Iliadis, Niko A.

Handbook of CO₂ in Power Systems

Iliadis, Niko A. - Handbook of CO₂ in Power Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Variational Inequality Formulations for Oligopolistic Electricity Models with Marketable CO2 Emission Permits
William Chung

2. Effect of Power Generation Mix and Carbon Emissions Tax on Investment Timing
Ryuta Takashima, Junichiro Oda

3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in the Electricity Sector: Model Formulation and Case Studies
Yihsu Chen, Wietze Lise, Jos Sijm, Benjamin F. Hobbs

4. Comparing Cap-and-Trade and Carbon Tax Policies in Generation Expansion Planning
Yanyi He, Lizhi Wang, Jianhui Wang

5. Cap and Trade Modeling in Electricity Markets Using an Agent-Based Approach
Jianhui Wang, Vladimir Koritarov, Jin-Ho Kim

6. A Survey of Carbon Market Mechanisms and Models
Vishnuteja Nanduri, Narges Kazemzadeh

7. Carbon Offset Markets: A Viable Instrument?
K. Kathy Dhanda, L. Hartman

8. Locational Carbon Footprint of the Power Industry: Implications for Operations, Planning and Policy Making
Aleksandr Rudkevich, Pablo A. Ruiz

9. Optimal Operational Strategies for CO2 Emission Reduction in Sustainable Energy Systems
Pierluigi Mancarella, Gianfranco Chicco

10. Impact of GHG Emission Reduction on Power Generation Expansion Planning
F. Careri, C. Genesi, P. Marannino, M. Montagna, S. Rossi, I. Siviero

11. Forecasting CO2 Prices in the EU ETS
Orvika Rosnes, Anne-Franziska Sinner, Berit Tennbakk

12. Portfolio Optimization of Power Generation Assets
Reinhard Madlener

13. Market Clearing Mechanisms for Efficiently Incorporating Renewable Energy and Mitigating CO2

Golbon Zakeri, Javad Khazaei

14. Stochastic Unit Commitment and Self-scheduling: A Review Considering CO2 Emission Modeling
José Prina

15. CO2 Capture: Integration and Overall System Optimization in Power Applications
Luis M. Romeo

16. Modeling the Costs of Carbon Capture
Erin Baker, Gregory Nemet, Peter Rasmussen

17. Operation System Optimization
Haslenda Hashim, Shuhaimi Mahadzir, Woon Kok Sin, Mahmoud Ahmed

Keywords: Mathematics, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Energy Systems, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Energy Technology

Publication year
Energy Systems
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8 pages
Natural Sciences

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