Age-Related Usability Problems
Aaron Ruß, Michael Quade, Michael Kruppa, Mathias Runge

12. Usable User Interfaces for Persons with Memory Impairments
Riitta Hellman

13. Tablets for Seniors – An Evaluation of a Current Model (iPad)
Franz Werner, Katharina Werner, Johannes Oberzaucher

14. Two Steps Forward and One Step Back? on the Acceptance and Use of AAL Technology in Households
Lynn Schelisch, Annette Spellerberg

15. Taxonomy-Based Assessment of Personal Health Monitoring in Ambient Assisted Living
Gunnar Nußbeck

16. Data Stream Management in the AAL: Universal and Flexible Preprocessing of Continuous Sensor Data
Dennis Geesen, Melina Brell, Marco Grawunder, Daniela Nicklas, Hans-Jürgen Appelrath

17. TinySEP – A Tiny Platform for Ambient Assisted Living
Sebastian Wille, Ivan Shcherbakov, Luiza Souza, Norbert Wehn

18. Telemedical ILOG Listeners: Information Logistics Processing of Telemedical Values Using CEP and HL7
Sven Meister, Valentin Stahlmann

19. Context Management for Self-adaptive User Interfaces in the Project MyUI
Oliver Strnad, Artur Felic, Andreas Schmidt

20. RehaWeb - An Information System for Cardiologic Rehabilitation Assistance in the Third Phase
Oliver Dohndorf, Andre Göring, Heiko Krumm, Andre Schneider, Aike Sommer, Stephan Sladek, Clemens Busch, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Detlev Willemsen

21. 3D Interaction in AAL Environments Based on Ontologies
Alexander Marinc, Carsten Stockloew, Saied Tazari

22. SmartSenior’s Interactive Trainer - Development of an Interactive System for a Home-Based Fall-Prevention Training for Elderly People
Michael John, Stefan Klose, Gerd Kock, Michael Jendreck, Richard Feichtinger, Ben Hennig, Norbert Reithinger, Jörn Kiselev, Mehmet Gövercin, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Stefan Kausch, Marco Polak, Boris Irmscher

23. Serious Gaming: Enhancing the Quality of Life among the Elderly through Play with the Multimedia Platform SilverGame
Joachim Senger, Timo Wälisch, Michael John, Hui Wang, Ahmed Nabil Belbachir, Bernhard Kohn, Andreas Smurawski, Reha-Zentrum Lübben, Grenville Jones

24. A Washable Smart Shirt for the Measurement of Activity in Every-Day life
Khalil Niazmand, Jakob Neuhaeuser, Tim C. Lueth

25. How to Overcome the Market Entrance Barrier and Achieve the Market Breakthrough in AAL
Reiner Wichert, Francesco Furfari, Antonio Kung, Mohammad Reza Tazari

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, R & D/Technology Policy, Aging, Geriatrics/Gerontology

Publication year
Advanced Technologies and Societal Change
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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