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Future Computing, Communication, Control and Management

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Table of contents

1. Towards the Web of Things: Open Research Issues and the BAS-AMI Use Case
Jun-Zhao Sun

2. A Positioning Research of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Based on Support Vector Regression
Guangzhong Liu, Xueqin Chen

3. The Design of Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder Based on GPS/GPRS
Zhengzhong Li, Guangping Zhou, Zhaofeng Liang

4. A Solution for the Locus Management of Information Cards
Haijing Zhou, Yang Zhang, Junliang Chen

5. Vector-Based Distributed Mobile Communication Core-Network Intrusion Alarm System
He Jin, Fang Zhiyi, Lu Zheng, Sun Hongyuand, Xu Weihua

6. Technology Analysis to the Security and Reliability in Network Transactions
Yongquan Wang, Beihua Wu

7. A Novel AISA-Based Resource Scheduling Method for Reader Collision Problem in RFID Systems
Zhonghua Li, Chunhui He, Xiao Huang

8. Remotely Run-Time FPGA Based WSN Node
Yibin Li, Zhiping Jia, Fucai Liu

9. ESL Based Smith-Waterman Engine
Yibin Li, Zhiping Jia, Shuai Xie

10. Application of Wireless Communication Technology in Geophysical Instrument
Xiugang Gong, WenBo Wei, Ming Deng, Gaofeng Ye, Kai Chen

11. The Impact of Ambient Temperature Variations on Signal Intensity of Outdoor WSN System
Jun Zhang, Guifang Qiao, Zhen Li, Weiguo Wang

12. The Design of a RS Encoder
Zhang Jinzhou, Liang Xianfeng, Wang Zhugang, Xiong Weiming

13. Research on Control and Management Mechanism of an Optical Network Testbed Based on Flow Switching
Yucheng Zhong, Zhenrong Zhang, Xin Chen, Yan Wang, Yongqi He, Zhengbin Li, Anshi Xu

14. A Neuro-fuzzy Network with Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Swarm Learning
Takashi Kuremoto, Yuki Yamano, Liang-Bing Feng, Kunikazu Kobayashi, Masanao Obayashi

15. Comparison between Horizontal Electric Dipole and Vertical Electric Dipole in the Wireless Underground Communication
Na Dong, Li Li, Jianya Chen

16. The Application of an Improved Discrete-Mapping Chaotic Ant Swarm Optimization for Multi-constrained QoS Routing
Jia Du, Hongyan Cui, Chen Feng, Jianya Chen

17. Minimum SINR Based Dynamic Cell Selection Scheme for LTE-Advanced CoMP Systems
Pengcheng Zhu, Lan Tang, Bin Sheng

18. Verifying Consistency between Security Policy and Firewall Policy by Using a Constraint Satisfaction Problem Server
Yi Yin, Jiangdong Xu, Naohisa Takahashi

19. Study of IOT Oriented Urban Dynamic Management
Cheng Hu, Jiangyi Du

20. Discussions on the Characteristics and Methods of Spatial Data Mining
Du Jiangyi, Hu Cheng

21. Analyzing of Mean-Shift Algorithm in Extended Target Tracking Technology
Zhang Shuang, Qin Yu-ping, Ding Hao, Jin Gang

22. The Technology of the Real-Time Image Processing Based on DM642
Zhang Shuang, Qin Yu-ping, Ding Hao, Jin Gang

23. Synthetic Illustration of Ecological Environment Evaluation Both Overseas and Domestics
Tong Li

24. Empirical Analysis on the Ratio of Resource and Environment Losses in Tianjin
Liping Chen, Tong Li

25. Comparative Analysis on the “Eleventh Five” Planning for Circular Economy in Some Provinces
Tong Li, Liping Chen

26. SWOT Analysis on Jiuan Portable Medical Electronic Products in the Domestic Market
Tong Li

27. Comprehensive Illustration to the Domestic Study on Green Building Evaluation
Liping Chen, Tong Li

28. Discussion on Sampling in Acoustic Measurement of Velocity Fields in Furnaces
Yan-qin Li, Xin-li Wei, Jin-hui Zhao, Li-jun Zhang, Huai-chun Zhou, Yin-di Zhang

29. Prediction and Measurement of Loran-C Additional Secondary Factor (ASF)
Xu Wnong, Zhan Jinlin, Li Wenkui, Gao Li

30. Least-Squares Expanded Mixed Finite Element Method for Incompressible Miscible Displacement Problem in Porous Media
Fengxin Chen, Huanzhen Chen

31. Wireless Sensor Network’s Application in Coal Mine Safety Monitoring
Zhang Yi-Bing

32. Research on the Modification Control Integrated Technology of Construction Project
Wangxiu Qin

33. Research on Control of Investment of Light Steel Plant in State-Owned Enterprises
Wangxiu Qin

34. Forecasting Default with Incomplete Information–Based on the Framework of Delayed Filtration
Yang Xing, Chen Yiyun

35. Study on Factors Affecting Money Supply Based on Multiple Regression Model
Chen Jing-xin, Wei Yuan

36. Multimedia Teaching System Based on .NET
Li Jing, Sun Yahui, Zheng Ning, Niu Jingxia

37. Investigation of Current Researches for Knowledge Management in Educational Technology
Li Jing, Sun Yahui, Zheng Ning, Niu Jingxia

38. Machinery Professional Class Teaching and Research Based on the Case
Chen Yuliang, Li Jing

39. Humanistic Education and the Formation of Professionalism
Chen Yuliang, Wang Lei

40. Appraisal of Value Engineering Application to Construction Industry in China
Li Xiaoyong, Ma Wendi

41. Knowledge Management in Construction Companies in China
Li Xiaoyong, Ma Wendi

42. An Investigation of Safety Management in Construction Workplace in China
Li Xiaoyong, Ma Wendi

43. The Cost Innovation Management of Wind Power Construction Project
Wu Yunna, Bian Qing

44. The Risk Assessment for Dangdang Online Bookstore with Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
Jun Ma

45. Research on the Layout of the Chinese Tag Cloud
Yuan Zhang, Yun Lin

46. Experiential Marketing Strategies for Electronic Paper Book
Tong Li, Liping Chen

47. A Study of Corporation Valuation Based on EVA Model
Lin Zheng, Zhou Lingyao

48. Research on the Developing Strategy of Small/Medium Technology Enterprises (SMTE) Based on Core Competitiveness
Lin Zheng, Zhou Lingyao

49. Image Data Mining Technology of Multimedia
Yu Jin-ping, Huang Xi-mei, Xia Xiao-yun

50. Identifying the Critical Chain in the Critical Chain Project Management
Shu Xiangyuan

51. Research on the Governance of Industrial Clusters
Wang Lan, Wang Zhangliu

52. Three Dimensional Evolution of Governance Structure in Chinese Family Business
Wang Lan, Wang Zhangliu

53. The Study of Enterprise Technological Innovation Management System Based on Project Management
Liu Wei, Liu Jian-bing

54. Research on Relationship between Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance
Wu Lili, Li Junfu, Wang Lipin

55. The Organization and Visualization of Point Cloud Data Based on the Linear Quadtree
Huixia Zhang, Jing Ma

56. Preliminary Study of Discrimination of Sugarcane in Guangxi with HJ-1-A, B Data
Li Li, Kuang Zhaomi, Zhong Shiquan, Mo Jianfei, Ding Meihua, Li Yuhong

57. Research on CNC Machine Tools Integration Condition Monitoring System and Its Information Exchange Technology
Qian Ning, Taiyong Wang, Lu Liu, Yongxiang Jiang

58. Realization of Fault Diagnosis Rule Extraction System Based on Rough Set Theory
Rao Hong, Dong Xiaorui, Liu Yuhong

59. Safety Evaluation Method of Lifting Appliances Based on BP Neural Network
Li Shan, Dong Xiaorui, Rao Hong

60. Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multi-Objective Constrained Optimization Problems
Dekun Tan

61. Internet of Things: Principle, Framework and Application
Tong Li, Liping Chen

62. Application Research of Gabor Filter and LPP Algorithms in Face Recognition
Ping Hu

63. The Study of Teaching Reform for Computer Basic Courses Based on Constructivism
Xue Sujing

64. Concept Association Retrieval Model Based on Hopfield Neural Network
Dekun Tan

65. An Improved Information Filtering Technology
Songhao Jia, Cai Yang, Jun Liu, Zhenlian Zhang

66. A Rapid Recognition Approach for the Display Value of Circular Instrument
Xuan Lv, Xianhui Liu, Weidong Zhao

67. Absolute Stability of General Lurie Direct Control Systems with Time-Varying Coefficients
Fucheng Liao, Di Wang

68. Calculation and Analysis of Urban Compactness Using an Integrated ARCGIS Tool
Chen Min, Liu Suxia, Yao Liang

69. Research on Dangerous Articles Logistics Port Scale Optimization Based on Disaster Theory
Zhang Peilin, Mao Jian, Ma Liangjun

70. Cloud Computing Based Remote Sense Information Platform
Cheng Hu

71. A Dynamic Traffic Signal Timing Model and Its Algorithm for Junction of Urban Road
Cai Yanguang, Cai Hao

72. Study on Identification of Black-Spots of Highways with Complex Alignment Condition in Mountainous District
Liu Zhao-hui

73. The Application of Numerical Analysis Method on Hopf Bifurcation in Power System
Ma You-jie, Jia Li-ying, Zhou Xue-song, Li Ji, Li Xiao-shuang, Liu Si-jia

74. Research of Parameter Tuning on Active Disturbance Rejection Controller
Zhou Xue-song, LianG Fang, Ma You-jie, Song Dai-chun, Liu Si-jia, Chen Hao

75. Hybrid Automata Modeling and Simulation for Single-Phase Shunt APF
Zhou Xue-song, Tian Cheng-wen, Ma You-jie, Li Sheng-ming, Liu Si-jia

76. Study on Optimization Strategy of Resources Operational Management for Urban Rail Transit
Long Chen, Liqun Li, Daxing Huang

77. The Application of Improved Grey GM(1,1) Model in Power System Load Forecast
Zhengyuan Jia, Zhou Fan, Chuancai Li, Mianmiano Jiang

78. Study on Efficiency of China’s Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry Based on Total Factor Productivity Index
Zhengyuan Jia, Chuancai Li, Zhou Fan, Miaomiao Jiang

79. The Study of Electricity Market Reform and Its Prospective in China
Zhengyuan Jia, Miaomiao Jang, Chuancai Li, Zhou Fan

80. Feasibility Analysis of Applying the Wind–Solar Hybrid Generation System in Pastoral Area
Jie Li, Xufang Bo, Yu Chen

81. The Research of Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic System
Jie Li, Yunda Liu, Xufang Bo

82. The Estimated and Assessed Study on Urban-Rural Integration Course in Northeast China
Tong Guangji, Wang Tiankuo

83. New T/2 Fractionally-Spaced DFE
Fei Xia, Li Fan

84. An Improved Design Method of UWB Linear Phase Bandpass Filter
Fei Xia, Li Fan

85. A New Chaotic Secure Masking Method of Communication System
Fei Xia, Li Fan

86. The Application of Microwave Differential Circuits in Radar System
Fei Xia, Li Fan

87. Ship Collision Avoidance Path Planning by PSO Based on Maneuvering Equation
Chen Li-Jia, Huang Li-Wen

88. A Strategy of Internal Model Control to Low-Speed Servo System
Cuiying Dong, Cuimin Zhang

89. Design of a Micro-stepping Motor Locked-Rotation Detection Chip
Junmin Ding, Weiping Jing, Yi’ou Jing

90. The Impedance Mismatching on the EMI Power Filter Design
Li Fan, Fei Xia

91. Optimal Voltage Control of Small Hydropower Based on Power Dispatch and Electricity Price Compensation Strategy
Menglin Wang, Yongjun Zhang

92. The Application of Connection Number on Generation System Reliability Assessment
Hao Zhang, Yong-jun Zhang

93. Safety Opportunity of U-Turn Model Based on Ship-Following Theory
Bing Wu, ZhiYou Cheng

94. Study on Driving Legibility of Traffic Signs in Ice and Snow Environment
Hu Liwei, Pei Yulong, Fu Chuanyun

95. Data Mining and Analysis of Integrated Circuit Card Data in Subway
Song Zhang

96. The Optimal Design on Two-Level Course Timetabling System of University
Zhong Xiu-yu

97. Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimization Design of Steel Structural Element Sections under Axial Compressive Loads
Dekun Tan

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Control, Electrical Engineering, Management/Business for Professionals, Information Systems and Communication Service

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